Work and Play, The Days Blend Together

Hello there again. Been meaning to get on here and write for a while but the days all seem to blend together with a mixture of work and play. Sometimes at the end of the day I wonder where the time went then I think of what we’ve done and it all makes sense.

Love the flowers on the Flamboyant Trees! This one is just outside of where I do our laundry.

See this big guy just about every day in the same spot along the seawall.

Chilling out at the “Yacht Club”.

Peacock hanging out with us at the “Yacht Club”.

First batch of banana bread cooked in solar oven, used a bunt pan to help it cook quicker and more evenly…it was delish!!

Apple nut bread cooked of course in our solar oven…soooooo good!

Zucchini, tomatoes, onions, garlic and spices all roasted in the solar oven!

This yellow butterfly looks like he just came out of his cocoon on our boat.
For American Natives seeing a yellow butterfly is a sign of joy, happiness, and hope.

Brian has been very busy working on the ever never ending boat projects. He’s sewn us some windsocks for our bunks, a rain catcher, (still a work in progress needs better material) and he’s also replaced our foggy windows in the bimini top. We can actually see out of the windows now, it is amazing! He’s been completing so many projects that I can’t even keep up with him in showing them all to you! I will share some that I have pics for today and some on our next posting.

Brian bought some material and is sewing up a windsock for the bunk that we sleep in.

Windsock all sewn up.

Windsock complete and whisking the air down below into our bunk!

View off our new windsock from the bunk below…it’s like having air conditioning!!! Well, almost 🙂

More sewing for Brian, today he’s making a rain catcher.

We took some time of to have some fun recently and went to Flamenco Beach with some friends and another day we went sailing to Culebrita Island on our friends Chris’s boat. Not much wind that day but it was great company and a fun sail!

Flamenco Beach is one of the few beaches in the world consistently ranked and included on the “Best World Beaches” lists.

Flamenco Beach

Flamenco Beach

One of the many food huts at Flamenco Beach.

Some of the gang hanging out at Flamenco Beach.

Th Captain and Crew

Chris on deck adjusting sails.

Swimming just off of Culebrita Island.

Leaving Culebrita

Sailing back into the harbor under light winds on Dottie II

Of course we also went snorkeling, this time at Melones Beach and it was better than I remembered from when we were here last season.

Melones Beach. Playa Melones is on the South West coast of the island and a easy spot to get to for snorkeling. Cayo Luis Peña is the island in the background.

The smooth trunkfish can be one of the most entertaining fish to watch on a dive. Not only is it cute—who doesn’t love its puckered-lip look and its fancy white polka dots—but it always seems to be hunting for food. This little guy did not even seem to mind that we were there, it was like he enjoyed hanging out with us!

Lots of Long-spined black sea urchins!

Trumpetfish are a common site when we snorkel around here. These fish hunt by hanging vertically next to sea fans and branching coral. They mimic the coral’s gentle movements and wait for unsuspecting prey. Good thing that we are not it’s prey because because a trumpetfish’s mouth can expand to many times the diameter of its body, open wide!

So many little tropical fish everywhere!

Pretty brain coral

I love it when I see sea anemones! This one has green on it’s tips…so cool!

That’s all for now and I will write again soon. So much to organize to share with you. I hear that some cooler air is moving in back in the states and at home. Sure wish that we had some of that here…it is still soooooo HOT! Take care all.

The sunsets behind the hills here and rises behind one too. This is the sun coming up to greet us for the day. Good morning sunshine!

Looking towards the Dewey bridge at sunset.

Heading out to Moon at sunset.

Jennifer and Brian


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“Wherever A Beautiful Soul Has Been There Is A Trail Of Beautiful Memories.” Author Unknown

Three years ago today my Mom left this world. It was the hardest thing ever. A day does not go by that I do not think about her. I know that she would have it no other way than to remember all of the fun times that we had together. I wanted to share her beautiful smile with all of you that she shared with the world.

Mom’s favorites!

Her life was not easy, yet she was a living example of someone who did the best with what life handed her. Thank you, Mom. I will always be grateful for the life lessons you taught me and the love you shared.

I love and miss you!

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Tropical Storm Karen

Karen has come and gone and thankfully was not that big of a deal. We had winds of 35 and gusts up to around 50. There were winds and storms through out the day but the biggest part of the storm blew through around 1am Wednesday morning, not much sleep that night. Storms in my opinion are more daunting at night when you can’t see anything. It was close to a new moon (25% waning crescent) and it was pitch black too!

Chichi’s party island that is usually moored by us at Dakity Reef is being brought into the mangroves for safe keeping during TS Karen

Osprey that was hanging out in the mangroves with us

It was so crazy, we were watching the radar and Karen was a bit of a puzzler. They said that the eye was just south of Puerto Rico but the radar was showing us something totally different and strange. It looked as though she had more than one eye!

As the night went on and we kept up with the updates we found out that it was true. The NCH said that she had multiple eye wall mesovortices. Maybe it was just me but I had never even heard this word before and had to look it up…good reading here on Wikipedia:

Brian on the other hand already knew what that was and it confirmed what we saw on the radar.

Clouds starting to roll in through out the afternoon

It was so crazy watching the storm. It seemed that it was jumping around. In the evening as we were down below watching it on radar our boat did a 180 which we thought was strange…that meant that the storm was changing direction! Karen was all over the place. We later found out that the center passed right through Culebra and Vieques. Thankfully she was a small storm and it seems that everyone did just fine.

Pic is a bit blurry but we are right above the small island (Vieques) that is in the white spot to the right of Puerto Rico

We hauled our anchors and moved out of the mangroves and are now back on a mooring at Dakity Reef. Brian is working on sewing projects, I have things baking away in our solar oven and things are back to normal.

Until next time, take care everyone!

Jennifer and Brian



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Never Ending Storms, Work and Solar Oven Baked Bread!

Last we left Brian was working on binnacle repairs which I thought were close to being completed. Boy, was I wrong! Not to say that it took forever (I think that the entire project was completed in four days) but, I thought that once he shaped the base that it would be smooth sailing with the repairs. Little did I know that removing the binnacle base, helm cable and all that is associated with that was going to be a bit of a pain in the arse! Do you like my pirate talk? Well, there was a bit of that and some other things communicated on the boat as we got the repair completed…lol! Anyhow, as always Brian did an excellent job and our binnacle is as good as new.

Taking apart the binnacle

What our helms cable looked like when we got the binnacle removed. Ugly but greased up nicely…just what you want to see!

Measuring before installing

Binnacle base ready to be bolted to the cockpit floor

Steering/helm cable installed in new binnacle base

Binnacle base completed and reassembled, just needs to be cleaned up.

Next was dinghy engine repairs. Brian had to replace the valve cover, carburetor, throttle cable and prop.

Parts we ordered to repair the dinghy engine

Brian has the dinghy engine apart and is making repairs

Motor on the dinghy is up and running again!

Meanwhile, I have been learning how to use our new solar oven. I can not express how happy I am to have it! I can now finally bake things and not heat up the boat at all! Very big factor since it has been so hot here lately. The All American Sun Oven is the one that we chose and we love it! And as far as solar oven temps go this one is top notch! It gets temps of 300 easily on a sunny day. It might take a bit longer to bake something than a normal house oven but not that much. I have had fun experimenting.

My first veggie/bean burgers baking in the solar oven

Zucchini cornbread casserole baked in of course the solar oven!

Solar oven baked potatoes

Zucchini casserole and oriental cabbage salad.

Taco Tuesday, well not sure if it was Tuesday but it was tacos vegetarian style with re-fried beans and jack fruit all cooked in solar oven.

Bread cooked in or solar oven!

Turned out great!

More bread baked in solar oven!

Our neighbor John has a solar oven too and he was the inspiration for us to finally get one. He has been amazing in helping us get started. He’s even shared recipes and some of his bread making supplies. Thank you John!

Our friend John sailing by. John is the one that inspired us to finally get a solar oven. He also was nice enough to share some yummy ingredients and a recipe for us to be able to make a successful loaf of bread. Thank you John!

As always once our dinghy engine was up and running again we took some time to explore the underwater world around us…this time we snorkeled at Punta Soldado Beach which is a short dinghy ride from our mooring at Dakity. It’s a nice beach and generally not very crowded. The reefs here are pretty but not as much color as some of the others but it does have some reds and greens that I don’t see everywhere.

As I am writing this we are once again anchored in the bay by the mangroves. Just moved the boat here this morning for protection. Tropical Storm Karen is heading our way, expected to arrive by tomorrow sometime. Hopefully she will not gain strength. They say she is not supposed to but, I have a hard time believing until it actually happens!

Never ending storms out there!

Storm/squall line blowing through Dakity

Let me in!!

Another land crab and the number if you want to rent a Jeep in Culebra…lol!

I love the artwork on this store…beautiful!

Well, that’s all from us for now. Time for us to batten down the hatches and get ready. Take care all.

The water is so clear and shallow where we are moored at Dakity. This picture was taken from the deck of Moon looking down!

Another beautiful sunset, anchored in Ensenada Harbor looking towards town in Culebra.

Full moon rising. We are anchored in Ensenada Honda harbor Culebra looking out towards entrance and Dakity reef.

Jennifer and Brian


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Getting Back Into the Swing Of Things

Slowly things are coming together for us after the excitement of Dorian passing through. We’ve had some very hot days with no wind and lots of biting bugs just to remind us that it is still summer in the tropics!

As far as projects go we found that we had some rot at the base of our binnacle. For my non-sailing friends our binnacle is a waist high round base in the middle of the cockpit where our steering wheel and compass are attached. As you imagine it is an important working part of the boat. Brian had at first thought that it was just rotten a bit and a small part of it had to be repaired but upon inspection the entire base has to be replaced. Now this is not just a part that you go off to the store and buy so Brian had to work his creativity and fabricate a new one.

Brian checking out the underside to see how the binnacle is attached.

Rotten base

Removing the rotten base from the Binnacle.

Binnacle standing back upright now that Brian has removed all of the rotten wood from it’s base. Waiting for new base to be fabricated.


He took 4 pieces of of 3/8 marine grade plywood, cut, shaped and and epoxied them together to make a new strong base. He is still working on it and now has to figure out how to mount it properly under the binnacle with the helm and cable going through.

Cutting the plywood for the binnacle

Using the water jug as a weight to compress the pieces together

Now time to shape the base


Cutting a round hole for the cables to go through

Final coat of fiberglass then more sanding


Ready to be installed


Another unexpected project came up as well…our dinghy engine. The valve cover rusted through and it was leaking oil like crazy. So much that we were not able to go short distances without refilling it or causing it to overheat and shut down. So back to rowing for us while we waited for engine parts.

Back to old school and having to row our dinghy while we wait for engine parts!


On a happy note we have a new oven on board….a solar oven and it is so cool! In all of the years that we have been on the boat we have never had an oven. We’ve only had it for a few days but I have to say that it is amazing! My bread making skills are not quite as amazing but I can work on that. So far we’ve made a couple of breakfasts of potatoes and eggs, bread (that did not rise that great but tasted OK), eggplant Parmesan (was awesome), a spanish rice and black bean bake (was great) and we also made some apple and rum bread pudding (this was really good. We used what was left over from the first loaf of bread). So far we are really liking the oven. It is awesome to cook without heating the boat up. We’ll have more pics and info with our next post.

Trucking our solar oven down the sidewalk from the post office.

Solar Oven coming home…down the dock it’s getting loaded up…look at those big muscles my man has!

Solar Oven coming home, nice dock too…Moon is in the background in the harbor.

One of the locals watching us as we go by

Opening the box with the Solar Oven…it was like Christmas!

Solar Oven right out of box

First meal cooked in solar oven. It was eggs, onions, left over pan fried squash, topped with cheese in one pan and potatoes and onions in the other.

Our first meal cooked in our solar oven. Potatoes and eggs for breakfast. (Toast was made o my stove top) I agree that it could look prettier but it tasted good!

First loaf of solar oven bread


As always we try to have some fun in where we can and before our engine went out we were able to go Carlos Rosario Beach on the NW side of Culebra where we had an amazing day snorkeling in the crystal blue sea. This is one of our favorite places to snorkel in Culebra as you can see it is beautiful!

Some of the corals off of Carlos Rosario Beach

Brian exploring Carlos Rosario

Pretty purple coral fan

Lots of blue tangs!

Dinghy ride back from Carlos Rosario

Hector The Protector protecting Culebra


We spent a few days in the main harbor of town waiting on the dinghy engine parts that thankfully did arrive…yea! Now we are back at Dakity Reef where Brian is going to work on the engine, the binnacle and anything else that inevitably will pop up that needs to be worked on. Always something on a boat!

Sunset at Dakity

Sunset at Dakity looking towards Vieques, PR


Until next time, take care all….


Jennifer and Brian


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Lots To Share!

Wow…so much has happened since we last posted. We made our last stops to see family before we left the main land US, spent two awesome nights in Old San Juan, PR and went through a Cat 1 on the boat in Culebra, PR!

I guess we will start our story with our family and end up near the eye of a hurricane. If you read our last post you saw that we were in the Space Coast watching rockets shoot off into the sky. From there we hopped back on the road bound for Ft. Myers and Cape Coral to see more of our family.

It was a nice ride. We took the back roads off of the beaten track to see some new ground. Its always neat driving through small towns that we’ve never seen before. Before we knew it we were at our destination.

Yummy Eggplant Parm!

Someone’s showing off trying to get a girl!

Aleesa and Ryan entertaining Marley…all smiles!


We always love visiting with family! One night we enjoyed a great dinner at one of our favorite places for yummy eggplant parmesan and for another our brother-in-law Emerson had one of his famous BBQ’s for Brian. Mostly though we just hung out enjoying everyones company. It was so nice to see my dad, my little brother and his family. Visiting with all of Brian’s family is always fun too. Brian’s mom has the prettiest flowers in her back yard! I can’t believe how big our niece Aleesa has gotten and little Marley too! The time really flew while we were there and sadly before we knew it, it was time to leave. It seems like the times that we spend together are never long enough!

Next stop for us was the airport where we would fly over the deep blue sea to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

I love the old blue cobblestone bricks of Old San Juan!

Today’s edition of “Where’s Waldo”…can you spot the pink flamingo in this picture?

Can you see it now?

The rooftop of our hotel had big bathtubs for the guests to enjoy!


We love Old San Juan! I know you’ve probably heard this before, but we do! There is so much to do and see here. We got lucky and there were not any cruise ships in port so the city was not crowded.

I found this old horseshoe on the beach and wanted to take it home. I was out-voted because it was heavy and rusty. Who knows how long the sea has held this treasure? Anyhow, I thought it was pretty cool.



We ate at one of our favorite spots and explored the beach looking for sea glass and chaney. It was nice to finally relax after being on the move for the past three weeks. After catching up on our R&R it was time for us to get back to Moon. We headed to the ferry dock for our ride to Culebra. We got lucky and the ferry was running on schedule. This is not always the case with it being public transportation. Sometimes it does not run at all even when it is scheduled. So far so good!

We finally arrived on the beautiful island of Culebra. We reserved a room for the first night so that we could find a ride to Moon anchored way out in the mangroves and give ourselves a day to get things together. When we leave her alone for months at a time we have to clear out cobwebs and such before we can move back aboard. Sometimes I wonder if the critters think that we have let them a new home cause we find all kinds of them setting up camp!



All was good aboard when got back however there another issue brewing….a storm in the Caribbean Sea…Dorian! By now everyone has heard of Dorian. But she was just getting started here when we got back. Our second day on board we weathered her out as she became a Cat 1 Hurricane right on top of us! I know that most of you think that a Cat 1 is no big deal, sure when you are in a house that is true. Try being on a sailboat…you are much more exposed and it is a bigger deal!

Dorian as she approaches us.



We had been keeping our eye on the weather knowing that it was coming our way. It looked like it was going to be a tropical storm and pass way to the south of us. The locals did not seem that worried so that was a good sign, right? When we woke up the second day on Moon we saw that lots of boats had migrated to the mangroves to tie off for safety. Hmm, time to check the weather again. The storm had moved more NE and strengthened more than forecasted and now we were looking at a direct hit. OK, time to batten down the hatches! We got lucky it was going to come during the day so at least in my opinion it would seem less scary. As the day went on the winds strengthened and the rain really came down. We were in a great spot and Brian did an excellent job with our bottom gear. If you read back through past post you can see what he put down before we left for the season and that is what we sat on for Dorian. We kept watch on deck as the storm passed. The wind came from the WNW and this was a bit of a surprise to everyone. Mostly storms pass here ESE. The boats anchored around us bounced up and down. At times the wind and rain was blowing so hard that we couldn’t see anything. Thankfully the storm only lasted a few hours then just some squalls here and there. We got lucky and Dorian moved on.

Hauling up the anchor gear that has been down for the last 4 months.

Brian running the halyards, main and jib sheets back up the mast.

Brian cleaning the bottom of Moon



Seems that all of the boats in Culebra were safe. We saw one boat by us break free and run into a couple of others but I don’t think that there was any damage. We later found out that one person left their sailboat on the unprotected side of the island exposed to the open sea. His boat broke free and washed up on the beach. He was lucky though because his boat washed up right where there was barge with a crane on it and he was able to work with the barge captain to get his boat off…what luck!

Moon sitting pretty at Dakity Reef

Our neighbors at Dakity Reef.

Pretty brain coral

We see this ray just about every time we snorkel around the boat.



Well, things are getting back to the norm here. We are moored off of Dakity Reef at one of our favorite spots. We are working on normal maintenance which seems never ending. Don’t feel sorry for us though because when the day ends we jump into the crystal clear pool surrounding our boat with happy little fishes swimming all around us.

Wow…that was a lot! Take care for now all.

Jennifer and Brian


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And the Rockets Red Glare – The Space Coast

Mission accomplished! We got to see a couple of rocket launches from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station while we were visiting Brian’s dad. We were able to view them from Charlie’s front yard. The first launch was the Falcon 9 rocket. It launched the Amos 17 communications satellite an advanced communications satellite owned by Spacecom, an Israeli company. It was pretty cool! The launch was in the early evening and it was cloudy but we still got to see it as it shot off towards space.





The second launch was even more spectacular! The rocket launched at 6:13 AM and the sky was still dark and clear. The viewing was amazing! It was a United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas V rocket delivering a highly advanced communications satellite into space for the U.S. Air Force. Perched atop the rocket was the Air Force’s fifth Advanced Extremely High Frequency spacecraft, a secure military communications satellite that will provide jam-proof communications — including real-time video — between U.S. national leadership and deployed military forces. Pretty cool stuff shooting into the sky above us!



View from the front yard of Brian’s Dads house of the Atlas V rocket carrying the AEHF-5 military satellite for the U.S. Air Force being launched.



Brian’s dad had just gotten a pontoon boat that needed a bit of fixing up so Brian of course was happy to help out. Brian was in his natural element working on a pontoon boat just like at home. We had fun taking it for test rides!




Of course we had to take a test ride on the Banana River after Brian got the engine running smoothly!

We even saw dolphins!



Then of course we had to check out the beach. It was the same and a lot different than the beaches of PCB. The sand was much darker and hard packed. It was a pretty calm day so we did not see the waves that this coast is know for. Brian of course had to take another adventure on his bike and rode 36 miles down the beach from Melborne to Cocoa Beach and then ending up in Meritt Island at Brian’s dads house. It was a wonder that he did not crash with all the girls running around in their tiny surf bikinis!




Such a pretty path to the beach!

In the sky you can see one of the planes from Patrick Air Force Base.



All in all we had nice visit with Charlie, Diana and of course my new walking buddy Freddy. Diana is a great cook and we always enjoy the delicious food that she makes for us! Sadly again it was time for us to leave. Well, I guess that they would let us move in with them but that might be asking too much, lol! Next stop and story for us will be in Ft. Myers and Cape Coral, FL where it will be our last stop before heading to Puerto Rico and back to our Moon.

Until next time…


Jennifer and Brian S/V Moon



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And So Another Journey Begins

Another summer has passed by in a blur of tourists, sea creatures and the general ramblings of our everyday life of working at the AAS marina. This year was shorter than most, we were only home for around 120 days. Our favorite part of course was hanging out with our roomie, our daughter Rachel. This year when we came home to PCB we left Moon anchored out in the water. The plan is to get back to her before the heart of hurricane season. So far we are on track for doing just that.

Our second favorite “roomie” Iris

First order of business though as always we drive down to visit family that we will not get to see while we are out sailing. Unless of course they take the leap and come see us in some island along the way, hint, hint!

And so our holiday begins….First stop Floral City, FL. Blink for too long and you will miss this beautiful town but, we love it here! It is so beautiful in this area of Florida. Huge oak trees line the streets almost enveloping the roads and make a amazing scenic drive through. The town is located in the middle of the Withlacoochee State Trail, a linear state park that follows an old railroad line. It is currently the longest paved trail in Florida at 46 miles. Every time that we’ve visited here Brian has had his bike with him and he has now ridden the whole trail plus some….I should say plus a lot more. This time while we were here he biked 70 miles in just two separate days!

There are lots of springs in this area too so we set off to explore. First stop was Rainbow Springs. The spring is the fourth-largest in Florida, and the say that it produces over 490 million gallons of water daily. It is an easy park to get to and it only costs $2.00 to get in so as you can guess it was really, really busy! It was a hot Saturday in August and it was the place to be! It was still amazing and as we plunged into the crystal clear water it really took our breath away…as in burr! (72 degrees year round). It felt great!

The park also had three man-made waterfalls and walking paths that were beautiful. After Brian, Ron and I left the park we drove to a trail head where we dropped Brian off for part of his 70 mile biking adventure.

Next day we set off to explore some other springs trying to find one that was less crowded but learned that most had to be accessed by canoe or kayak so we passed it up this time.

With a heavy heart we said our goodbyes until next time and we are off again. Next stop is the Space Coast where we hope to see a launch sometime this afternoon. We will do our best to take pics of the speck in the sky for you.

Take care for now we can’t wait to share our new adventures with you!

Jennifer and Brian S/V Moon

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It’s That Time Again!

Hello again. We’ve been busy bees as most of our friends and family already know. We had our final days in Culebra and have put Moon away for the summer season.


Combing towns beach in Culebra one more time while waiting for the ferry to arrive.

Last view of “Hector the Protector” as we board the ferry and leave Culebra, PR

Bye, Bye beautiful Culebra


It’s always a bit sad leaving Moon behind and checking into the real world…the one of work and responsibility. But it is a necessity and so we are back in our home town of PCB. We soaked in as much of the beauty in Culebra as we could before we left. Of course we had to spend a day beach-combing our “glass” beach and visiting the tide pools close to Dakity Reef where we were moored. We can never get enough of the amazing water and views there!


Coconut palm sprouting

Alien skull we came across on the beach. Just lying there among the coral!

Relaxing at the tide pool


This summer season we are storing Moon differently than the last three years. In the past we had stored Moon in Saint Kitts at Saint Kitts Marine Works, but this year Moon will spend her summer in a mangrove bay in Culebra, PR. I know some of you are probably thinking that we are crazy just leaving her anchored in the water but it is a safe and protected spot. In fact it is just outside of where the cruisers bring their boats if a hurricane approaches the area. We’ve left her in Culebra before and then it was in the main harbor so we are confident this time that she is in a secure place until we come back. Either way it is always strange just leaving her anchored out.


Heading into the bay where we are going to anchor Moon for the season. Just have to get past all these boats and tuck in close to the mangroves.

Moon’s summer home will be just past that white ball, tucked in all by herself.


Brian of course set us up for success and Moon should not be going anywhere. Check out our anchor system that he put in place….

Three anchors: Our 45lb Rocna anchor, (which by the way is the normal anchor that we use and trust so much that we call it “The Sleeper” meaning that we put it down, set it and no worries), then we also set our two FX 37 Fortress anchors. The method was two anchors in front of the boat leading to a center point with a swivel and then back to another Fortress anchored in the opposite direction just in case of wind change. Two forward facing and one rear facing. In tropical storms or hurricanes the wind completely changes direction, so that is what the third anchor is for, just in case. All of our ground tackle is tied together with US rated shackles, chain and swivels. Then we have the anchor rode tied to 6 different cleats just in case of any chaffing or if a cleat was to become loose or let go. Some would say that it is a bit of overkill but we call it insurance at least as much as we can. We plan on finding her (Moon) right where we left her!



The spot that we choose was also important. We tucked into a small hole in the shallows with three sides surrounded by mangroves. This is about the best that we could do without tucking into the mangroves themselves. It would be inconsiderate and not permitted for us to go all of the way into the mangroves unless there is actually a storm approaching. They are a protected area. All this being said we are just a few hours away by plane should a storm approach while we are away. That is also another reason that we choose Culebra this year, location, location, location! Moon also has her own phone on board and we can text her anytime and she will give us her GPS location and there is a grid set that if she should go out of it she will text us so that’s another thing that we have to make us feel better that she is doing OK on her own. Of course we have friends watching her too just to make sure that she is staying afloat. So pretty sure that she is set up for success while we are away.


Moon stripped down for the season. Windsock will be the last thing to come down.

Brian climbs the mast to see how we look in the spot that we picked out.

Saying good bye as we leave Moon in her cove…



On our way back to PCB we spent a night in Old San Juan. Love this place so full of history and things to do! We even found a beach with sea glass and chaney!


Beach Old San Juan where we found sea glass

Just happened that my shirt matched the umbrellas on Fortaleza Street in Old San Juan!


Anyhow we are back to the grind in PCB. I can’t say that I have the worst job, I still get to be on the water and you could sort of say that my co-workers are dolphins. I also have to work with tourists though too so it is a fair trade off…lol! We will try to post here and there through out the summer with what is going on but it will be sporadic, not much down time but that is what we are here for….to work our butts off so that we can enjoy our time on Moon. Till next time take care all…


Our last sunset before we leave Moon for the season


Jennifer and Brian


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Tide Pools, Palm Fronds and Octopus, Oh My!

As promised we’ve been busy having fun and we took lots of pictures to share with you. We’re not going to write much this round, we will just let the pictures speak for themselves. I mean lets face it, most of us just scroll through the pics anyways! We hiked to our secret tide pool on the south side of Culebra and we remembered our camera this time!


Bringing the dinghy into the beautiful cove that we walk to the tide pool from.

From here we climb up to make our way to the tide pool.

Scrambling over, up, down and around to get to the tide pool.

Almost there…just have to get to the jagged rocks at the end.

Last big boulder to climb over and we have made it to our secret tide pool!

Our secret tide pool.

Mister crab hanging out at the tide pool.

Had to watch out for the sea urchins in the tide pool!



On the way back to the dinghy Brian cut a palm frond to make a hat. It’s been a while…we were in Jamaica in 2011 where our friend Lance taught Brian how to weave a hat, but after a bit of rum the skills came right back!



Brian looks like an island native carrying that palm branch. It’s hard to find just the right one that is easy to get to. I see the look of success on his face!

I’m sure that we were a sight carrying this back on our dinghy…the branch was bigger than we were!

Brian’s finished product! Looks awesome too! I still need to cut off the tails as the final touch. I want it to be completely dried out before I do that though just in case of shrinkage.



Next we found a new snorkel spot also on the south side of the island but not near the tide pools. Normally it is too rough to snorkel here but we had a few calm days and we were really glad that we checked it out. We even saw an octopus!



I see you looking at me, looking at you!

This guy was so patient, like he was showing off. When we came by to take his picture I could have sworn that he posed for us! I think that he is a trunk fish.

Must be fish under that ledge…

Wonder if the octopus was thinking of having lobster for lunch before we arrived…

Octopus on the move….soooo cool!



A friend of ours recently bought a “new to him” boat and we took the ferry again to the main land PR to check it out. The guys had a great day going over the boat and I had fun hanging out at the marina. I even saw a manatee, but the dang thing was so fast I could not get a picture to share with you. You know that manatees are known for being speedsters  🙂 !!



We spot a beautiful double rainbow as we take the ferry to mainland Puerto Rico.

Our friend Chris just bought a new to him boat. Brian and I went over to Fajardo, PR for the day to hem him get things settled.

Not our friends boat but saw this going out the pass…this has to be one proud Italian! I think that this is the biggest home flag that we have ever seen on a of sailboat this size!



We put together a couple of art projects that we had been planning for a while that we think turned out really nice. Lots ideas in the works so we will see what else we can come up with.



Some artwork that we made of treasures that we found while beach combing. It is made of old pottery that I found on the beach in St.Kitts and a long dried out coral sea fan. It is mounted on the wall in my galley. I love it!

A night light that Brian made with a naturally hollowed out piece of coral that he found.

Even better at night!



As you can see we have been having a great time. Weather has changed quite a bit for us today. It is howling out right now and supposed to get even windier into tonight and tomorrow. Gusts to 30 knots! Lucky us we are once again tucked in behind our favorite spot at Dakity Reef. With all of this wind the waves are really big here behind the reef….like 5 or 6 inches! LOL!



“Hector el Protector” before Hurricane Maria.

In 2014 Thomas Dambo, a Danish artist traveled to the Culebra in Puerto Rico with friends from Denmark, to make a project for local street art festival. With the support of the locals, from broken pallets, they created a troll sitting on the rocks of the shore with a huge rock in his hand, protecting the island and its people from bad energies. They named the troll “Hector el Protector”. In 2017 Hurricane Maria hit Culebra with a huge force, and destroyed a lot of the island’s housing and infrastructure and “Hector el Protector” disappeared into the ocean. After the hurricane settled, and electricity was back on the island a broad variety of people started writing the artist to tell him what “Hector el Protector” had meant to them. They wrote how they missed the sculpture, and that it had become a strong symbol to their community, and they wish to have him return. A couple of people even said that they believed that the sculpture was actually protecting the island spiritually, and was the reason that Culebra had zero casualties during the hurricane. Hector is being rebuilt and you can help…you can read more about Hector the Protector and his artists here….

Hector el Protector, A work in progress.


Brian is still working on boat projects and Moon is still getting some of the attention that she needs. Other than that we are just hanging out and enjoying it while we can. We’ve already started talking about when we will have to return to work and we know that it will be here before too long. Until then we are going to keep our feet wet and enjoy our time playing tourist!



This bench really rocks!

Enjoying my Valentines Day gift…a new hammock!

Enjoying the view while I swing in my new hammock.


Take care until next time,

Jennifer and Brian

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