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Punta Soldado Beach, Culebra, Puerto Rico

In between our chores we still find time to have some fun. When we’ve had enough of the rat race of being anchored in Culebra’s main anchorage (Ensenada Honda) we then we head out and grab a mooring ball behind Dakity Reef that runs along the entrance to the harbor. Dakity is a very protected … Continue reading »

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Happy New Year!

    We hope that everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. Ours was fabulous! Rachel came to visit us so need we say more? She spent almost two weeks here, it was the best Christmas present ever! It’s started to become a tradition with her visiting us for the holidays and so far … Continue reading »

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Salty Again

It’s happened…we are salty again…we think that deserves a BIG Woo Hoo! It is so nice to be back in the water. This was the first time that we have stayed on the boat in a dirty, dry, dusty, buggy, yucky boatyard…oh, with the exception of when we first sailed to Key West and I … Continue reading »

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One Day At A Time

Hello again. We are still in the boat yard and things seem to be moving at a slow pace. Brian was able to complete our new hatches and they look great!       The mosquitoes and no see-ums have been unbearable here in the boatyard and we’ve had lots of rain and wind due … Continue reading »

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Look What the Sea Made!

The Boatyard is full of fun! Just look at all of the cool stuff that we have been able to do 🙂     We have been busy getting Moon back together from being put away for hurricane season. Here is just some of what we’ve done so far…We ran the halyards back up the … Continue reading »

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Never Check a Bag!

Hello there it has been a while since we’ve written anything. Well, we are back at it…back on Moon that is. As she sits we are in Saint Kitts on the hard (in the boatyard on dry land). We faired well this year and there was less rain here than last so Moon is nice … Continue reading »

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On The Inside

Hello All –   Whew! It has been a busy past few months for us but work has started to slow down and we finally have a chance to breath a little. We’ve often been asked what the inside Moon looks like. Since we have not had any fun to share with you lately we … Continue reading »

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One Last Adventure

Hello all. Sorry for the delay in our posting but LOTS has been going on in our world lately. As some of you already know we are back home in PCB. Yup, we made our travels back safely and our feet are once again on dry land. More on that later though because we wanted … Continue reading »

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Plans Written In Sand

Hello All. Last we left you we were in Rodney Bay, Saint Lucia and heading south for hurricane season. Well… a lot has changed since then! We have turned 180° and are now heading north. But, what, why? Well, it all started out as it normally does….It was a bright and sunny day, We were … Continue reading »

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Saint Lucia By Land

First a little about the island…St Lucia is the second largest of the Windward Islands, and like most islands that we’ve visited recently it was created because of volcanic activity. It is 27 miles long and 14 miles wide, with a shape that is said to resemble either a mango or an avocado…depending on your … Continue reading »

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