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Posted by on March 4, 2018

OK…so we know that it has been forever since we have made a post… but there is a good reason. Our surprise was that we flew home to visit with our daughter Rachel. I should say that I got to visit with Rachel and Brian had to work. Our boss asked Brian to come to PCB to help get things rolling for the season and so we went.

Adventures At Sea, the marina that we work at in PCB.

It was awesome to spend time with Rachel! I was unlucky enough to get some kind of flu bug somewhere along the way and the first week is a bit of a blur to me but we made the most of the second week spending as much time together as we could. Rachel is working and going to school full time so it was a challenge to find time to “hang out” but just being together was all that we needed.

Shell Island a uninhabited island just of of PCB that is a popular
place to visit by boat…very rare that one else was here on the day we visited. It was 80 degrees too…nice warm day!

On her day off we took a boat to beautiful Shell Island for the day and I even ran into some of my old swimming buddies….dolphins! I was quite the sight leaning over the boat, trying to get a picture and pointing with a big grin on my face like I’ve never seen a dolphin before let alone take people to see them for a living! We had a great day together and Rachel had a chance to just relax.

Of course our time went by too quickly and we had to fly back to our beloved Moon. The flight back was a whole adventure in it’s self. The plan was to take three connecting flights from PCB to Antigua. When we arrived at the San Juan, Puerto Rico airport we read on the reader board that our last connection to Antigua was delayed by an hour. That left us with 4 hours in the airport. There is a couple of very expensive restaurants, stores and some fast food places to hang out so we opted for some fast food and grabbed a couple of rocking chairs in the hall and watched the world go by. Closer to the time for our flight to leave we went to our terminal…down a long open empty hallway and then into a dark long corridor with no tiles and wires hanging down from the roof.

We were just waiting for the zombies to come out from around the corner! Are we heading in the right direction we wondered? Finally we arrived at the end of the dark hallway and we came to a small terminal with a few people in chairs presumably waiting for the flight too. As we sat waiting the airline employees were having quite a discussion (all in Spanish so we had no idea what they were talking about). Finally Brian went to the desk to make sure that we were in the right place and the employee said that they were about to make a announcement……drum roll please…..the flight was canceled! Seems that they had been deciding who was going to be the one to tell the customers!

Still lots of blue tarps on roofs in Puerto Rico.

Dark hallway we walked down to get our flight to Antigua.

Well, it was upsetting of course but what can you do? There was one older woman there that was heading home to Antigua and she really went off on the agent telling her pretty much how we all felt. After all of the commotion we were ushered along to another part of the airport and they put us up in a roach motel for the night along with taxi and a $10.00 meal voucher per a person. Our flight was rescheduled for 8:00 AM the next morning meaning that we would have to arrive at 6:00 AM and go through a long customs line again! Good times!

Party bike that we saw in San Juan when we were on our way to find some dinner. Drink, drink, peddle, peddle!

Flying high over the beautiful island of Nevis.

As you figured by now we are back on the boat and things are getting back to normal here. We go in tomorrow and see if our part has arrived that we have been waiting on. Hopefully a month was long enough for it to get here! Good news is that the weather window for us looks like it might be next week to go to Guadeloupe. New adventures on the horizon! I think that deserves a big WOO HOO! That is it for us for now…

Until next time you all take care….love and miss you already Rachel!!

Brian and Jennifer SV/Moon

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  1. Brian Cairns

    Woo Hoo you Two!

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