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It Is the Right Part…

Posted by on March 8, 2018

So, for those of you who were wondering if our part that we have been waiting on for over a month came in…

Well, things started out great when we went to Budget Marine to see if it was there. We were excited that the store clerk right away recognized us , “Your back!” He said with a big smile. “Your part finally came in”. All right, things are looking good and our stove can be finally installed properly. The cleck goes to the back of the store and returns with our tiny package. It should be a left handed threaded G quarter fitting. (The thing-a-ma-bob that attaches our stove to our propane tank)

Brian gives the part a once over and as his brows start to come together I know that is not the right part. He goes and gets the catalog from the store counter and finds the part in it, shows it to the clerk and tells him that it is not the right part and that the part number is not the same as the one that we ordered. Straight faced the clerk says that it is the right part but that they changed the part number. What? Not so! The part that we ordered was a $50.00 part and the one that arrived was a $17.00 part. It would have been awesome if it would have worked but unfortunately for us, not.

Well, there it is. No part for us and for now we are not going to give it another try, at least not here. Turns out the stove is a French stovetop and the part is hard to get. Wish that we would have known that before we ordered and installed it! Maybe we will have some luck since the next island we are visiting is a French island and they just might have it there.

Meanwhile we will have to console ourselves. One of the Mega Yachts “SKAT” is having a dock party tonight and the whole anchorage is invited. Food and drinks included in the fun…maybe wih enough rum we might forget all about our wrong part adventure!

Brian and Jennifer SV / Moon

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