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Party Like A Rock Star!

Posted by on March 12, 2018

It all started as I was sitting below on the boat and I noticed two suspicious guys approach a boat that was anchored nearby. Being a good neighbor I kept a watch to see what was going on. These guys were dressed in tie-dye shirts and had big, I mean really big afros you could tell that they were wearing wigs so I was sure that something was not right! They shouted at the boat a few times and when they did not get a response they left a note tucked under the grill. Alright, I felt better. I figured whoever was on the boat just had some fun friends coming over to see them. We are after all in a very active harbor with lots of different people. I dismissed them and went about my business. Next thing I know there is shouting going on outside of my boat. I look out and the guys are yelling to me. What the heck is going on I wondered… I popped up on deck to see and was greeted by the same two guys with big hair and smiles holding an invitation to a mega yacht dock party! The yacht SKAT was having a party and the whole anchorage was invited, how about that!

The party was a “Funk You Up” theme so we searched though the boat for something that we could dress up in. Luckily it seems that we are pretty much stuck in the 70’s so it was not hard to look the look and find something fitting to wear. We were ready to party like a rock star!

On the evening of the party we arrived and were greeted by the crew of SKAT. We were told to help ourselves to whatever we wanted. There was unlimited BBQ, pitchers of free flowing rum punch and a pool filled of seemingly unlimited Heineken. Dennis you would have been in heaven!!

As the night continued on we had a blast. It started out slow but more and more people kept coming and the party moved all the way down the dock, there were so many people! As you can probably tell we had great time. The pictures are a bit blurry and so were we! A great big thank you goes out to SKAT and her crew for a night full of fun!

Brian and Jennifer SV/Moon

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