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Sunday Fun-Day

Posted by on March 14, 2018

This past Sunday we got to have fun and help a local cause that we believe in.

The local sailing academy had it’s annual fund raiser. It is such a great program to support and you can check out more about the school here:

When we first saw the posters around town announcing that the sailing academy was having a fund raiser it was a must attend for us. We see this program in action all of the time. One of the programs that the school has is that instructors take disabled children sailing. We see them sail by our boat all of the time, big smiles on their faces we are sure that it is the highlight of their day to get out, sail and be on the water. They also teach local underprivileged school children how to swim and sail and all free of charge! What a wonderful program teaching these children a healthy and safe way to have fun!

Pan Band entertaining us.

We started the day by registering for the walk, getting our official t-shirt and finding a seat among the crowd to wait for the events to begin. As we were sitting there working on our first bucket of beers, (yes…first bucket, don’t judge and we were told that we had to buy the bucket because it was cheaper…so who were we to argue that?) but anyhow while we were sitting there a lady came by and told us that they were short racers for a sailboat race that they were having and she was wondering if Brian would mind joining a team. Well, she did not have to ask twice Brian was stoked to be part of a sailing race verses a walk-a-thon and all of it’s speaches! Go figure 🙂

We found out that the race was also part of the charity event and that it was crew from the mega yachts that were racing. We learned later that some them had never been on a sailing boat and I have to say that it showed, lots of flipping over and a bit of crashing into things!

It was a “dinghy race” and although there were rules to follow it was mostly for fun. Brian had a great time with his team members.

The four people in the middle of the pic are Brian and his team.

I took some time and went to enjoy the other festivities. I walked down to the Nelson’s Dockyard and was just in time to see the walkers all leaving and heading back to the academy. I followed them back to the school where some good old fashioned fun was happening. There was a clown and some people playing tug a war. Good times! What a fun-day Sunday we had all supporting a great cause!

I know we’ve said it a couple times before but it is looking like the time has come for us to sail on to Guadeloupe. If the weather holds out as we expect and it should we plan on leaving on Friday. We will sure miss this beautiful island but are excited about new adventures!

Take Care All!

Brian and Jennifer SV/Moon

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