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Antigua To Guadeloupe

Posted by on March 22, 2018

Our sail from Antigua to Guadeloupe was awesome! We hauled anchor at 6:30 AM in Falmouth Harbour and dropped anchor at 1:30 in the afternoon in Deshaies, (pronounced Day-ay) Guadeloupe. It was about a 40 mile sail.

Did we mention how great a sail it was? We started out with winds around 10 – 15 knts on our foward beam and about halfway there the wind moved aft beam and it was almost like a downwind sail, making it a very comfortable ride.

As we approached the harbor the view was just amazing! It is a horseshoe shaped harbor with sheer mountains and a quaint little town nestled inbetween.

For the same reason that we made our passage the just about perfect weather conditions, the harbor was packed! Seems that we were not the only ones on the move that day.  We toured the anchorage and finally found a spot that we were happy with. Anchors away! Once we were sure the anchor was set we hopped in the dinghy and set out to find the customs office in this new and foreign land.

 What a cute little town! There were a few tourist shops open but the street was mostly lined with restaurants that looked like they only opened in the evenings. It took us some time to find the place to clear in…turns out it was in one of the tourist shops called Pelican’s. Once the formalities were out of the way we were free to roam and explore the beautiful butterfly islands of Guadeloupe.

Although this anchorage was beautiful we found it to be a bit rolly and too crowded for our liking so we hauled anchor after breakfast the next day. Heading to Jack Cousteau’s underwater park at Pigeon Island just 8 miles away. Can’t wait to explore and yes, we want to see it all!

Take care for now…
Brian and Jennifer SV/Moon

3 Responses to Antigua To Guadeloupe

  1. B

    Sounds perfect!

  2. Paul and Claudia Robinson

    Really enjoying the blog! Nice party on the yacht, must have been a blast.
    Sorry about the stove part! What a pain to get a wrong part after all that time. Looking forward to pics!

    • admin

      Thanks!The party that the yacht Skat had was a blast! Glad that you are enjoying our travels 😊

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