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More On Guadeloupe

Posted by on March 27, 2018

Hope that you enjoyed our last post. We’ve been taking lots of pictures and exploring so much here. It is impossible to share all that we’ve seen and experienced, we feel ilke we are leaving so much out! We hiked to Fort Josephine on a small nearby island yesterday. The views from the top were amazing…we could even see Moon anchored in the harbor below.

As I am writing this it is our last day in Guadeloupe, for now anyway. Today we prepare to sail to Dominica tomorrow. For me this means securing items around the boat and preparing some easy grab food for the journey. It’s kinda crazy. We only have to go about 18 miles and that might not sound like much, just jump in the car and you are there in 15 minutes…but on a sailboat it is a whole different story.

Amazing…look at the tree and roots growing on the old fort wall!

Depending on the conditions of the seas and the wind direction it could take 4 hours or 8 hours! Of course we plan and try to pick our weather but we have said it before and you all know that Mother Nature can change her plans in a heartbeat. We are hoping for the best but alway plan for the unexpected too.

We will visit customs today to clear out (here that means clearing out on a computer in the internet cafe), stop at the store one more time (being in a French country, this is the place to stock up on wine, cheese, olives and of course french bread) and if we have time visit one more fort that sits overlooking the harbor.

We hope that you are all doing well. Hopefully getting internet in Dominica won’t be such a challenge and we will be able to share all of it’s beauty with you.

I have a bunch of pictures to share with you but it has been a trial and error for me. My computer is on the fritz. I thought that I had everything perpared to post when we came in today to the internet cafe but most of our pictures did not come out. I will try, try again so we can share beautiful Dominica with you all 😊


Take care all,
Jennifer and Brian SV/Moon

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