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Martinique to Saint Lucia

Posted by on May 4, 2018

We hauled anchor at 8:30 in the morning…next stop the beautiful island of Saint Lucia!

We took a tour through the mangroves in Martinique on our dinghy before we left…beautiful!

It was a nice sail, not the best that we’ve had and definitely not the worst. Winds were ESE at 10 to 15 knts, waves around 4ft to 6ft with the occasional 7ft to 8ft and a combo of nice long swells, (We like this type best because we ride gently up one side and down the other) and there were also short choppy waves, (We like this type of wave least because they bounce the boat every which way and pound into us and give the boat a smacking. Makes for a uncomfortable ride and they slow down our speed).

These little boats are rented out in the bay we were at in Martinique. We thought that they were interesting…they look like bumper boats! The seating is circular and there is a grill in the middle!

A ship, shipping ships ๐Ÿ™‚

We’ve been hoping to see some whales but no such luck yet. On a sad note, whale hunting is still permitted and practiced in the seas of the nearby islands of Saint Vincent and Grenadines. I read somewhere that the locals sometimes use small sailboats to hunt the whales. Approaching the whale pod, harpooning one or two then using small explosives to finish off it off “humanely”. I also read in that it is not uncommon for whales to ram sailboats…go figure, obviously they are intelligent and they have associated boats as a threat. We even have a friend Mike on S/V Imagine, who’s boat was rammed by a whale between the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos islands. What a scary thing to happen while you are just happly sailing along! So with that on our minds, we are not completely dissappointed that we have not seen any whales. (By the way Mike and his boat were OK…)

Bye, Bye Martinique.

We sailed over lots of large patches of Sargasso Weed. I read that during Christopher Columbus’s voyage of discovery across the Atlantic, he was amazed to find floating mass of seaweed as far east as the Azores. It looked like a carpet of little yellow grapes so they called it sargazo (a generic name in Spanish for seaweeds with a brown colour and with an obvious stalk and root; the Sargasso Sea is “El mar de los Sargazos”). Sargassum is a brown algae and the โ€˜grapesโ€™ are the air bladders, which keep it afloat.

So far what we’ve seen of St. Lucia is of course, beautiful! We are anchored in Rodney Bay one of the the northern most harbors. It is large and horseshoe shaped. We had originally planned on skipping this harbor because of the crime that we’ve read about happening here. However, when we were sailing by we were surprised to see so many cruising boats in the harbor and that changed our minds. (The crimes that we read about were mostly dinghy theft.)
There is a website that we regularly log onto to keep us updated on any reported crimes:
safety and security net

We take extra precautions when we anchor anywhere new and try to avoid any “hotspots”. This is also the site that we made our report on when we were boarded, threatened and robbed in lovely St. Maarten in January 2016.

Approaching Saint Lucia.

Anyhow, Rodney Bay so far seems nice and safe. There are lots or shops and restaurants at a close by IGA Marina and also some big grocery and hardware stores for supplies. There is a fort…imagine that another fort protecting a harbor. Seems to be a trend, huh? We hope to explore it, we never get tired of hiking up to forts that overlooks a beautiful harbors.

Approaching Rodney Bay.

This is the Veggie Boat and that is Gregory on board. It did not take him long to approach us once we anchored to see if we wanted to buy any of his veggies. We bought some beautiful tomatoes. Brian asked him if he had any plantains…me, eyebrows raised wondering why because I have never cooked a plantain in my life….Gregory said that he did not….but, low and be hold the next morning he was at our boat bright and early yelling “Moon, Moon”. After wiping the cobwebs out of our eyes from being woke up he was happy to tell us that he had brought us some plantains…of course we had to buy them since he got them special for us. So now I am researching recipes, we’ll let you know how that turns out.

We haven’t seen the famous Pitons yet and will probably just take some pictures as we sail by. Sadly the anchorage there sounds very crime ridden so we’re passing it up. We have one more harbor that we will stop at while we are here called Marigot Bay that sounds like it is absolutely beautiful.

Moon anchored in front of Pigeon Island. Fort Rodney is to the left hand side but knowing Brian we will have to hike both peaks!

Well, gotta go for now. Time to explore and take more pics!

Jennifer and Brian S/V Moon

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    Thanks for the pictures and stories!

    • admin

      Thanks Brian! Glad that you are keeping up with us even with your busy season starting up ๐Ÿ™‚ Miss you guys!

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