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One Last Adventure

Posted by on June 11, 2018

Hello all. Sorry for the delay in our posting but LOTS has been going on in our world lately. As some of you already know we are back home in PCB. Yup, we made our travels back safely and our feet are once again on dry land. More on that later though because we wanted to share our one last adventure that we had before we hauled Moon out to her familiar pile of earth.


View from the harbor of Deshaies, Guadeloupe.

I just loved this little house with its laundry hung out to dry along the harbor front!


Last we wrote we were in Le Saints, Guadeloupe and heading to Deshaies, Guadeloupe. We thankfully had an uneventful sail up the coast. Especially after all of the excitement that we’ve had with our last few jumps!

Last time we were in Deshaies the anchorage was crowded and rolly. This time it was much different. Seeing how it was almost June 1st (Hurricane Season) it looked like most cruisers were either further north or south and the middle cruising grounds were becoming an off season spot to be. There were still a few of us around but nothing like when we were here last. This was awesome for us because this meant that there was lots more room to anchor comfortably. There are also free mooring balls in the harbor and on the second night we were able to claim one up front near the beach. Now we are not normally mooring ball kind of cruisers but we made an exception. We had heard about a nearby waterfall that we could hike to but also heard that it was an all day adventure so we wanted to make sure that our home would be safe while we were away. Even though it seemed that there were less cruising boats this is still a main entry and exit point for Guadeloupe, meaning the possibility of lots of traffic coming and going in the harbor. The anchorage is pretty deep too in places and can become crowded so the mooring ball gave us a sense of the boat being secure while we were away. Brian jumped in the water and checked it out to make sure it was in good shape because you never know what they are made of and what the lines shackles attached look like. Brian said that he was actually impressed with it so we were safe and snug….now time for some fun!



This is where the Deshaies river runs through town and lets into the sea.

Some type of old road equipment we pass by as we head up to the river.



“The Hidden Waterfall” or “The Secret Waterfall” or the “Non-Tourist Find It Yourself Waterfall”.

We had read in few cruisers blogs that there was a waterfall nearby or not so nearby depending on who’s blog you read but we were determined to find it. (I love waterfalls!) We had also read that it was about a three hour hike up through the river and lots of climbing over giant boulders so we were prepared to get wet and have some fun!


This is where we first got our feet wet as we started our journey up.

Can you see the small rocks piled up on the boulder to the right? That’s a cruisers way of letting some else know that there is something cool to see. Means someone else has been here and we are on the right path!



There were really no directions other than follow the river that flows into the sea until you find the waterfall. The journey was soooo amazing! First we went down a small road that ran along the side of the river and then it was time to get our feet wet. Down the bank we went and we climbed in the river. At first it was not so bad, river rocks and a stream that was about 15 feet or less wide. Hopping from rock to rock we climbed higher. Every now and then we would pass small waterfalls excited by each one that we saw. I was taking so many pictures I was sure my camera battery would be exhausted before we got to the main fall. The plants and flowers were incredible! A couple of times we came across a fork in the river and had to figure out what way to go hoping that we made the right choice.





As we climbed, the rocks became giant boulders and the river faster. We were pretty sure that we were heading the right way. Then it started to pour rain on us. The rocks and boulders became very slippery and made it harder to climb up and over them. We were starting to wonder if we made the right choice at the forks below. We had been climbing for almost three hours and knew that we must be close. We were sure that every bend we went around that we would finally be at the waterfall that we had hiked all this way to see only to find more giant boulders to climb up and over.



That big leaf just about covers me up!



Just as we were about to give up and head back we came around a corner and saw a road close to the river. There was a small parking place on the side and a tin shed with a picture of a waterfall painted on it. We must be in the right place! We hiked on for another half an hour and as we came around a bend you could hear the rushing water. We were so excited! Finally we made it! As we approached it looked like the river ended and became a cave.



Brian wedging himself between the big rocks so that he can climb over to the falls. You can see the top of the fall just above his head and above the big boulder. Meanwhile the protector of the falls is watching us from his rock perch.

Power shower!


There was a small pool of water that lead though the large cavern crevice that lead to the waterfall. To get to it you had to swim through water that came up to my neck then as you got closer there was a large boulder that you had to climb over to get to the fall. The ground under the water was really mushy and I did not want to muck through it but Brian did. He wedged his way up the rock and had a spectacular view of the fall. It was still raining on us and the fall was really pouring out.



Brian enjoying the falls.

Me forgetting about the world for just a bit. It was an amazing view looking up at the forest!



It was such a magical place to be and we were the only ones there unless you count the bullfrog perched up on a rock that seemed to be the guardian of the fall. We swam and enjoyed this mystic place and decided to head back. We were not sure how long it would take to get back and we wanted to make sure that we had enough daylight. We did not want to end up on one of those survivor TV shows!



Beautiful big tree along the river.

Crazy looking mushroom that we came across along the river.



Heading back down we decided to take the road that we saw on our way up, (the one with the tin shed and parking spot). It put us out high above the town and about 40 minutes later we were back in the harbor. Hindsight we would have had a car drop us off here and took the shorter hike to the falls. We really have to work on our French because if we could have spoken the language we might have been able to ask one of the locals about the falls and they probably would have given us the shorter directions! But then again we would have missed all of the fun climbing up!



Moon on her mooring Deshaies, Guadeloupe.



After we got back to the boat Brian looked up the river and where we ended up and saw that we had climbed 900ft! Wow! I mean I knew that we were going up and up and up but I had no idea that we had climbed that high! The next day our bodies reminded us of the climb…boy were we sore and I was full of bumps and bruises that I did not even know that had happened. What a fun day though! We spent three days in Deshaies but it was time for us to clear out and get back on the move again. We have some more fun to share but we are saving the last of our journey for our next post. Hopefully I can get it posted soon. Take care for now all.

Jennifer and Brian

S/V Moon

4 Responses to One Last Adventure

  1. Brian Cairns

    Thanks for your stories and photos! I sure wish we could have been doing the same. Alas, what will be,
    will be! Have fun!!!! Brian and Patricia

    • admin

      Thanks Brian. We are back in PCB. Will you be around this summer?

  2. Claudia Robinson

    Love the waterfall hike, also the sea crossings pictures. Fabulous adventures this year. We really enjoyed the stories and pictures.
    Our year’s adventure was moving to Indiana May 1. I retired, Paul’s working in Indy, he’s an electrician. Looking forward to your next adventures.

    • admin

      Thanks Claudia! We’re back at work too…every day here but still on the water so that’s nice. Big move for you guys. We should be back on Moon again in Oct. and hopefully we will have more stories and pics to share…Thanks for reading and commenting so we know someone is paying attention to my ramblings 🙂 Take care for now.

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