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Our Story


Brian and Jennifer on Pier, Chub Cay2

We are sailors who departed from our home town of Panama City Beach, FL in November 2010 on our 37ft Searunner “Moon”. We have sailed through south FL, the Bahamas, just about circumnavigated Jamaica, and been to all three of the Bay Islands of Honduras. We weathered out 2011 hurricane season in Rio Dulce, Guatemala and had to make a stop in Isla Mujeres, Mexico to avoid a hurricane.

We are not retired or wealthy so when we run out of spending money we head back home to NW FL to work, always with the sea on our minds.

After we refilled our cruising kitty we set sail again in 2013.

So far on our second voyage we have sailed to the Bahamas, (love these islands!), spent five weeks in Turks and Caicos, and weathered out hurricane season in the Dominican Republic. Then off to Puerto Rico, the Spanish Virgin Islands, the US Virgin Islands and the British Islands. We are currently waiting out hurricane season anchored off the small island of Culebra, Puerto Rico and plan on heading east and south soon.

We never have plans set in stone as to where our next destination will be, like in a long ago song…”anyway the wind blows”…

We hope that you enjoy our adventures – Brian and Jennifer



6 Responses to Our Story

  1. Renan

    How are things going with you?
    Are you heading to St Petersburg? I am here with some friends and will be here for a few months.
    If you stop let me know we can have a beer or two.

    Take care and fair winds

  2. Regina

    Hi ya guys!!! You are certainly getting around to some beautiful places…and I apprecaite the work that it takes for you just to go to the store, But what a great place to do it in. i love and miss you guys. Jen hope I get a minute later this week to email you. Crazy Busy, Wish I was there….really

  3. Charlotte Westcott

    Just a word of Hello :0) I finally found the website and have enjoyed reading and following yall.
    It is wonderful to see two people living their DREAM !! Safe travels and strong winds :0) Love yall Charlotte

    • admin

      Hello there Charlotte…nice to hear from you! Glad that you found us and are enjoying our travels.We are having a wonderful time exploring. It’s nice to hear from friends back home we miss being there too!! Take care and stay in touch. 🙂 Jennifer

  4. Allison

    Hello. My hubby Sal knows Brian. We also live in PCB. ImTs my hometown also. We love finding sea glass. We would love to talk sea glass with you soon. Allison

    • admin

      Hi Allison. Brian talked about meeting your hubby. Hopefully we will see you around the marina. It’s starting to slow down so we should have some time to hang out some. Looking forward to meeting you!

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