Sunday Fun-Day

This past Sunday we got to have fun and help a local cause that we believe in.

The local sailing academy had it’s annual fund raiser. It is such a great program to support and you can check out more about the school here:

When we first saw the posters around town announcing that the sailing academy was having a fund raiser it was a must attend for us. We see this program in action all of the time. One of the programs that the school has is that instructors take disabled children sailing. We see them sail by our boat all of the time, big smiles on their faces we are sure that it is the highlight of their day to get out, sail and be on the water. They also teach local underprivileged school children how to swim and sail and all free of charge! What a wonderful program teaching these children a healthy and safe way to have fun!

Pan Band entertaining us.

We started the day by registering for the walk, getting our official t-shirt and finding a seat among the crowd to wait for the events to begin. As we were sitting there working on our first bucket of beers, (yes…first bucket, don’t judge and we were told that we had to buy the bucket because it was cheaper…so who were we to argue that?) but anyhow while we were sitting there a lady came by and told us that they were short racers for a sailboat race that they were having and she was wondering if Brian would mind joining a team. Well, she did not have to ask twice Brian was stoked to be part of a sailing race verses a walk-a-thon and all of it’s speaches! Go figure 🙂

We found out that the race was also part of the charity event and that it was crew from the mega yachts that were racing. We learned later that some them had never been on a sailing boat and I have to say that it showed, lots of flipping over and a bit of crashing into things!

It was a “dinghy race” and although there were rules to follow it was mostly for fun. Brian had a great time with his team members.

The four people in the middle of the pic are Brian and his team.

I took some time and went to enjoy the other festivities. I walked down to the Nelson’s Dockyard and was just in time to see the walkers all leaving and heading back to the academy. I followed them back to the school where some good old fashioned fun was happening. There was a clown and some people playing tug a war. Good times! What a fun-day Sunday we had all supporting a great cause!

I know we’ve said it a couple times before but it is looking like the time has come for us to sail on to Guadeloupe. If the weather holds out as we expect and it should we plan on leaving on Friday. We will sure miss this beautiful island but are excited about new adventures!

Take Care All!

Brian and Jennifer SV/Moon

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Party Like A Rock Star!

It all started as I was sitting below on the boat and I noticed two suspicious guys approach a boat that was anchored nearby. Being a good neighbor I kept a watch to see what was going on. These guys were dressed in tie-dye shirts and had big, I mean really big afros you could tell that they were wearing wigs so I was sure that something was not right! They shouted at the boat a few times and when they did not get a response they left a note tucked under the grill. Alright, I felt better. I figured whoever was on the boat just had some fun friends coming over to see them. We are after all in a very active harbor with lots of different people. I dismissed them and went about my business. Next thing I know there is shouting going on outside of my boat. I look out and the guys are yelling to me. What the heck is going on I wondered… I popped up on deck to see and was greeted by the same two guys with big hair and smiles holding an invitation to a mega yacht dock party! The yacht SKAT was having a party and the whole anchorage was invited, how about that!

The party was a “Funk You Up” theme so we searched though the boat for something that we could dress up in. Luckily it seems that we are pretty much stuck in the 70’s so it was not hard to look the look and find something fitting to wear. We were ready to party like a rock star!

On the evening of the party we arrived and were greeted by the crew of SKAT. We were told to help ourselves to whatever we wanted. There was unlimited BBQ, pitchers of free flowing rum punch and a pool filled of seemingly unlimited Heineken. Dennis you would have been in heaven!!

As the night continued on we had a blast. It started out slow but more and more people kept coming and the party moved all the way down the dock, there were so many people! As you can probably tell we had great time. The pictures are a bit blurry and so were we! A great big thank you goes out to SKAT and her crew for a night full of fun!

Brian and Jennifer SV/Moon

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It Is the Right Part…

So, for those of you who were wondering if our part that we have been waiting on for over a month came in…

Well, things started out great when we went to Budget Marine to see if it was there. We were excited that the store clerk right away recognized us , “Your back!” He said with a big smile. “Your part finally came in”. All right, things are looking good and our stove can be finally installed properly. The cleck goes to the back of the store and returns with our tiny package. It should be a left handed threaded G quarter fitting. (The thing-a-ma-bob that attaches our stove to our propane tank)

Brian gives the part a once over and as his brows start to come together I know that is not the right part. He goes and gets the catalog from the store counter and finds the part in it, shows it to the clerk and tells him that it is not the right part and that the part number is not the same as the one that we ordered. Straight faced the clerk says that it is the right part but that they changed the part number. What? Not so! The part that we ordered was a $50.00 part and the one that arrived was a $17.00 part. It would have been awesome if it would have worked but unfortunately for us, not.

Well, there it is. No part for us and for now we are not going to give it another try, at least not here. Turns out the stove is a French stovetop and the part is hard to get. Wish that we would have known that before we ordered and installed it! Maybe we will have some luck since the next island we are visiting is a French island and they just might have it there.

Meanwhile we will have to console ourselves. One of the Mega Yachts “SKAT” is having a dock party tonight and the whole anchorage is invited. Food and drinks included in the fun…maybe wih enough rum we might forget all about our wrong part adventure!

Brian and Jennifer SV / Moon

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OK…so we know that it has been forever since we have made a post… but there is a good reason. Our surprise was that we flew home to visit with our daughter Rachel. I should say that I got to visit with Rachel and Brian had to work. Our boss asked Brian to come to PCB to help get things rolling for the season and so we went.

Adventures At Sea, the marina that we work at in PCB.

It was awesome to spend time with Rachel! I was unlucky enough to get some kind of flu bug somewhere along the way and the first week is a bit of a blur to me but we made the most of the second week spending as much time together as we could. Rachel is working and going to school full time so it was a challenge to find time to “hang out” but just being together was all that we needed.

Shell Island a uninhabited island just of of PCB that is a popular
place to visit by boat…very rare that one else was here on the day we visited. It was 80 degrees too…nice warm day!

On her day off we took a boat to beautiful Shell Island for the day and I even ran into some of my old swimming buddies….dolphins! I was quite the sight leaning over the boat, trying to get a picture and pointing with a big grin on my face like I’ve never seen a dolphin before let alone take people to see them for a living! We had a great day together and Rachel had a chance to just relax.

Of course our time went by too quickly and we had to fly back to our beloved Moon. The flight back was a whole adventure in it’s self. The plan was to take three connecting flights from PCB to Antigua. When we arrived at the San Juan, Puerto Rico airport we read on the reader board that our last connection to Antigua was delayed by an hour. That left us with 4 hours in the airport. There is a couple of very expensive restaurants, stores and some fast food places to hang out so we opted for some fast food and grabbed a couple of rocking chairs in the hall and watched the world go by. Closer to the time for our flight to leave we went to our terminal…down a long open empty hallway and then into a dark long corridor with no tiles and wires hanging down from the roof.

We were just waiting for the zombies to come out from around the corner! Are we heading in the right direction we wondered? Finally we arrived at the end of the dark hallway and we came to a small terminal with a few people in chairs presumably waiting for the flight too. As we sat waiting the airline employees were having quite a discussion (all in Spanish so we had no idea what they were talking about). Finally Brian went to the desk to make sure that we were in the right place and the employee said that they were about to make a announcement……drum roll please…..the flight was canceled! Seems that they had been deciding who was going to be the one to tell the customers!

Still lots of blue tarps on roofs in Puerto Rico.

Dark hallway we walked down to get our flight to Antigua.

Well, it was upsetting of course but what can you do? There was one older woman there that was heading home to Antigua and she really went off on the agent telling her pretty much how we all felt. After all of the commotion we were ushered along to another part of the airport and they put us up in a roach motel for the night along with taxi and a $10.00 meal voucher per a person. Our flight was rescheduled for 8:00 AM the next morning meaning that we would have to arrive at 6:00 AM and go through a long customs line again! Good times!

Party bike that we saw in San Juan when we were on our way to find some dinner. Drink, drink, peddle, peddle!

Flying high over the beautiful island of Nevis.

As you figured by now we are back on the boat and things are getting back to normal here. We go in tomorrow and see if our part has arrived that we have been waiting on. Hopefully a month was long enough for it to get here! Good news is that the weather window for us looks like it might be next week to go to Guadeloupe. New adventures on the horizon! I think that deserves a big WOO HOO! That is it for us for now…

Until next time you all take care….love and miss you already Rachel!!

Brian and Jennifer SV/Moon

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And Still Waiting…

Yes, so we are still stuck here in Falmouth Harbor if you can call it “stuck”. Waiting our our part for the stove that as of this Friday still did not arrive. Going on three weeks now and if were not a necessary part we would have sailed on by now. But just because we have to stay here waiting does not mean that we can’t have any fun! So here to share with you are some pictures of what we have been doing to bide our time. It still has been pretty windy and some swells in the harbor so getting off of the boat is always a welcome idea. Hope that you enjoy and hopefully we will be sailing on in a week or so. We did have a surprise for us and our daughter Rachel and if you would like to ask her what it is you can. For everyone else they will have to wait for our next post to find out what it is.
Oh…the suspense I know 🙂


Reggae house on the main road here in Falmouth. Can you read the words of wisdom that he shares with the world?

It is so clear today that in the distance you can see the Island of Montserrat  from Falmouth Harbor and it is about 45nm away!

Brian boarding the boat at the dinghy dock…recognize that grocery bag? Publix grocery bag all the way in the Caribbean! Plastic bags are not allowed in Antigua so you have to bring your own bag to the store or pay for a reusable or paper bag when you check out.

A couple of the boats from The Atlantic Rowing Race.
The Atlantic Rowing Race is a once a year ocean rowing race from the Canary Islands to the West Indies, a distance of approximately 2,550 nm (2,930 statute miles or 4,700 km). How amazing is that! Records were broken this year and there are still boats out there! You can read more at,

Can you believe that four guys rowed this across the Atlantic…the record was this year at 30 days but most spend way more days than that at sea together rowing a tiny vessel like this one!

This is just part of the ridge that our hike too us along on the “Middle Ground Trail”.

Oh Haayy!


Someone was nice enough to tie a rope up here for easier climbing up the slippery slope. Pull Brian, pull!

View from top of the hiking trail from Nelson’s Dockyard to Pigeon Beach. You can see Fort Berkeley sticking out on the closest point and Shirley Heights way across the bay on top of the hill.

Dive boats anchored off of the famous “Pillars of Hercules”.

Here is proof that Mother Nature will aways be able to overcome us humans…
Look at the roots on this tree, it took one of the stones that was once part of the forts floor!
This is also another where’s Waldo episode…This time the little guy only has his head sticking out. Do you see him?

View of some of Falmouth Harbor from unknown fort ruins on our hike.

We finished with our hike with a dip at Pigeon Beach.

I see the Full Moon a Rising….

Take care for now.

Jennifer and Brian SV/Moon

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Playing The Waiting Game

Hello there again from SV Moon. As of today we are still in Antigua. We were first waiting on our new stove to arrive and now we are waiting on a part for it to arrive that we did not know we would need. Things do not move too quickly around here, island time at it’s finest. When our pretty new stove top arrived and Brian went to install it he discovered that it is a French made stove and the propane connection did not match ours. After many bus rides around Antigua to search every hardware store we could find for the connection that would make our stove work we finally gave up and ordered it from Budget Marine adding another $50.00 to the price of our stove! So now we are playing the waiting game but hopefully our part will arrive today or if not next Friday. (It takes about 2 to 3 weeks with most items being sent by boat from St. Marteen)

Brian had to create a whole new counter top after removing our old stove/oven to install our new counter top stove.

New stove top installed and project is closer to completion.

Some of the rails that I have started to scrape and sand to make them pretty again.

We’ve been staying busy with projects around the boat. Brian had to re-fabricate the counter top to make our new stove fit and will eventually make shelves for the back side too. The pricing for plywood here for the project is $200- $300 for a sheet depending on who has it, if they have it and where you buy it so with that complication and with the counter top in place we might wait on making the shelves.

Square rigged ship entering Jolly Harbor.

Rain, rain and more rain…and then it rained again!
Double rainbows!

This has to be the lowest rainbow that I have ever seen!

We sailed Moon back to Falmouth Harbor because we are expecting big winds this weekend and this is the most comfortable harbor for us to be in. No swells and very protected. Plus there is more to do on shore here if we want to get off of the boat.

Where’s Waldo? Do you see him?
Spotted this guy hanging out in Nelson’s Dockyard.

This is the Historic Copper and Lumber Inn that we stayed at for New Years in Nelson’s Dockyard.

We did have an unexpected surprise and saw some dolphins before we left Jolly Harbor. This was nice and you would think that I had never seen them before with how giddy I was! I woke up early every morning hoping to see them as they fished around our boat.

These kids from the local sailing school and yacht club entertain us almost daily.

Don’t tell the authorities but we have a pet! We have a guest on board that we noticed a while back and he seems to make an appearance every other day or so. It’s a gecko. I did some research and it seems that they can live up to 10 years in the wild. I’m guessing that he will be with us for a while so we are working on giving him or her a name…any suggestions???

OK enough for now. We hope that you are doing good and staying warm and healthy in your parts of the world. We sure miss all of you! Soon we will be heading south, exploring islands that are full of new wonders and adventures and we will have finally something new to share with you too. Take care for now…

Jennifer and Brian SV/Moon

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Happy New Year 2018!

Happy New Year to all!

Sorry that we haven’t written in a while but we like most of you have been busy having fun for the holidays. Rachel spent just over two glorious weeks with us and we had a awesome time together exploring Antigua!  We got to play tourist, rented a car and even stayed in a few resorts.

Brian taking Rachel out for a sail in Falmouth Harbor.

Big smile on Brian’s face as he enjoys what he loves best…sailing!

Saw this furiistric Tri in Falmouth Harbor:
42.5m trimaran Adastra
The striking 42.5m trimaran Adastra was launched in China on 11th April 2012. She has covered over 40,000 miles, weathered 50 knot winds and crossed both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans!
Adastra is the second largest trimaran yacht ever built (the 61m White Rabbit being the biggest), and is the fourth largest powered multihull in the world.

This yacht was anchored just outside of Falmouth Harbor:
28th largest yacht in the world… Le Grand Bleu | 112.8m (370’1″)
The yacht has a crew of 65 and carries a veritable arsenal of tenders and watertoys, both on her aft decks and in her extensive below-deck garage, where there is a large aquarium. Her watercraft include a 22 metre Dubois-designed sailing yacht, Bellatrix; a 21 metre Sunseeker motor yacht; two 11 metre, 60-knot Buzzi sports boats; and a landing craft to carry a 4×4 Land Rover used for excursions ashore.

We took Moon to Deep Bay, North Sound and then back to Jolly Harbor for some beach side fun.

Climbing up to Fort Barrington.

Rachel preparing to raise the Nelson flag on Fort Barrington’s flagpole.

Our dinghy in the small cove facing “Hell’s Gate”.

Rachel at “Hell’s Gate”

Exploring the caverns at “Hell’s Gate” Island.

It’s winter time here and although we don’t get the cold weather like it seems that everyone else is getting…we do get big winds! They call them the “Christmas Winds” and it tends to make it challenging to get around from harbor to harbor. Unless you enjoy bashing up and down through some really big waves or spending the night rolling in an anchorage. As all of the British folks here would say “that is not our cup of tea”! So we explored a bit by sea and then decided to treat ourselves to some resort living so we could explore some of Antigua by land.

Rachel enjoying the view at North Sound.

This was pretty cool… a floating ferry that you use to get to the mangrove trail that leads to the beach.

Pull, pull, pull!

Next walking through the mangrove boardwalk trail to the beach.

It was amazing how much we packed into the time that Rachel was here. I don’t think that there was anything that we did not do and we could not even cover all of the fun that we had with you. Lots of pics for you to enjoy though!

This way to the top of Goat Hill!

Amazing view from the top of Goat Hill!

Brian found us the perfect resort, complete with a bathtub on top of Goat Hill!

We were lucky enough to get a room at the Copper & Lumber Historic Inn in the heart of Nelson’s Dockyard for their New Years Eve party. The room was just gorgeous and we were front and center for the nights events. And they had fireworks! My favorite! We had a blast!

Entering Fort James.

Ready, Aim…Fire!

Ruins everywhere and sometimes decorated.

Rachel signing the famous Red Rum Bus.

View from atop of Shirley Heights. Below you can see English Harbor and Falmouth Harbor.

Well, Rachel has returned home and things are getting back to normal here…no more playing tourist for now, just another regular day. Can you hear me pouting from there?? We plan on doing some more work to Moon as always there is something that needs to be done. I added to the list by accidentally stepping on one of the hatches and breaking it when I was helping to put our sail cover on. We also pick up our new stove top this week so as you can imagine there is plenty of things to keep us busy around here!

Take care all until next post.

Supposedly the large home on the point behind us belongs to Eric Clapton.

Jennifer and Brian SV/Moon

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Hanging Out In Jolly Harbour, Antigua

Hello all.

We hope that everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. We enjoyed a dinner out Caribbean style, (fish for Brian and veggie pasta for me). It was a nice night under the stars. We have been working on Moon and getting ready for Rachel’s arrival. That’s when the fun will begin. We’ve been getting plans in place and then we will finally get to play tourist.

Dinghy dock that we tie up to in Jolly Harbour.

Grand Princess Casino is a derelict casino that sits on the harbour here. It’s quite a shame because it’s such a huge building and you can see where it would have been grand in it’s day. Now it houses a feral cat population. Lots…I mean lots and lot of cats live in and around the grounds of this abandoned casino! I searched on line and found that the building is for sale could not find a price though. Might be a bargain!

We are still anchored in Jolly Harbour. It’s a good spot and close to everything that we need. Groceries, water, lots of restaurants and shops to pick thing up. It’s also close to the local bus stop too so the big town of St. John’s is just a 15 minute ride away for $3 EC that’s about a $1.25 US each way.

Local fishermen pulling in their nets.

Most days we plan a couple of projects. Try to finish up around 4:00 so we can swim before it gets dark (sun goes down at 5:30 and I don’t want to be shark bait in the water around or after sunset!) This is usually when new boats will start to come into the harbor to anchor for the night and it provides us with some entertainment. Especially when the chartered boats try to anchor. Most of them don’t know what they are doing and it can be quite a funny scene to watch.

Weekend sailboat races.

The anchorage can provide all kinds of entertainment. For example it is normal for sailors to be naked on their boat. Most use some modesty but we have a boat that has been anchored next to us for about a week now that we think should be on the show Naked and NOT afraid! They do everything naked in on and around their boat. If only they were a little good looking it might be OK but no such luck!

Brian’s favorite store, we spend hours in here!

Sewing the bimini top to prepare it for our new solar panels.

Shiny new solar panels on top of the bimini.

Here power can be a issue. We have a wind generator and solar panels but when there is no wind our solar panels were never strong enough to give us enough power to last the day. (Our refrigerator uses lots of power…as Brian always reminds me) So as we were shopping in Brian’s favorite store one day (Budget Marine) we saw some solar panels on display…bingo! We have always had our eye out for some and have looked in the magazines but never took the time to order them and low and behold there were two there just waiting on us to purchase them. We now have two 160 watt panels added to our power supply and no more power worries. Actually now even when we charge all of our electronics we have an excess! I think that I am going to get a blender for Christmas……yum…smoothies!

Brian down in the dungeon, see him there on the left side. He’s making final repairs too the stringer and placing in “Jim Beam”.

It may have a mouth-watering name, but don’t eat from the South African sausage tree (the popular name for the Kigelia tree) unless you know what you’re doing! As the common name “sausage tree” implies, the fruit of the sausage tree resembles a huge sausage. It is eaten by several species of mammals, including baboons, bush pigs, elephants, giraffes, hippos, monkeys and porcupines. Lots of health problems are treated with extracts from various parts of the tree including malaria, headaches, syphilis, rheumatism, inflamed spleen, ulcers, and gastro-intestinal issues (just to name a few). The fruit is known to have anti-microbial properties, and is thought to help with skin problems like eczema and psoriasis. It even makes its way into high-end anti-aging and beauty products! But here’s the other thing…you can make beer out of the fruit too! In order to make the fruits safe for beer brewing, they must first be sun-dried, then fermented with sugar cane juice for around 24 hours, then dried again, before finally being added to a large barrel of sugar cane juice, where it ferments again for around four days. Besides being potentially poisonous, there’s another good reason to be cautious of the sausage tree and its famous fruits, their size…The fruits can grow to over three feet in length, weighing up to of 22 pounds! That could be one lethal weapon!


Jolly Harbour is usually pretty tranquil at night but last night there was quite the shindig at one of the grand houses that are along the shoreline here. They had a big set up with a live band, a magician and a big fireworks show that went off at 11pm….which by the way was not a great way to get woken up…took us a minute to realize that we were not in the middle of world war three! I love fireworks though so all was soon forgiven on my part.

Ocean rowing boat in Jolly Harbour. The annual race begins in early December, with up to 30 teams participating from around the world. The challengers row their boats from San Sebastian in La Gomera, Canary Islands to Nelson’s Dockyard English Harbour, Antigua. In the 2015/2016 challenge, history was made with several records being broken, including Antigua’s very own Team Wadadli, being the first Antiguan team to row an ocean, and also officially the oldest team to row any ocean with team member Peter Smith, aged 74, being the oldest person ever to row any ocean. Hopefully we will get to see some of these boats arrive from their adventure in January.

Exciting news here is that Cuban President Raul Castro arrived on Thursday morning in Antigua on an official visit to attend the sixth Cuba-Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Summit. He’s at a resort on the island here with mucho security I am sure. Not someone that we would care to see so I guess that we won’t be the paparazzi that his security has to worry about. Now give me some Brad Pitt on the island and that might be a different story!

We took a day off and walked over to Starfish Jolly Beach Resort to enjoy a brew and the view.

Who knows though maybe we will come across some stars closer to Christmas and New Years. Antigua is a pretty hot spot for celebrities to visit and there are a few that have vacation homes here too. That would be cool to see some famous faces!

OK, now I am getting off topic. Going to go for now and get to work….oh and by the way just because all of the pics that I have show Brian working doesn’t mean that I am not helping out too but someone has to hold the camera!

Take care all.

Jennifer and Brian

SV / Moon

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Antigua Bound!

Hello again from the sweltering hot Caribbean. Yea, ok, I know you have a lot of pity for us but I would love to have a cold day or two to change things up a bit. Actually…it did get kinda cool last night. I mean it was bad, we had to use the sheet to cover up for about an hour or two while we were sleeping. 🙂

What we get to wake up to every morning…Nevis Peak, a potentially active volcano!

View from the Nevis Port Captain’s office looking towards St. Kitts.

Moon anchored in Nevis with a different view. You can see our favorite red roofed church up on the hillside to the right of us.

Brian is filling our water tanks at the commercial ferry dock in Nevis. We used to be able to use the smaller dinghy dock but it was damaged during hurricane Maria.

We always pass by this house as we walk to the Nevis hot spring. Not sure why but it always calls to me to take a picture…love this house!

On our way to the Nevis Volcanic hot spring.

As planned we sailed from Nevis to Antigua. We had 8 to 12 knots of wind, and seas of less than 3ft. We made the 42 mile trip in just under 8 hours. This was practically heaven compared to the last time that we sailed here. That time we had to beat straight into 5ft or more seas and it took us 12 hours. To say that we were happy with our sail this time is an understatement!

Beneath the roof is a super steaming-hot, pool of spring water warmed by the island’s volcano. The spring water is reputed to contain minerals of medicinal value and is known to have cured chronic rheumatism, gout and many other aliments. Its water temperature ranges from 104F to 110F, hot, hot hot!

No, Brian is not in jail…at least not yet! He is enjoying the volcanic hot spring. We have never seen this many people there before. Guess that we have been lucky in the past to have had it all to ourselves.

Rain heading our way down Nevis peak at sunset.

Have you ever heard of the Caribbean island of Redonda – it’s actually a KINGDOM! Not exactly a resort destination, it hasn’t been lived on since the first world war, and even then it was only inhabited for a short period of mining. It is really just a big rock, with nowhere to anchor and no easy access to get ashore. No beach, no palm trees, the only thing it does have is some goats, and some unique species of lizards that can only be found on Redonda. The thing that I find fascinating though is that some eccentric Irishman claimed it as his own, named it the Kingdom of Redonda and he was thus the King. He then passed this claim down to his 15 year old son. Somehow this “Kingdom” has survived and even though the island is now a dependency of Antigua & Barbuda, there are apparently 9 pretenders to the “throne” of Redonda.

Passing by a flock of boobies floating in the Caribbean Sea as we sail to Antigua.

Approaching the West side of Antigua.

We arrived in Jolly Harbor one of the ports that you can clear into on Antigua. We raised our Q-Flag and went in to see Customs, Immigration and the Port Captain. The process to clear in here is quite painless and all went smoothly.

Closer to Antigua now and approaching Jolly Harbor, our first stop to clear in with Customs, Immigration and the Port Captain.

Inside Jolly Harbor is very protected and it reminds us a lot of being in South Florida.

We’ve been hanging out here in Jolly Harbor for the last few days getting supplies from the Budget Marine and grocery store. Brian has been working to replace a stringer (wood piece that holds things together and up) that is under our battery bank. I guess that over the years the weight of the heavy batteries caused it to sag and crack a bit. He made a new beam that he calls “Jim Beam” to support it all.

Moon anchored just outside of Jolly Harbor.

The Jolly Harbor Yacht Race entertained from the anchorage our first weekend here.

We never like being away from family around the holidays and with tomorrow being Thanksgiving we just want to say how thankful that we are to have all of you in our lives and we sure miss you! More than you will ever know!! We are hoping to see Rachel soon and that is what is keeping my spirits high. Everyone always says that we are living the dream but sometimes I am jealous of all of you…you are living the dream if you can hold and love your family everyday!

We plan on spending Thanksgiving here in Jolly Harbor. I heard that there is a popular reggae band playing at one of the restaurants that night so we will probably check them out. After that we have plans to head to Deep Bay and on to North Sound. Lots of work to do on Moon. Next for us will be to start painting the cockpit and top deck to get Moon all pretty again. Seems like there is always something needed to be painted or scraped! Still jealous?? 🙂

Love and miss you all,

Take care for now.

Jennifer and Brian SV/ Moon

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Splash Down!

No longer in the dirt and back at Sea! OK, this calls for a big WOO HOO! We are back in the water. What a good feeling, can you see us smiling from there…sure you can!

Travel lift coming to take Moon away!

Leaving the spot that we sat out hurricane season.

Moon going to the loading bay just ahead.

Bye, Bye boatyard!

The big ‘ole travel lift came for us, lifted us from the dusty ground and put us in the pretty blue water. So happy to be wet again!

Finally at sea!

Pretty colorful houses dot the shore as we sail by.

Sailing past the town of Basseterre, St. Kitts.

In the wake of Hurricane Maria, a university in Dominica has turned to an unconventional facility to house its storm-ravaged Caribbean medical school campus: a cruise ship. This is a “uniquely fitted cruise liner” docked off the coast of St. Kitts, where about 1,050 students from the Dominican-based Ross University School of Medicine will temporarily live and take classes.

This is where Moon belongs and we are once again on our way to new adventures. First things first was to make sure that everything was OK after splashdown before we set off to the deep blue sea. We decided our first stop after leaving the boatyard would be one of our favorite (and calm) anchorages in St. Kitts, White House Bay. It was a chance for us to get used to being back on the boat and a good place for Brian to give her a once over for any unexpected surprises.

Moon approaching White House Bay. This is a popular spot to anchor because it is a nice calm bay. We were amazed that we were the only boat here, this was a first and we have been here several times.

Salt Plague Restaurant White House Bay. Right in front of where we anchored.

Pretty rock cliffs that line one side of White House Bay.

Moon, the only boat in White House Bay!

Well…Surprise! (and not the good variety)

As Brian was looking through the amas (that’s the two hulls that are on the outside of the boat) he discovered in the starboard hull where the travel lift had placed its straps to lift us that it had caused two small cracks and we were taking on water. Nothing major but not a great find either. So job number one was to repair the cracks. Brian has been glassing both inside and out to make repairs so that we will be watertight. Not a fun place to spend your days in the cramped, windless, baking hot, small ama with itchy fiberglass. Thankfully Brian can fix the leaks and we have all of the supplies on board for the job.

Have I ever told you that Brian is my hero 🙂

Watching the beach around sunset from the boat we see monkeys every night!

I’ve just been getting things organized and back to making the boat feel like a home. I know, it doesn’t seem fair. But Brian is the brains behind the operation and my job is to make sure that he is successful at his. I do have an important job though…making sure that he has cold beer waiting for him when he is done.

Our first snorkel of the year, a shipwreck that lies just off of the beach at White House Bay.

We did take some time to have some fun too when we were in White House Bay once we knew that we were not going to sink. We enjoyed some snorkeling on an old shipwreck not too far from where we anchored and took some time out to enjoy a favorite watering hole.

Approaching one of our favorite “dives” as in “restaurant/dive bar” called Shipwreck.

Shipwreck Restaurant. Moon is anchored way off in the distance by the mountains.

Once we are sure that the ama repairs are good to go we plan on sailing to Antigua. Antigua has better marine stores and access to other materials that we might need and is a fun place to visit too. We have been throwing around some ideas where we will sail to after that but will let you know when we do. Dominica is off of the list but we’re hoping that they might be safer to visit when we sail back north. But we will see.

Our first sunset. Look to the left, high in the clouds and I see a heart!

We are tentatively planning to sail from Nevis where we are currently anchored to Antigua on Wed/Thur depending on weather. As always we will take lots of pic along the way. Hope that you are all doing good we sure miss you all!!

Jennifer and Brian SV/Moon

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