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Great Start To The Sailing Season!

Hello All! Happy to say that we are on the move once again and it feels great! Hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We were lucky enough to get invited to a friends house so Brian actually got to have some turkey! I had not planned a big dinner because Brian decided that the … Continue reading »

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Same Old, Same Old Thing

Last we left you we were scraping, sanding, sewing, scrubbing, painting, cooking and sweating. Well…you might not believe this but not much has changed. We are perpetually stuck in the same mode. There is a goal in sight though. Not sure who already knows but Rachel and her boyfriend Drew are coming to visit. We … Continue reading »

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The Rock of Byron

I’m sure that you have all heard of Plymouth Rock, the rock of Gibraltar or how about rock-n-roll? But,I’ll bet that you’ve never heard of Byron’s Rock! Rocks are an often-overlooked part of the landscape after all, they don’t move or blossom into pretty flowers. I’ve always got my eyes peeled at all mother nature … Continue reading »

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Scraping, Sanding, Sewing, Scrubbing, Painting, Cooking and Sweating!

Hello all. Sorry for the long delay in getting something posted. We recently switched our server and had some hiccups in getting our site up and running. Even our computer guru Brian was stumped with some of the back end stuff that he had to do to make everything work smoothly again. Looks like we … Continue reading »

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Sunshine Makes It All Happen!

Those of you who know us know that usually you will find us hiding from the sun as much as possible, but we make our boat do the exact opposite. We are all about solar energy. It is amazing what the sun can do! Because of the sun we can have power…lots of power especially … Continue reading »

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Work and Play, The Days Blend Together

Hello there again. Been meaning to get on here and write for a while but the days all seem to blend together with a mixture of work and play. Sometimes at the end of the day I wonder where the time went then I think of what we’ve done and it all makes sense. Brian … Continue reading »

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“Wherever A Beautiful Soul Has Been There Is A Trail Of Beautiful Memories.” Author Unknown

Three years ago today my Mom left this world. It was the hardest thing ever. A day does not go by that I do not think about her. I know that she would have it no other way than to remember all of the fun times that we had together. I wanted to share her … Continue reading »

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Tropical Storm Karen

Karen has come and gone and thankfully was not that big of a deal. We had winds of 35 and gusts up to around 50. There were winds and storms through out the day but the biggest part of the storm blew through around 1am Wednesday morning, not much sleep that night. Storms in my … Continue reading »

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Never Ending Storms, Work and Solar Oven Baked Bread!

Last we left Brian was working on binnacle repairs which I thought were close to being completed. Boy, was I wrong! Not to say that it took forever (I think that the entire project was completed in four days) but, I thought that once he shaped the base that it would be smooth sailing with … Continue reading »

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Getting Back Into the Swing Of Things

Slowly things are coming together for us after the excitement of Dorian passing through. We’ve had some very hot days with no wind and lots of biting bugs just to remind us that it is still summer in the tropics! As far as projects go we found that we had some rot at the base … Continue reading »

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