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Nassau, Continued…

Posted by on February 26, 2014

Hello all, sorry for keeping you in suspense for so long. We’ve been doing lots of exploring and unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it we have not had any internet or phone service where we’ve been. We have lots to share with you though. We’re currently in Staniel Cay. The internet is very, very….very, slow here but I’m gonna try to get as much posted as I can before we head out in a couple of days. I’ve tried all that I can to get the photos to upload but the connection is so bad that they will not…bummer… I’ll go ahead and at least let you know what we have been up to and save the pictures for another time. Hope you enjoy….

As promised our story on how we ended up in the back of a police car in Nassau. For those of you that have read our blog from our last journey where we spent some time in Jamaica you know from our stories that we wondered all over the place, took the city buses and even traveled all through out Kingston, JA where I think it is the #1 murder capital in the world…well, not sure if that is true but I thought that I heard that somewhere. (If I had internet right now I would check it out but we are currently in Shroud Cay with no phone or internet service) Anyhow we traveled everywhere with no worries.

Were we careful not to flaunt the money in our pockets and be smart tourists? Of course…no problems mon, just be smart right? So here we are the same smart tourists walking down a street in Nassau heading towards a store to pick up a couple of things for the boat and a car stops us in the street…the man says that he is a police chief and he is very concerned that we are walking around in his district. He’s worried that something might happen to us. He motioned for us to go over to the police station which just happened to be across the street. Good thing too, because how are we supposed to make sure he is who he says that he is? Remember us… trying to be being smart tourist.

We head over to the station where he explains to us that he feels that we should not be in this part of town and that it is not safe for us. He insisted that one of his deputy’s escort us to the stores that we wanted to visit and then bring us back to our marina. He did not want things to go bad for us on his watch! So there it goes we got a police escort around where we needed to go and I had my first ride in the back of a police car…a bit claustrophobic but thankfully it did not include handcuffs! Oh yea, did mention that Brian called shotgun so that he would not have to ride in the backseat, nice guy huh? The officer that drove us around was very nice and patient while we shopped for the things that we needed. It was a nice treat to get to ride in a car too I guess, it’s been a while.

We stayed a few more days in Nassau before heading out to one of our favorite Cays, Norman’s. On the day before we left Nassau the winds picked up and we had a boat anchor right on top of us in the harbor. Not a good feeling to have someone right there when it’s windy so we decided to move our boat over to Ft. Montague where no one else was anchored. It’s a pretty shallow anchorage but once again we lucked out because we don’t draw much water. It was a great day and we were just in time to watch a local sailing regatta.

Brian was especially entertained seeing the local boats race. We had a great spot, right where their starting line was…pretty cool day.

We’ve made our way through some of the Exuma Islands so far and have lots to share but we’re thinking that our next post will have to be in Georgetown in a week or two…be ready to read a lot though because we’ve written a bunch and taken lots of photos.  Thanks for your patience 🙂

Until next time, take care all –

Jennifer and Brian

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