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Our Boat



Our boat Moon is a 37′ Jim Brown Searunner Trimaran. She has a 22′ beam, center cockpit, wheel steering, & bunks for 6-8 or more. She is a cutter rig with a 47′ mast. The hull is composite fiberglass over plywood. She was built in 1971 as “Strider”. Somewhere along the line her name was changed to “Exodus”. She was once owned by Brian Friedman who chartered her out of the British Virgin Islands. We (Brian and Jennifer) purchased Moon in March of 2010 from her previous owners (Don & Ellen Jamison) who in January 2005 had renamed her Moon.

You can learn more about Searunners and their history by visiting this site:

and for specs check out this link too…


6 Responses to Our Boat

  1. Charlotte Westcott

    I love reading about your family adventure :0) Your
    family is so lucky to have the chance to do what yall are doing. Miss you in PCB but understand you are a pirate at heart and must sail the seven seas LOL Hope to see you soon, Safe travels home :0)

  2. bob petersen

    Hi Brian and Jennifer,’

    am on St. Kitts this week working. Let me know if I can check on your boat, and which boat yard it is in. Going back to St, Thomas on Oct. 30. Our 37 ft searunner trimaran, Ninsar was driven ashore on Honeymoon Bay on Water island in Irma and had port ama amputated. Maria finished her off by taking off starboard ama and aft half of main hull, boat is a total loss. Sally is in States and I am here picking up pieces.

    All the best,
    Bob Petersen

    • admin

      Hi Bob great to hear from you! We are in St. Kitts currently too. Moon is at St Kitts Marine Works on the hard. So sorry to hear about your Ninsar these storms were so terrible. We will be at the boat yard all day tomorrow just look for the only searunner if you come this way. We staying at the green house right next to the yard. We would love to see you. Brian and Jennifer

  3. Dennis

    Send some jewlery our way and we will sell it on ebay
    We could give the money to Rachel to send to you.

    I am re opening my ebay store as we do every fall.

    • admin

      Good idea, hoping to someday make my own…Rachel has the tools now too so I just need to send her the treasures I find.

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