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Culebra, Puerto Rico, April 2020 Still Under Quarantine

Posted by on April 20, 2020

Hello out there. We are still here in Culebra. No surprise…right? What a crazy world that we are all living in right now. Not sure about all of you but we have been under quarantine since Sunday March 8th. At first it was like OK, no problem, we can handle this. We are used to being on the boat and provisioning for periods of time without going ashore and it should be a breeze for us to tuck away for a couple of weeks. Then a couple of weeks turned into a month and now it seems that there is no end in sight. It’s all quite depressing really. Usually by now we’ve put the boat away for the summer, have made it back to the states, gotten to see our families and are back to work. None of this is true for us this year. Here we still sit in our own little isolation looking forward to the times when we are allowed to get off of the boat and go to shore where we hope that we will run into some off our friends while we are on our way to the post office or grocery store. If we see someone that we know we still have to keep it short though because sure enough the police will come along wanting to know why you are in the streets and tell you to get on with your business. Unlike Brian, I admit that I am not the most social person around but I sure do miss hanging out with the gang as much as anyone else now!

Our neighborhood. We are off on the left side of pic can you spot us?
Riding the dinghy into the bay and to town.
Entertainment for the afternoon…watching the stingrays hunt for food by the boat.
A manatee swam buy us!
Looking towards the sea from our mooring.
Sunset in the harbor.

We’ve been making do as all of you I’m sure by tying to fill the time with anything and everything. We don’t have TV (which might be a blessing), but I think that I have read the entire internet and had enough of surfing it anymore. We’ve tackled a few projects around the boat but for some reason are not feeling really inspired to take on any big ones. Brian has been sewing some for fellow boaters making main sail covers and roller furling covers and the like. He has been doing an amazing job and I have pictures that I will have to share with you next time.

Making repairs to the bottom of dinghy.
Repairing a worn spot on back deck where we pull the dinghy up.
Can’t go to town to wash laundry so here we are washing laundry in buckets! Soooo happy that we have a water maker!
Can’t go to town to buy ice…no problem…we will make our own!

I’m always getting asked what do you guys eat on the boat? So I’ve decided to share some of our yummy meals with you. I’ve been cooking up a storm with our solar oven and experimenting with new dishes with my time. As you see, we eat very well!

Nachos hot out of the solar oven.
When the winds are strong we put the solar oven in the cockpit to keep the reflectors from being pushed around too much. This cuts down the amount of time that we can use the oven because it does not get as much sun through out the day but at least we can use it when it is windy and while the sun is at its highest point.
First attempt making cookies in solar oven. In the background you can also see that it is laundry day with our clothes hanging on the lifelines to dry.
First cookies baked in solar oven. Thumbprints made in honor of my Mom.
Banana, coconut, rum and walnut cake hot out of solar oven…yum!
Butter rum bananas on cake! Oh yea! Made a big fire when I added the rum too…I knew that it would “flame up” but wasn’t expecting it and added too much rum and up the flames went up big time…good thing I had a pan lid close by to put it out!
Mini quiches baking.
Mini quiches, broccoli and roasted potatoes all cooked in solar oven.
Eggplant Parmigiana
Veggie wraps, broccoli and baked pots.
Stove corn!
Nothing goes to waste now…growing some greens!
Veggie burgers topped with salsa sour cream, baked pots and homemade mac-n-cheese all cooked in the solar oven!
Bean and veggie enchiladas baked in solar oven.
My favorite…Pizza!!!
Oh my…what happened here???
Beet salad is what happened! Yum!
Upside down banana rum cake in progress!
Wheat bread
Veggie burger and hummus wraps.
Pinto beans cooked in solar oven for “re-fried beans” for tostadas.
Tostada Tuesday!

Before all of this craziness we did have a chance to visit one of our favorite beaches here in Culebra. It’s close to Soldier’s Point for those of you who know the area and it’s great for beach combing. It also leads to a beautiful tide pool that we’ve written about before.

Sea glass beach

Hope that you enjoy our latest and I did not overwhelm you or make you too hungry with all of the food pics! Our quarantine is supposed to end on May 3rd but not sure how hopeful we are on that. We have decided that the time has come and we need to make some decisions though. How to get home is the main one. Do we tuck the boat away and fly home? Do we really want to brave the airports with all of this mess going on? Will we be able to fly back to our boat easily if we leave her behind? Or do we set sail to get back? Either way it is a big decision. Not sure what it is like there in the states but out here the world is not the same as it once was and people are scared and weary of others. Things that used to be simple are not not anymore and that takes a pause of thought for us.

I’m waiting in line at one of the local grocery stores…this was a few weeks ago before they made you wash your hands to enter and before the lines got really long!

Anyhow, we will leave on a bit of a positive note. The Lyrid meteor shower peaks on April 21-22 and we are really looking forward to seeing it. It is supposed to have up to 18 meteors per hour! It is named after constellation Lyra, and is one of the oldest recorded meteor showers. According to some historical Chinese texts, the shower was seen over 2,500 years ago. The fireballs in the meteor shower are created by debris from the comet Thatcher, which takes about 415 years to orbit around the Sun and it is not expected to be visible from Earth again until 2276. So you know where our heads will be for the next few nights…facing the north-west night sky and hopefully the show will be amazing!

Take care until next time all.

Jennifer and Brian


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