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The End Of A Chapter

Posted by on September 18, 2020

Well, it sure has been a while since we’ve made a post…. since the month of May to be exact!

Lots of changes here since we last posted.

After being on lock down because of the virus in Culebra for over three months we left Moon in May and headed home to PCB to work for the summer. This COVID stuff going on really changed our plans though. Normally we go home to work for the summer season and return to wherever Moon is in the Caribbean to sail for the winter season. This will no longer the norm for us, at least not in the foreseeable future. Long story short we sold our beloved Moon.

But noooo, why would you do that, you ask????

The reasons are many and few at the same time. For the most part it’s this COVID crap.

Don’t even get us started on how we really feel about it. Sailing from port to port is not as simple as it once was and it may never be again. One of our favorite things about sailing is the feeling of freedom that it offers, the ability to meet new people and explore new lands. Of course there has always been rules to adhere to when visiting other countries but now its not as simple as that. This freedom is no longer there as it always has been, everything has changed and people are scared.

Culebra, the island where our boat is was not a good choice to be in a global wide pandemic. Well, unless you like to live under government rule with a curfew that as of my writing this is still in effect. The residents there are not playing around when it comes to their island being safe. I get it. There is not a real hospital, just a clinic and there are lots of elderly that live on the island as well. We knew that once we left Moon to come back to the states to work that it might be impossible for us to get back to her because of lock downs and quarantines. Anyhow, we could go into full detail to tell you what we think of this whole situation but we will spare you that rant. So because of this and with a heavy heart, we decided to sell Moon.

The good news is that she went to an amazing guy, our friend John Patterson who we knew would love and take care of her as well or better than we had. John had lived in Culebra and in the Caribbean for many years aboard his own trimaran, one of many boats that he’s built. Knowing that he was already familiar of what life was like on a trimaran we knew that they would be a good match for each other. Any boat owner can tell you how important it is when selling your boat to find the right buyer when you love a boat as much as we loved Moon. We were fortunate to find that in John, Moon will love him as much as she loved us!

Oh now what about us. We did our usual. Worked our buts off for the summer. Me taking tourist out to see the famous dolphins of PCB and then for some snorkeling. Brian had his mostly usual summer. He helped to take care of the marina and all of its boats with the exception that the owner bought a new personal boat this summer that Brian was also in charge of. To say that the boat was fast would be an understatement…to give you an idea it has 4, 400 horsepower engines on it! Much different than the speed that we were used to sailing at! Maybe we will share more about this adventure in a future post. We drove it down the gulf from PCB to Key West and spent a week down there running it. That was an experience to remember!

For now we are hunkering down in Cape Coral for a while. Hanging out with Brian’s mom and visiting with my dad. It’s nice to be around family. Looks like we will be here for a while at least until spring or so. Who knows what the future will bring. One thing you learn as a sailor is to work with whatever comes along in life. We are on a canal here and Brian already has his eyes on a sailboat or two so that we have something to play with while we are here. Like that’s a surprise to those of you that know him!

Anyhow, take care everyone and thanks to all of you that followed our adventures on Moon. Because we shared our stories with you we have lots of memories that might have otherwise gotten lost in the nature of time. I know that we have more adventures in store for us. How, when, what or where will they be next is the question.

Jennifer and Brian

Formally 🙁 SV/ Moon

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