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Culebra, Puerto Rico, May 2020 Yes, We Are Still Under Quarantine!

Posted by on May 3, 2020

Another sunny day here in Culebra, PR. Still under quarantine but good news is that we will be able to exercise (walk, run ect. outdoors while distancing) starting on Monday May 4th between 5am and 3pm, so I guess that is something.

Here are some photos taken from around Culebra….looks almost like a ghost town!

Exciting day….taking the dinghy to town!
Empty streets!
How does Culebra feel about 5G? You can read for yourself! These signs are posted through out town.
Waited in line for a government handout…haven’t been able to buy these items here for months and we did not have any. Masks are required to be worn in all public places even if you are just walking on the streets in town. The hand sanitizer and alcohol are good to have too just in case!
One of the two grocery stores that we visit. Mayra’s.
This is a main intersection for Culebra. Empty streets everywhere!
This is where the “Yacht Club” used to be. It was a hangout spot until the lock down. The police made us remove all chairs, tables and any sign of it….bummer! If you look through past posts you will see some of the fun that we’ve had here.
Normally the cars are lined up along this road in front of Milka’s parked to buy groceries. Now this guy is taking advantage of having it all to himself.
Waiting in line at Milka’s. One of the two grocery stores that we visit. Once it is your turn you have to wash your hands in a sink that they built before you can enter the store and masks are required.
Normally the town’s kids and sometimes even adults would be swinging from this rope into the water below to cool off but the water is off limits to everyone right now..
Exactly what is this guy trying to tell us????
Town dock where we pull up our dinghy.
Shhh…don’t tell, some illegal activity going on here…chatting with a few friends under the shade at the town dock.
This is Sancho…sweet dog living the good life here in Culebra.
Usually we see kids climbing this ladder to jump off of the roof here at the town dock. Miss seeing and hearing them having fun here during the lock down.

 Meanwhile I’ve still been baking up a storm here with my trusty solar oven. Since I’ve last posted I baked my first chocolate cake from scratch. I didn’t have any eggs and experimented a bit, but it turned out pretty good. I think that I should have used more sugar and it would have been better if it had frosting but maybe next time. We also celebrated a birthday onboard and the birthday boy wanted pineapple upside down cake. I used a cake mix from a box and added pineapple. It turned out very tasty! Currently I have french bread in the oven to go with eggplant parmesan we are having for dinner. On half of it I sprinkled everything bagel seasoning…yum! It’s still been pretty windy and I’ve had to become creative to keep the oven and it’s reflective panels from blowing away!

Ratatouille about to go into the solar oven.
Upside down peach cake. Baked in solar oven….was yummy!
Making french bread.
Windy today…Because it so heavy I used my sea glass and beach treasures collection to help keep the oven from blowing away!
French bread baking away. Half with everything bagel seasoning…so good!
Eggplant parm about to be baked with sauce and cheese in solar oven.
Vegan chocolate cake made with no eggs! Turned out pretty good but should have made some frosting or something to make it a bit sweeter.
Pineapple upside down cake for the birthday boy!

Other than me fattening us up with all of my baking, things are pretty much the same. Brian is still working on sewing projects for fellow sailors here in Culebra. Word is out and seems there is always something that needs to be sewn somewhere. This is a good thing for us because it gives us some extra dough for the cruising kitty.

We will be making some big decisions here in the next week. It is past time for us to be home and back at work. Even though it seems as everything here is pretty much closed for the foreseeable future, back at home in PCB things are opening up. Not sure if we want to leave the boat behind in the Caribbean this year. Too many questions on how we can or if we can get back to it without jumping through multiple hoops. Who knows what is in the future for cruising boats in the Caribbean. We are considering sailing the 1000 + miles home here soon. Brian is looking forward to it, me not so much. But, we will do what we have to do and I get that.

Brian strapping in to climb the mast install a new antenna.
Waterspout forming in the distance.

Anyhow decisions will be made soon and we will share with you when we know what we’ve got planned. Until then take care all. Stay safe and smart with the cooties floating around out there!

Jennifer and Brian

One Response to Culebra, Puerto Rico, May 2020 Yes, We Are Still Under Quarantine!

  1. Claudia J Robinson

    Hope all is well. Did you decide to sail home? Were you able to get back home yet?

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