Merry Christmas!

Christmas Florida style. We hope everyone’s Christmas is as beautiful as this beach and that you find as many treasures in your worlds as we have!

Merry Christmas friends!

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The End Of A Chapter

Well, it sure has been a while since we’ve made a post…. since the month of May to be exact!

Lots of changes here since we last posted.

After being on lock down because of the virus in Culebra for over three months we left Moon in May and headed home to PCB to work for the summer. This COVID stuff going on really changed our plans though. Normally we go home to work for the summer season and return to wherever Moon is in the Caribbean to sail for the winter season. This will no longer the norm for us, at least not in the foreseeable future. Long story short we sold our beloved Moon.

But noooo, why would you do that, you ask????

The reasons are many and few at the same time. For the most part it’s this COVID crap.

Don’t even get us started on how we really feel about it. Sailing from port to port is not as simple as it once was and it may never be again. One of our favorite things about sailing is the feeling of freedom that it offers, the ability to meet new people and explore new lands. Of course there has always been rules to adhere to when visiting other countries but now its not as simple as that. This freedom is no longer there as it always has been, everything has changed and people are scared.

Culebra, the island where our boat is was not a good choice to be in a global wide pandemic. Well, unless you like to live under government rule with a curfew that as of my writing this is still in effect. The residents there are not playing around when it comes to their island being safe. I get it. There is not a real hospital, just a clinic and there are lots of elderly that live on the island as well. We knew that once we left Moon to come back to the states to work that it might be impossible for us to get back to her because of lock downs and quarantines. Anyhow, we could go into full detail to tell you what we think of this whole situation but we will spare you that rant. So because of this and with a heavy heart, we decided to sell Moon.

The good news is that she went to an amazing guy, our friend John Patterson who we knew would love and take care of her as well or better than we had. John had lived in Culebra and in the Caribbean for many years aboard his own trimaran, one of many boats that he’s built. Knowing that he was already familiar of what life was like on a trimaran we knew that they would be a good match for each other. Any boat owner can tell you how important it is when selling your boat to find the right buyer when you love a boat as much as we loved Moon. We were fortunate to find that in John, Moon will love him as much as she loved us!

Oh now what about us. We did our usual. Worked our buts off for the summer. Me taking tourist out to see the famous dolphins of PCB and then for some snorkeling. Brian had his mostly usual summer. He helped to take care of the marina and all of its boats with the exception that the owner bought a new personal boat this summer that Brian was also in charge of. To say that the boat was fast would be an understatement…to give you an idea it has 4, 400 horsepower engines on it! Much different than the speed that we were used to sailing at! Maybe we will share more about this adventure in a future post. We drove it down the gulf from PCB to Key West and spent a week down there running it. That was an experience to remember!

For now we are hunkering down in Cape Coral for a while. Hanging out with Brian’s mom and visiting with my dad. It’s nice to be around family. Looks like we will be here for a while at least until spring or so. Who knows what the future will bring. One thing you learn as a sailor is to work with whatever comes along in life. We are on a canal here and Brian already has his eyes on a sailboat or two so that we have something to play with while we are here. Like that’s a surprise to those of you that know him!

Anyhow, take care everyone and thanks to all of you that followed our adventures on Moon. Because we shared our stories with you we have lots of memories that might have otherwise gotten lost in the nature of time. I know that we have more adventures in store for us. How, when, what or where will they be next is the question.

Jennifer and Brian

Formally 🙁 SV/ Moon

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Culebra, Puerto Rico, May 2020 Yes, We Are Still Under Quarantine!

Another sunny day here in Culebra, PR. Still under quarantine but good news is that we will be able to exercise (walk, run ect. outdoors while distancing) starting on Monday May 4th between 5am and 3pm, so I guess that is something.

Here are some photos taken from around Culebra….looks almost like a ghost town!

Exciting day….taking the dinghy to town!
Empty streets!
How does Culebra feel about 5G? You can read for yourself! These signs are posted through out town.
Waited in line for a government handout…haven’t been able to buy these items here for months and we did not have any. Masks are required to be worn in all public places even if you are just walking on the streets in town. The hand sanitizer and alcohol are good to have too just in case!
One of the two grocery stores that we visit. Mayra’s.
This is a main intersection for Culebra. Empty streets everywhere!
This is where the “Yacht Club” used to be. It was a hangout spot until the lock down. The police made us remove all chairs, tables and any sign of it….bummer! If you look through past posts you will see some of the fun that we’ve had here.
Normally the cars are lined up along this road in front of Milka’s parked to buy groceries. Now this guy is taking advantage of having it all to himself.
Waiting in line at Milka’s. One of the two grocery stores that we visit. Once it is your turn you have to wash your hands in a sink that they built before you can enter the store and masks are required.
Normally the town’s kids and sometimes even adults would be swinging from this rope into the water below to cool off but the water is off limits to everyone right now..
Exactly what is this guy trying to tell us????
Town dock where we pull up our dinghy.
Shhh…don’t tell, some illegal activity going on here…chatting with a few friends under the shade at the town dock.
This is Sancho…sweet dog living the good life here in Culebra.
Usually we see kids climbing this ladder to jump off of the roof here at the town dock. Miss seeing and hearing them having fun here during the lock down.

 Meanwhile I’ve still been baking up a storm here with my trusty solar oven. Since I’ve last posted I baked my first chocolate cake from scratch. I didn’t have any eggs and experimented a bit, but it turned out pretty good. I think that I should have used more sugar and it would have been better if it had frosting but maybe next time. We also celebrated a birthday onboard and the birthday boy wanted pineapple upside down cake. I used a cake mix from a box and added pineapple. It turned out very tasty! Currently I have french bread in the oven to go with eggplant parmesan we are having for dinner. On half of it I sprinkled everything bagel seasoning…yum! It’s still been pretty windy and I’ve had to become creative to keep the oven and it’s reflective panels from blowing away!

Ratatouille about to go into the solar oven.
Upside down peach cake. Baked in solar oven….was yummy!
Making french bread.
Windy today…Because it so heavy I used my sea glass and beach treasures collection to help keep the oven from blowing away!
French bread baking away. Half with everything bagel seasoning…so good!
Eggplant parm about to be baked with sauce and cheese in solar oven.
Vegan chocolate cake made with no eggs! Turned out pretty good but should have made some frosting or something to make it a bit sweeter.
Pineapple upside down cake for the birthday boy!

Other than me fattening us up with all of my baking, things are pretty much the same. Brian is still working on sewing projects for fellow sailors here in Culebra. Word is out and seems there is always something that needs to be sewn somewhere. This is a good thing for us because it gives us some extra dough for the cruising kitty.

We will be making some big decisions here in the next week. It is past time for us to be home and back at work. Even though it seems as everything here is pretty much closed for the foreseeable future, back at home in PCB things are opening up. Not sure if we want to leave the boat behind in the Caribbean this year. Too many questions on how we can or if we can get back to it without jumping through multiple hoops. Who knows what is in the future for cruising boats in the Caribbean. We are considering sailing the 1000 + miles home here soon. Brian is looking forward to it, me not so much. But, we will do what we have to do and I get that.

Brian strapping in to climb the mast install a new antenna.
Waterspout forming in the distance.

Anyhow decisions will be made soon and we will share with you when we know what we’ve got planned. Until then take care all. Stay safe and smart with the cooties floating around out there!

Jennifer and Brian

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Culebra, Puerto Rico, April 2020 Still Under Quarantine

Hello out there. We are still here in Culebra. No surprise…right? What a crazy world that we are all living in right now. Not sure about all of you but we have been under quarantine since Sunday March 8th. At first it was like OK, no problem, we can handle this. We are used to being on the boat and provisioning for periods of time without going ashore and it should be a breeze for us to tuck away for a couple of weeks. Then a couple of weeks turned into a month and now it seems that there is no end in sight. It’s all quite depressing really. Usually by now we’ve put the boat away for the summer, have made it back to the states, gotten to see our families and are back to work. None of this is true for us this year. Here we still sit in our own little isolation looking forward to the times when we are allowed to get off of the boat and go to shore where we hope that we will run into some off our friends while we are on our way to the post office or grocery store. If we see someone that we know we still have to keep it short though because sure enough the police will come along wanting to know why you are in the streets and tell you to get on with your business. Unlike Brian, I admit that I am not the most social person around but I sure do miss hanging out with the gang as much as anyone else now!

Our neighborhood. We are off on the left side of pic can you spot us?
Riding the dinghy into the bay and to town.
Entertainment for the afternoon…watching the stingrays hunt for food by the boat.
A manatee swam buy us!
Looking towards the sea from our mooring.
Sunset in the harbor.

We’ve been making do as all of you I’m sure by tying to fill the time with anything and everything. We don’t have TV (which might be a blessing), but I think that I have read the entire internet and had enough of surfing it anymore. We’ve tackled a few projects around the boat but for some reason are not feeling really inspired to take on any big ones. Brian has been sewing some for fellow boaters making main sail covers and roller furling covers and the like. He has been doing an amazing job and I have pictures that I will have to share with you next time.

Making repairs to the bottom of dinghy.
Repairing a worn spot on back deck where we pull the dinghy up.
Can’t go to town to wash laundry so here we are washing laundry in buckets! Soooo happy that we have a water maker!
Can’t go to town to buy ice…no problem…we will make our own!

I’m always getting asked what do you guys eat on the boat? So I’ve decided to share some of our yummy meals with you. I’ve been cooking up a storm with our solar oven and experimenting with new dishes with my time. As you see, we eat very well!

Nachos hot out of the solar oven.
When the winds are strong we put the solar oven in the cockpit to keep the reflectors from being pushed around too much. This cuts down the amount of time that we can use the oven because it does not get as much sun through out the day but at least we can use it when it is windy and while the sun is at its highest point.
First attempt making cookies in solar oven. In the background you can also see that it is laundry day with our clothes hanging on the lifelines to dry.
First cookies baked in solar oven. Thumbprints made in honor of my Mom.
Banana, coconut, rum and walnut cake hot out of solar oven…yum!
Butter rum bananas on cake! Oh yea! Made a big fire when I added the rum too…I knew that it would “flame up” but wasn’t expecting it and added too much rum and up the flames went up big time…good thing I had a pan lid close by to put it out!
Mini quiches baking.
Mini quiches, broccoli and roasted potatoes all cooked in solar oven.
Eggplant Parmigiana
Veggie wraps, broccoli and baked pots.
Stove corn!
Nothing goes to waste now…growing some greens!
Veggie burgers topped with salsa sour cream, baked pots and homemade mac-n-cheese all cooked in the solar oven!
Bean and veggie enchiladas baked in solar oven.
My favorite…Pizza!!!
Oh my…what happened here???
Beet salad is what happened! Yum!
Upside down banana rum cake in progress!
Wheat bread
Veggie burger and hummus wraps.
Pinto beans cooked in solar oven for “re-fried beans” for tostadas.
Tostada Tuesday!

Before all of this craziness we did have a chance to visit one of our favorite beaches here in Culebra. It’s close to Soldier’s Point for those of you who know the area and it’s great for beach combing. It also leads to a beautiful tide pool that we’ve written about before.

Sea glass beach

Hope that you enjoy our latest and I did not overwhelm you or make you too hungry with all of the food pics! Our quarantine is supposed to end on May 3rd but not sure how hopeful we are on that. We have decided that the time has come and we need to make some decisions though. How to get home is the main one. Do we tuck the boat away and fly home? Do we really want to brave the airports with all of this mess going on? Will we be able to fly back to our boat easily if we leave her behind? Or do we set sail to get back? Either way it is a big decision. Not sure what it is like there in the states but out here the world is not the same as it once was and people are scared and weary of others. Things that used to be simple are not not anymore and that takes a pause of thought for us.

I’m waiting in line at one of the local grocery stores…this was a few weeks ago before they made you wash your hands to enter and before the lines got really long!

Anyhow, we will leave on a bit of a positive note. The Lyrid meteor shower peaks on April 21-22 and we are really looking forward to seeing it. It is supposed to have up to 18 meteors per hour! It is named after constellation Lyra, and is one of the oldest recorded meteor showers. According to some historical Chinese texts, the shower was seen over 2,500 years ago. The fireballs in the meteor shower are created by debris from the comet Thatcher, which takes about 415 years to orbit around the Sun and it is not expected to be visible from Earth again until 2276. So you know where our heads will be for the next few nights…facing the north-west night sky and hopefully the show will be amazing!

Take care until next time all.

Jennifer and Brian


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Happy Easter!

Spring makes everything new. Easter is about love, hope, and happiness. May you have plenty of each. Outside, the flowers are blooming, the birds are singing, the world is full of happiness. We hope your Easter is as beautiful as the flowers in bloom and we wish you all the blessings of Easter.

Jennifer and Brian

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Quarantine Day 14

We are still in Culebra, Puerto Rico. We just found out that our quarantine was extended until April 12th and got a little stricter on the rules. The new rules begin on March 31 and run through April 12, the curfew will be broadened from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. and all grocery stores will be shut on Sundays. In addition, there will be restrictions on what days of the week cars can circulate, depending on their license plate. All beaches, public parks and all nonessential businesses continue to be closed and we are ordered to stay home or in our case on the boat. I know that we are in paradise but it is no fun being here and not being able to enjoy it! We are lucky we have plenty of food and fuel, of course we have our solar oven too and as long as we have sun we can cook to our hearts content. Hopefully this will all be over soon!

I guess there could be worse places to have to quarantine! Stay safe everyone!

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Cayo Luis Peña, Puerto Rico…March Fun 2020

Hello all. It seems that the whole world has changed since we last posted. As of now we are still in Culebra, Puerto Rico, quarantined on Moon. Not a bad place to be we suppose. It has been rainy and windy this week. It is however still as beautiful here as usual. We are pretty sure that we have all of the necessities we need. For us it is just like provisioning for a long passage so it was not hard to plan and supply. We’ve been lucky the stores have been pretty well stocked. No toilet paper shortages here 🙂 Our island as all of Puerto Rico is under restrictions and nightly curfew. Like lots of other beach towns we can’t go to the beach either! Seems that most people are adhering to the new rules. We are anchored on the edge of town, at dakity reef. There are a few other boats out here with us. A couple of regulars and a couple of new boats. Everyone has to hunker down and wait it out because it seems most ports are closed to new arrivals. Some of the nearby islands have even made cruisers leave their ports! Listening to the news it seems that more cities around the states are moving to implement these same restrictions too, so soon we will all be as some say “In the same boat”.

Taken from the deck of Moon looking down…the calm before the storm and the water is flat and clear!
Mr. Ray and his fish clan seen from the topside of Moon.
Sea slug
Storm approaching us, Dakity Reef, Culebra
Or friend John caught a fish!
We went to get on the dinghy at the dock and saw this guy cooling off.

As most of you know I recently had a birthday. We were looking to find something new that we had not done before so, we sailed Moon to a nearby island for some fun. Little did we know at the time that this would be our last adventure for a while.

Approaching Soldado (Soldier’s Point), Culebra on our way to Cayo Luis Peña.
Soldado Beach, Culebra
Approaching beautiful Cayo Luis Peña.

We decided to sail over to Cayo Luis Peña for the day. Luis Peña is a small, uninhabited island off the west coast of Culebra under the protection of the U.S. fish & Wildlife. It is only accessible by boat. The few people that come here usually come to snorkel and enjoy the small beaches. We had heard from a friend that there was a old road that we could hike to the top with amazing views and some old ruins from when the military had control of the island. We thought that this would be something cool to check out. We left dakity reef and because it was such a short distance we decided to motor sail over to the island. We picked up one of the two mooring balls in the harbor when we arrived, kayaked to shore and set off to find the trail. I have to admit that at first I was not really enthusiastic about the idea of a hike in the middle of the day. It was hot and I really thought that we were going to snorkel and enjoy the waters and then hike later in the afternoon or early the next morning. The anchorage was a bit rolly that day though so we decided to go ahead and hike up and then spend the night somewhere else.

Old boat ramp on the windward beach on the west side of Cayo Luis Peña. Culebra is in the background.

We’ve been to Luis Peña before but only to enjoy the beaches and snorkel. The small beach on the north side of the island has an amazing underwater elk-horn coral forest. This time however we wanted to find the trail that we had heard about and make our way to the top. We started by walking across the skinny peninsula from where we were moored to the opposite beach where we could see Culebra just across the channel. From there we started to look for the trail we heard was just over a small hill that would lead us to the old road. We hunted around and found what looked like a trail and gave it a try. It was less of a trail and more a goat-cleared path. There are wild goats on the island. Luck would have it and we found the old military road that would take us to the top.

After a scrambling up a embankment we find the clearing to the old road that will lead us to the top.
Tree roots taking over the old road.

It was a pretty easy hike, mostly shaded and the grade was an easy one. For the most part we could see and follow the old military road. On some parts trees and mother nature had completely taken over. We carefully pushed through thorned bushes and cactus. Lots of pretty flowers and mushrooms along the path to admire along the way and we even came across a snake catching some of the suns rays.

LOTS of thorns and cacti along the trail!
Huge mushroom on the trail!
Pretty views along the trail as we hike to the top.
On top of Cayo Luis Peña, far off in the distance you can see St. Croix!

Once we reached the top we were rewarded with the largest gun turret/helicopter pad that we have ever seen. It is crazy if you think of the military action that has happened on this island. Cayo Luis Peña was one of the areas that the Marine Corps used during the various training exercises from the 1920s through the late 1940s for munitions firing. Marine units stationed on Culebra fired artillery onto the northern areas. They also used the entire area for aerial bombing and gunnery practice. One historical document indicated that the Marines had also dropped napalm onto Luis Pena. Additionally the island is located in the immediate vicinity of the Northwest Peninsula that served as the main military bombardment and impact area. We had to be careful as we explored because unexploded ordnance items have still been found on the island to this day! As we explored the grounds and ruins left behind it was amazing to think that all of it’s history was not all that long ago.

We finally reach the top and this is what we see first. Abandoned gun turret/ helicopter landing.
Exploring the military ruins on top of Cayo Luis Peña.
More pipes going underground on the left and a steel container of some sort below.

After taking in all off the views and wonders we made our way back down the path and paddled back to Moon. We dropped the mooring ball and headed to melones beach just off of Culebra to spend the night in a more comfortable anchorage. As we were motoring away from Luis Peña our engine started overheating and shut down…oh no! Quickly Brian hoisted our jib and main sail and we sailed into the winds towards melones where were planned on anchoring. Thankfully after a few tacks we made it in just as the sun was setting. The next day Brian discovered that the boats impeller, part of the water pump for the engine had lost several veins and it had to be replaced. Luckily we had a spare and Brian was able to make the repairs at anchor. I’ve said it before and I will say it again…My Hero!

Someone left their mark on Cayo Luis Peña. Any military folks out there know what this might stand for? This was about when the military presence left the island.
Defense Mapping Survey Marker.

Brian says that he thinks that Cayo Luis Peña is haunted because every time that we visit there or near there something happens. Once we were anchored on the north side on a beautiful, sunny peaceful day and a big storm came out of nowhere and reigned havoc on us causing us to have to leave abruptly and break one of our almost indestructible 8 ft oars and other times we have sailed around the island the winds would either come on full blast out of nowhere or die down to a complete calm. And now with our water pump going bad as we were leaving the harbor….just saying something is not right there and you can’t convince Brian otherwise!

Flamenco Beach, Culebra
Patty and Brian are waiting in line at Tienda #6, it is the all around favorite for food at flamenco beach!
Sweet kitty at Flamenco Beach, Culebra. Melted our heart and wished that we could have taken her home. Had to settle to sharing our fish instead.

We were also fortunate enough to visit beautiful flamenco beach with our friends Patty and Les for a day of fun in the sun before all of this mess going on. Not only was it a birthday celebration for me it was one for Patty as well. Pisces Girls Rule!

Brian meanwhile has also been working a some sewing projects.

More sewing projects for Brian. I did not get any before pics but here is the final product after he replaced the Eisenglass for a boats side panel.
Side panel being fitted after being sewn.
More chores for Brian. Up the mast to install a new secret weapon on Moon.

Well, like we said in the beginning of this post seems as if everything has changed now. It’s hard to believe that we have to hunker down where we are. There is so much to explore here and it is hard to sit still. I know that we are blessed though. At least we are in a beautiful spot. As of now we can jump off of the boat and swim in the sea that surrounds us, see the sun rise and enjoy the sea life swimming around our floating home. Guess we can’t complain too much. Take care all for now, stay safe and by all means…wash your hands after reading this post, who knows where it has been!!

Moon anchored by Hector the Protector in Culebra.

Jennifer and Brian


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Progress Of Our Quarantine

Hello all. Just wanted to let you know that Brian and I have decided in the light of everything that is going on to quarantine ourselves on our boat for two weeks. This should be sufficient time for most of the yuckies to make its way though this area.

It’s been a week so far and we thought that we would share with you our progress…

Our quarantine site at Dakity Reef

Day One – Brian installs new y-valve for water maker. I surf fb for latest news. We drink a six pack of beer, eat a small meal and are mindful of the amount of tp we use.

Day Two – Brian fiber glasses and paints bottom of dinghy. I surf fb for latest panic news. We drink three six packs of beer, have a good sized dinner, eat all of our potato chips and are not as cautious of the amount of tp we use.

Day Three – Brian completes some small repairs around the boat. I surf fb again for the latest numbers and for what is selling off of the shelf. We use around a half of a roll of tp and start to eat all of our other snack supplies including drinking a whole case of beer.

Day Four – I am still surfing fb for the real news. After scrolling for hours we come to the conclusion that if the end of the world is coming we should no longer ration our tp supplies and should drink the rest of our beer and start on our supply of rum!

Day Five – We wake up in a cloudy haze. I no longer consult fb. We do however decide once again that if the world is ending we should finish our rum and pantry rations. After all in these apocalyptic times we wouldn’t want to have someone board the boat and take them from us!

Day Six – We roll over in the morning wondering what truck came through the bunk and ran us over. We stumble to the galley only to find that our supplies are somehow running low. I once again consult fb for the latest news, after all it is the most reliable. It shows zombies in the streets and mothers stealing milk out of the mouths of babes. We breath a sigh of relief, all is normal!

Day Seven – We come to the realization that our two weeks worth or rations barely made it 6 days for some reason. We decide that we have to brave the world and make a trip to town. We gear up in our masks, gloves and bodysuits and off we go…wish us luck and stay tuned for updates… 🙂

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Culebra, Puerto Rico… February Fun 2020

Hi there. Been awhile since we’ve made a post. We could make the excuse that we have been snowed or iced in and unable to leave the boat, but you all know that is not true! Yes, it has been beautiful here and we have been taking advantage of all of it!

We’ve been spending time with our Culebra friends, having beach cook outs the old fashioned way …. find wood, dig a hole and start a fire and also spending some time on the water.

Chris and Ricky manning the fire on the beach. Cooking us some yummy chili, even had vegetarian chili for a couple of us!
Sancho hoping to get some leftovers.
Beach fun
And then … Capt Dave threw a party for the gang…thanks David, we had a blast!

We were invited on our friend Chris’s boat Dottie II for a day sail. Dottie II is a ex-racing boat, a Pearson 33 and she sails like a dream. It’s been a while since we have sailed on a mono-hull, (a boat with only one hull for my non-sailing friends, we have three!). It was awesome, so different than sailing on Moon. Chris was at the helm and Brian and Ricky were grinding away at the wenches getting all the speed that they could out of her. Of course as soon as we saw any other boat underway it was a race to see who could sail the fastest! Wind was around 12-15 knots making for some decent speeds. I had to remember to secure my beverage when underway so that it would not spill when we were healed over! We stopped for a bit in nearby Almodover Bay and picked up a mooring ball where Ricky jumped in and speared some fish for dinner including a lion fish! We had a blast, thanks Chris for an awesome day aboard Dottie II!

Chris at the helm of Dottie II.
No boat hook, no problem…just use your spear gun!
Knobby hills behind Almodover Bay.
Beautiful bay to anchor in!
Ricky speared a lion fish!

The next day it was our turn to take out the gang. In all we ended up with eight of us on Moon. The winds though were light, about 5-10 knots. Disappointing because we wanted to show off what Moon could do. Brian did not want to turn the motor on, he wanted to sail! We were doing OK, and we would have gotten there eventually, but I had to encourage him to motor sail so that we would go faster than 3 knots…that’s really slow for a sail boat, especially us!

Left to right. Capt David, Bob and Brian.
Everyone chilling…this seemed to be the spot to hang.
Brian says: “It’s over there!”
Captain Kathy at the helm.
Oh No!!! Not Captain Dave at the helm too!!
Love the knobby hills in Almodover Bay!
Not much wind so we raised the spinnaker on the way back. Thanks Kathy for taking the pics for us!

We again picked up a mooring ball in Almodover Bay and enjoyed the crystal clear waters. The gang was determined to find a conch that was big enough to keep. The bay was full of them but they were all too small. It was fun, a few would swim and collect conchs…is this one big enough? How about this one? How ‘bout now? Unfortunately for us, but fortunately for the conchs we did not find any keepers. Don’t feel bad for our crew though we had quite a lunch spread on board and hopefully no one left hungry! Another amazing day on the water! Great time and crew!

Most of the crew…thanks Bob for taking the pics!

Brian is off today looking at a sewing project on a boat. Word has gotten out of his skills and he has lots lined up to do from sewing shade sails, sun covers for rolling jibs, bimini tops, trampolines and even engine repairs! As always no matter where we go he is a wanted man, in a good way though, LOL!

Moon back home moored at Dakity Reef…time to take a break!

OK, enough for now. Take care all and stay warm we are sending lots of sunshine your way and spring will be here before you know it!

Jennifer and Brian


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Culebra, Puerto Rico…January 2020

And so another year begins. We are back to doing what we usually do on our island in paradise. We had so much fun when Rachel and Drew were here that now everything seems so boring. It was too fun playing tourist!

Brian sewing the sun guard on Chris’s sail.
Raising the sail to check out the work.
Folding sail up for delivery.

Brian has been working on a sewing project for our friend Chris. He is sewing a sun guard for Chris’s rolling furling head sail. Now he’s just waiting on some material to arrive so that he can finish it up. The word is out on the island that Brian can sew sails and canvas and there is now no shortage of work waiting for him. Lucky guy, huh?

On my way to my beach spot.
I spotted a manatee coming up for air!
Water is so clear that you can see the starfish on the bottom.

We are in the process of upgrading to lithium iron phosphate batteries and Brian has been busy learning all about them and installing them on the boat. So far so good and hopefully we will post about that project here soon.

I can’t kayak right to the beach where I look for sea glass because the sea is too rough. I have to park on the backside of the rocks and walk to get there.
That’s all dead coral that has washed ashore. Not much fun to walk on because it is uneven and loose. It’s normal for the area though and can be found all around the islands beaches here.
This rather large mooring ball was washed ashore and it looks like ti was perfectly perched up on these rocks!
This stretch is where we find the sea glass.

I’ve just been doing regular household chores as usual and baking things up in the solar oven. Nothing new, beans and rice with cornbread for dinner tonight. All baked with the sun. Sometimes I kayak to a nearby beach where I can find sea glass. It’s the beach by the tide pools that we have shared with you before so you might recognize some of the pictures. It’s kinda my happy spot. Been working on some sea glass creations. Now I just need to find a glue gun, then we can share them with you.

The rocks and formations here are so cool. I need to learn more about geology!
It amazes me what beauty can grow in this harsh salty environment!

As you can see lots of exciting stuff going on here, right! Anyhow, hope all of you are doing good and this new year will bring all of us new adventures…you never know what lies ahead!

Take care for now,

Jennifer and Brian


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