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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Guadeloupe To Dominica

Our sail to Dominica was perfect.The winds were light to start but we were able to sail conserving our fuel and the seas were calm so we had a comfortable ride. We hauled anchor at 7:15 and arrived at 12:30 in the afternoon in beautiful Dominica. We kept a sharp eye out for whales which … Continue reading »

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More On Guadeloupe

Hope that you enjoyed our last post. We’ve been taking lots of pictures and exploring so much here. It is impossible to share all that we’ve seen and experienced, we feel ilke we are leaving so much out! We hiked to Fort Josephine on a small nearby island yesterday. The views from the top were … Continue reading »

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On the Move In Guadeloupe

Known by the Caribs as Karukera (Island of Pretty Waters), it is part of France. Yes, they speak French and we don’t! That has been a challenge for us but it is so worth it, the island or we should say islands are beautiful! It is called the butterfly island because the shape of the … Continue reading »

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Antigua To Guadeloupe

Our sail from Antigua to Guadeloupe was awesome! We hauled anchor at 6:30 AM in Falmouth Harbour and dropped anchor at 1:30 in the afternoon in Deshaies, (pronounced Day-ay) Guadeloupe. It was about a 40 mile sail. Did we mention how great a sail it was? We started out with winds around 10 – 15 … Continue reading »

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Hello all, we made it to Guadeloupe…it is beautiful but little to no internet…taking lots of pictures and will hopefully make a post soon.   Brian and Jennifer SV/Moon

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Sunday Fun-Day

This past Sunday we got to have fun and help a local cause that we believe in. The local sailing academy had it’s annual fund raiser. It is such a great program to support and you can check out more about the school here: When we first saw the posters around town announcing that … Continue reading »

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Party Like A Rock Star!

It all started as I was sitting below on the boat and I noticed two suspicious guys approach a boat that was anchored nearby. Being a good neighbor I kept a watch to see what was going on. These guys were dressed in tie-dye shirts and had big, I mean really big afros you could … Continue reading »

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It Is the Right Part…

So, for those of you who were wondering if our part that we have been waiting on for over a month came in… Well, things started out great when we went to Budget Marine to see if it was there. We were excited that the store clerk right away recognized us , “Your back!” He … Continue reading »

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OK…so we know that it has been forever since we have made a post… but there is a good reason. Our surprise was that we flew home to visit with our daughter Rachel. I should say that I got to visit with Rachel and Brian had to work. Our boss asked Brian to come to … Continue reading »

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