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On Our Way

Posted by on October 30, 2013
Here we go again, we’ve been preparing like crazy…Brian sewed new main and forward sails, a new mainsail cover and bimini top, fixed our leaky hatch in the main salon, resurfaced our topsides, scraped and painted the main salon and many other numerous other projects that I’m sure we’ll bring up at some point along the way but for now we have been scrambling like crazy to take off on Tuesday.
Ok I have to say it…here it comes…WOO HOO! It has been a busy summer for us and the last few weeks have been no exception. I have shopped until I’ve dropped and gotten to know all of the folks at our local grocery stores by name, (not hard to do when your in there just about every day). So now I’m sitting here at Happy Daze Island Grill in PCB relaxing just for a bit while Brian runs our one last load of odds and ends to the boat. If you get the chance this is a great place to unwind on the water and watch the sunset and have an ice cold beer, ask for Tony and let him know that you are friends of ours, we’ll miss him. Check them out on facebook too, nice place.
It feels great to finally be done with the chaos of preparing. Now the next step is to find a place and stow everything on the boat and get to know her again. We’ve spent the last couple of nights on Moon and it seems like we’ve never left, easy to get back into the grove of being a sailor. Of course as before what we will miss most will be Rachel. We had wished that she would have gone with us and for a while we thought that she would but it is just not her cup of tea, no unlimited hot running showers, internet and phone access. Can’t blame her and completely understand but will miss her, makes my heart sad just thinking about it but she will be just fine. She is much more mature this round and has a good foundation to be successful while we are gone. She will be just fine, that is something I am sure of….or I keep telling myself. Hard to leave your kids or have them leave you.
Our first stop will be close to home, Apalachicola for the seafood festival same as last time so it should be fun. Who knows maybe we will have some visitors come and see us off there from PCB like last time. Hint, hint. This is just a start to let all of our friends and family know what we are up to. Next few post should be full of stories and adventures. At least that’s the plan. We’ll be taking lots of photos so be ready. Until then take care all.
Brian and Jennifer

2 Responses to On Our Way

  1. Regina/Dennis

    I want interesting and funny stories everyday.

  2. Dennis & regina

    Mmmmm pizza

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