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Happy Thoughts, A Trip Down Memory Lane

Posted by on June 21, 2015

You’ve heard of “Happy Feet” right? Well, we have what I like to call “Happy Thoughts”, and they are running madly through our heads. Happy memories I guess are more like it and the knowledge that we will soon be back on our beloved Moon and sailing once again in the near future.

Landlubber life is a bit boring for our taste. You can only watch so much TV, shop at so many stores and take so many hot showers before you start to miss the call of the sea….OK, maybe you can’t have to many hot showers but I think that you get where we are coming from.

It’s fun here we love seeing all of our friends and we get plenty of entertainment at the marina that we work at between the customers and the crew that works there it’s never ending, but we are ready to be on the move again. We are getting itchy feet…and are ready to get our of here! It’s hard for us to stay in one place for so long.

So here we are looking at some of our past photos knowing that we will soon be back on Moon and creating new memories. With that in mind we thought that it would be fun to share some of our favorites from the past couple of years with you as we take a trip through memory lane…hope that you enjoy 🙂

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