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Playing The Waiting Game

Posted by on January 26, 2018

Hello there again from SV Moon. As of today we are still in Antigua. We were first waiting on our new stove to arrive and now we are waiting on a part for it to arrive that we did not know we would need. Things do not move too quickly around here, island time at it’s finest. When our pretty new stove top arrived and Brian went to install it he discovered that it is a French made stove and the propane connection did not match ours. After many bus rides around Antigua to search every hardware store we could find for the connection that would make our stove work we finally gave up and ordered it from Budget Marine adding another $50.00 to the price of our stove! So now we are playing the waiting game but hopefully our part will arrive today or if not next Friday. (It takes about 2 to 3 weeks with most items being sent by boat from St. Marteen)

Brian had to create a whole new counter top after removing our old stove/oven to install our new counter top stove.

New stove top installed and project is closer to completion.

Some of the rails that I have started to scrape and sand to make them pretty again.

We’ve been staying busy with projects around the boat. Brian had to re-fabricate the counter top to make our new stove fit and will eventually make shelves for the back side too. The pricing for plywood here for the project is $200- $300 for a sheet depending on who has it, if they have it and where you buy it so with that complication and with the counter top in place we might wait on making the shelves.

Square rigged ship entering Jolly Harbor.

Rain, rain and more rain…and then it rained again!
Double rainbows!

This has to be the lowest rainbow that I have ever seen!

We sailed Moon back to Falmouth Harbor because we are expecting big winds this weekend and this is the most comfortable harbor for us to be in. No swells and very protected. Plus there is more to do on shore here if we want to get off of the boat.

Where’s Waldo? Do you see him?
Spotted this guy hanging out in Nelson’s Dockyard.

This is the Historic Copper and Lumber Inn that we stayed at for New Years in Nelson’s Dockyard.

We did have an unexpected surprise and saw some dolphins before we left Jolly Harbor. This was nice and you would think that I had never seen them before with how giddy I was! I woke up early every morning hoping to see them as they fished around our boat.

These kids from the local sailing school and yacht club entertain us almost daily.

Don’t tell the authorities but we have a pet! We have a guest on board that we noticed a while back and he seems to make an appearance every other day or so. It’s a gecko. I did some research and it seems that they can live up to 10 years in the wild. I’m guessing that he will be with us for a while so we are working on giving him or her a name…any suggestions???

OK enough for now. We hope that you are doing good and staying warm and healthy in your parts of the world. We sure miss all of you! Soon we will be heading south, exploring islands that are full of new wonders and adventures and we will have finally something new to share with you too. Take care for now…

Jennifer and Brian SV/Moon

6 Responses to Playing The Waiting Game

  1. B

    Not a bad place to be waiting! Have fun!!!

  2. Dennis

    Times are crazy makes you long for a home depot.

    We had a right whale cruise the second sand bar last week.

    I still think you should turn this into a book at some future point.

    • admin

      Yes, a Home Depot…that would Awesome! Never seen a right whale before, sounds like that was rare too bad we were not there to see it. Miss you guys!

  3. Paul and Claudia Robinson

    We just found your blog, loving the pictures and stories of your lives! Paul & Claudia Robinson

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