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Look What the Sea Made!

Posted by on November 9, 2018

The Boatyard is full of fun! Just look at all of the cool stuff that we have been able to do 🙂


A view of the boatyard from the street with the guard shack on the right side. Moon is along the row there to the left.

Another view of the other side of the boatyard.

It was the first of the month and a busy day for the boatyard….we had never seen five boats in their launch area!


We have been busy getting Moon back together from being put away for hurricane season. Here is just some of what we’ve done so far…We ran the halyards back up the mast, put the main sail and cover back on, put the jib back on, restitched the bimini top and put it and the dodger back on, mounted the solar panels back on the bimini, reinstalled the wind generator, put the forward nets back on, oiled our chains and anchors, cleaned in all of the nooks and crannies and I’m sure that there is lots of other stuff that we have done that I have already forgotten about! As you can imagine we have been busy!



The goats love the grass growing from inside the tires!

Brian putting linseed oil on the anchor chain.


We also have a few projects that we have to take care of while we are in the boatyard and Moon is getting some much needed TLC. We plan on painting her bottom while we are hauled out but we have to wait for 10 business (or island time) days for the bottom paint to arrive so this is the perfect time to get some needed projects done.



Three of the hatches starting to be built. Epoxy bonded foam to plywood. Then they are cut to size.

Look Ron, Brian still used the hand drill that you gave him years ago! He’s used it on lots of our projects.



We knew that we needed new hatches since last season when I stepped through one of them and broke it. Most of them on board are pretty old anyways and needed to be replaced too. When we ordered our bottom paint we looked in the marine catalog and hatches are very expensive! The least expensive ones were just over four hundred dollars apiece and some were over thirteen hundred dollars each! Brian decided this was something that he could build on his own so, he is making us four new hatches, from scratch! The plans are all in his head and he has been working hard to get them completed while we are here. So far so good. Brian never ceases to amaze me with the knowledge and skills that he has in that head of his!






I’ve been working on some inside projects. The paint on our galley cabinets was looking a little ragged and worn so I’ve begun scraping all of the old paint off and hopefully will be repainting them soon. I’ve learned from this project that being a painter is not a profession that I am interested in at all!




Laundry day…washed by hand!


At the end of the day we are close to a nice little beach and we go and swim to get all of the days grime off of us. It is so nice to be able to relax for a bit and just float. I always look forward to the beach at the end of the day because this is also my “treasure” beach where I find all of my cool stuff. If you know me then you know by now that I love to beach comb! One day I was at the beach and there were some locals swimming. One little boy came up beside me and I commented that I had seen him swimming and that I was impressed with how good of a swimmer he was. He smiled and reached down into the sand beside me and held out in his hand a beautiful yellow sea marble…”Look what the sea made”. I just loved this! He offered the marble to me. I asked him why did he not want to keep it because it was beautiful and he said that he already had many. What a nice gesture from this young man and I will never forget now when looking for my treasures that it is “what the sea made” somehow that makes it even more special!



My “treasure” beach.

Look what the sea made!

My treasures so far.


OK…I better get off of the computer and get back to work, enough time down below with the fans blowing on me for now…take care all!


Jennifer and Brian SV/Moon

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    Enjoy! Looks like a great new adventure on the horizon!!!!!

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