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One Day At A Time

Posted by on November 21, 2018

Hello again. We are still in the boat yard and things seem to be moving at a slow pace. Brian was able to complete our new hatches and they look great!



Hatch completed!


The mosquitoes and no see-ums have been unbearable here in the boatyard and we’ve had lots of rain and wind due to a tropical system that passed over us. We don’t have much room inside to move around or hang out so it’s been pretty depressing. So much so that we decided to take a break and head to Bird Rock Hotel for a reprieve for a couple of days. There is a guest house that we normally use when we are here at the boatyard that is convenient but Bird Rock Hotel has air conditioning and a really nice pool. More like being on vacation and that is what we really needed, after all we are in paradise!




This is sort of an inside joke for Rachel…look mom’s camp side nachos are better than dad’s…you were right I over do everything!

Sunset at Bird Rock.

It might be small but this is the first time that I was able to catch the green flash with my camera! WOW!



We have meant to mention Karen’s guest house before but haven’t. Brimstone View Guest Apartments. If you find that you are in Saint Kitts and staying at the boatyard here, Saint Kitts Marine Works even for a couple of days that Karen’s Guest house is a great spot! It is very close to the marina and can accommodate even large crews if needed. Her prices are reasonable and it has a nice kitchen, comfortable beds and a washing machine. If you would like to give her a call here is her contact info: email: or , PHN: 869-465-8592 or 869-664-5558.




Brimstone View Guest Apartments right next to the boatyard.

View of boatyard from the Brimstone Hill Apartments. You can just see our Moon…she is the boat with the red bottom.



Now that we have had a chance to refresh our attitudes we are back at it. Moon has been moved to our next step. She is up on stands and we are getting ready to sand and paint. Brian is also working on removing our old cutlass bearing and installing a new one. I can tell that it’s not going as easy as it could be because there has been a bit of cursing involved. I’ve been tearing everything apart and cleaning areas that have not seen the light of day for sometime.




Moon is on the lift and on the move in the boatyard.

I always love seeing this warning sticker as I am riding on Moon as she is being hoisted!

Moons new spot up high.

Nothing unsafe about these stairs!


We still find ourselves at the beach for a swim most afternoons and I am as always with my eyes down, looking to see what treasures I can find. Recently I found my second body part…a head! Yup, just a head. I had found a porcelain arm a few years ago in a parking lot here in Saint Kitts but this was my first head. Pretty cool!




Found this head on my treasure beach. It’s about the size of a quarter.



It’s always so strange to be away for the holidays. Here it is just another day and nothing seems different. No family or friends to share time with. It’s kinda sad. I know that we are “living the dream” so to speak, (or at least we will be once we get out of the boatyard). It’s just not the same and the holidays don’t seem as special. They just make us miss everyone more. We hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving and hopefully you will think of us just a little, have some of that special casserole or pie and and know how lucky you are to have friends and family close by. We will think of all of you and think of how thankful we are to have you in our lives too! Love and miss you all…especially you Rachel!!!!


Happy Thanksgiving All –


Jennifer and Brian on SV/Moon

3 Responses to One Day At A Time

  1. Claudia J Robinson

    Happy Thanksgiving to you! We were by ourselves too, missing family!
    The hatches turned out great!
    Love your stash of treasures, and that sweet boys marble.

  2. admin

    Thanks Claudia! Merry Christmas to you guys too! Loved your kitty pic on FB …looks like he was a good helper at getting the tree down!

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