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Snorkeling Tamarindo Beach, Isla de Culebra, Puerto Rico

Posted by on January 19, 2019

Last we left off we planned to go snorkeling at Melones Beach and were hoping to run in to the resident nurse shark. However, when we motored over to the other side of the island to pick up a mooring ball it was so calm that we decided to go just a bit further to the north to one of my favorite snorkel spots on Culebra, Tamarindo Beach.



Lots of fan corals.



Tamarindo is a shallow snorkel spot where the reef runs right along the shoreline. Easy to get to either from the beach or by boat. We picked up a mooring ball and jumped into the crystal clear water. The fish were smaller than the other reefs that we’ve been to lately but there were so many more to see and enjoy! The damage to the corals from last years hurricanes was still obvious but the fish did not seem to notice as they happily swam in their paradise. The sun was in an out of the clouds as we snorkeled along taking it all in.




The reef here consists mostly of soft coral and many colorful sea fans but the further that you snorkel along the shoreline heading southward you start to see more coral heads full of life that seemed to go on forever! Did I say that I love this spot? I snorkeled until I could not stand it anymore. Even though we are on an island in the tropics the water is still chilly this time of year. My teeth were chattering and I was frozen by the time I finally decided to get out. Yea, I know your feeling pity for us… We did not see any sea turtles this time although this is a popular spot to swim with them. It was still a great day!





Now just to prove that it is not all fun and games here I have to include a few pictures of Brian working on projects around the boat. Typically we work on a project or two and then take the afternoon off to have some fun. Brian has become a master at sanding and fiberglassing in what seems like an instant.





Hope all is good in your parts of the world and that everyone is managing to stay warm…we hear that it is a bit cold out there! We are really excited the Super Moon Lunar eclipse is tomorrow night. We’ve anchored out at Dakity Reef a particularly dark spot and hope that we get a good viewing. We were in Culebra a few years ago, I think 2013 for a full moon lunar eclipse and it was awesome! Take care for now and stay tuned for more fun in the sun from the Nelsons.



Jennifer and Brian SV/Moon

2 Responses to Snorkeling Tamarindo Beach, Isla de Culebra, Puerto Rico

  1. Joan Desimone

    Thank you for your post. I am planning a trip to Culabra, first time..primary to snorkle. I am wondering how the reefs are after hurricane. I see your pictures. But still hard to tell..any thing you can tell me about them would be helpful.

    • admin

      Hi Joan, Lots of damage as you would imagine but it seems that there is also a lot of new growth. Our favorite spots for snorkeling are at Melones Beach, Tamarindo Beach, Carlos Rosario Beach and Punta Soldado Beach (I think that I saw the most damage here though). All of these spots are easy to get too by land. Lots of fish everywhere! My pics just can’t do it the justice that is deserved. I’m sure that there are more great spots to snorkel that we haven’t discovered yet. Culebra is beautiful and the water is crystal clear. We haven’t snorkeled at Culebrita this year but in the past it was great too. I have actually been amazed at how well some of the spots fared and how they are recovering. Hope this helps. If you come to Culebra, you will not be disappointed.

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