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More Fun In the Sun

Posted by on February 4, 2019

Hi there. We are here again to share some of what has been going on here in Culebra, PR the island of sun and fun.


Ensenada Honda Harbor, the main anchorage in Culebra. If you zoom waaaay in you can us all the way to the left hand side and closest to the trees.

Cloud front moving across the Ensenada Harbor.

Double trouble! Two waterspouts spotted along the hills behind us.


As always we have been exploring and I think that before long we will have walked the entire coast line of Culebra. We’ve got a ways to go still, but we are off to a good start! Typically we find a nice place that we can pull our dinghy up to on the beach and then we walk until either our feet give out or we come across boulders that we can no longer scale or climb over, (usually the latter of the two turns us around). One of the reasons that we like to walk the coastline is to scavenge the beach for treasures. Most of this time is spent looking down where we are putting our feet so that we don’t lose our footing that I’m sure that we are missing out on some good stuff that is probably right under our noses! That’s OK though because we are still finding some cool stuff and have even started some projects that we will share with you on our next posting.



Our dinghy getting some rays resting on the beach.

Bones…all of the dead coral that has washed ashore….lots of it on the beaches here after the hurricanes.

Beach / Shoreline on South West of Culebra.

Fish net washed up on beach…a pretty common sight.

More line washed up on beach.



One of our latest adventures brought us to Carlos Rosario Beach. Just when I thought that we could not find a beach better than the last we come across another treasure here in Culebra. This beach is at the most NW tip of the island. We took our dinghy over from the main harbor where Moon was anchored (Ensenada Harbor). Here we pulled up on Tamarindo Beach and walked across a small path to the other side. Because Carlos Rosario Beach faces north it normally has a bit of wave action but on this day it was about flat calm as it could get. With our snorkel gear in hand we jumped in to check out the reef. All we can say is WOW! Here was the most amazing reef that we’ve seen as of yet.



Carlos Rosario Beach on Culebra’s North West tip.

Captain Hook’s Nemesis…Captain Claw!

Quack, quack…beach sponge.



To get to the reef you swim from the beach through a flat sandy patch and then the water comes alive with life. The reef is a bit of a deeper swim but well worth it! It was so beautiful! I got a few pics before my go pro went dead. This seems to be a recurring event with the damn thing so not sure what we need to do to get it to stay charged longer. Brian said maybe a software upgrade. Anyhow I was able to take a few pictures to share with you before the battery died. We even saw a medium size nurse shark. What a great day that was!



Nurse shark hiding/sleeping in the coral.

Love these little blue guys!

Lots of life here!



It is also common here for the locals to take the ferry to the main land (Puerto Rico) to stock up on supplies at walmart and the econo grocery store where it is much cheaper than shopping in Culebra. So now that we are pretty much locals we seem to have started to do this too. The ferry pulls into Ceiba at the formal Naval station, Roosevelt Roads. Brian’s dad Charlie who was on a Navy ship once visited this station. If you want to read more about Roosevelt Roads here’s some interesting info:



Leaving on the ferry from Culebra at 7:00 am heading to the main island (Puerto Rico) to …. go to walmart! How exciting is that!

Approaching Roosevelt Roads as we arrive on the ferry from Culebra.

Looking towards Roosevelt Roads from the ferry.

Approaching Roosevelt Roads in Main Land Puerto Rico.



We move Moon every few days or so from behind the reef at Dakity to the main harbor to get groceries and ice and such. Still the same most days, working in the mornings and playing in the afternoon. Unfortunately we do not get to see the sunset on the water like we are used to back in our home in PCB. Here it usually sets behind the hills that we are by, but the sunrise is another story and we have a great view of it when we wake up early enough. It is an amazing way to start the day!



Sun setting behind the clouds looking towards the main island of Puerto Rico.

Watching the sun set with a few friends and a pup.

From where we anchor we can’t see the sunset 🙁 , but when we get up early the sunrises are spectacular!

Looking towards the boats moored in Dakity at sunrise.

When we pulled up to this mooring ball the eye was completely worn through so Brian spliced a new one.



Just when I think that we’ve run out of things to share we come across another gem here on the island. We were out yesterday exploring and I thought that we would not see anything different or new to share so I did not bring my camera. Man, was I wrong. We came across the most beautiful tide pool that was hidden away. It is every bit as beautiful as the pools in Culebrita and reminded us of the tide pools that we hiked to in St.Barth. It’s so off the beaten path that I’d bet that most of the locals here don’t even know that it exists! Remember that I said that we hike everywhere…well this time it lead us to a private utopia! We plan on going back soon so we’ll bring the camera next time to share with you, but….promise that you don’t tell anyone where it is 🙂



Take care for now all until our next adventure….

Jennifer and Brian on SV/Moon

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    Have fun! The reef looks awesome! I miss being under the waves!!!

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