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Tide Pools, Palm Fronds and Octopus, Oh My!

Posted by on February 13, 2019

As promised we’ve been busy having fun and we took lots of pictures to share with you. We’re not going to write much this round, we will just let the pictures speak for themselves. I mean lets face it, most of us just scroll through the pics anyways! We hiked to our secret tide pool on the south side of Culebra and we remembered our camera this time!


Bringing the dinghy into the beautiful cove that we walk to the tide pool from.

From here we climb up to make our way to the tide pool.

Scrambling over, up, down and around to get to the tide pool.

Almost there…just have to get to the jagged rocks at the end.

Last big boulder to climb over and we have made it to our secret tide pool!

Our secret tide pool.

Mister crab hanging out at the tide pool.

Had to watch out for the sea urchins in the tide pool!



On the way back to the dinghy Brian cut a palm frond to make a hat. It’s been a while…we were in Jamaica in 2011 where our friend Lance taught Brian how to weave a hat, but after a bit of rum the skills came right back!



Brian looks like an island native carrying that palm branch. It’s hard to find just the right one that is easy to get to. I see the look of success on his face!

I’m sure that we were a sight carrying this back on our dinghy…the branch was bigger than we were!

Brian’s finished product! Looks awesome too! I still need to cut off the tails as the final touch. I want it to be completely dried out before I do that though just in case of shrinkage.



Next we found a new snorkel spot also on the south side of the island but not near the tide pools. Normally it is too rough to snorkel here but we had a few calm days and we were really glad that we checked it out. We even saw an octopus!



I see you looking at me, looking at you!

This guy was so patient, like he was showing off. When we came by to take his picture I could have sworn that he posed for us! I think that he is a trunk fish.

Must be fish under that ledge…

Wonder if the octopus was thinking of having lobster for lunch before we arrived…

Octopus on the move….soooo cool!



A friend of ours recently bought a “new to him” boat and we took the ferry again to the main land PR to check it out. The guys had a great day going over the boat and I had fun hanging out at the marina. I even saw a manatee, but the dang thing was so fast I could not get a picture to share with you. You know that manatees are known for being speedsters  🙂 !!



We spot a beautiful double rainbow as we take the ferry to mainland Puerto Rico.

Our friend Chris just bought a new to him boat. Brian and I went over to Fajardo, PR for the day to hem him get things settled.

Not our friends boat but saw this going out the pass…this has to be one proud Italian! I think that this is the biggest home flag that we have ever seen on a of sailboat this size!



We put together a couple of art projects that we had been planning for a while that we think turned out really nice. Lots ideas in the works so we will see what else we can come up with.



Some artwork that we made of treasures that we found while beach combing. It is made of old pottery that I found on the beach in St.Kitts and a long dried out coral sea fan. It is mounted on the wall in my galley. I love it!

A night light that Brian made with a naturally hollowed out piece of coral that he found.

Even better at night!



As you can see we have been having a great time. Weather has changed quite a bit for us today. It is howling out right now and supposed to get even windier into tonight and tomorrow. Gusts to 30 knots! Lucky us we are once again tucked in behind our favorite spot at Dakity Reef. With all of this wind the waves are really big here behind the reef….like 5 or 6 inches! LOL!



“Hector el Protector” before Hurricane Maria.

In 2014 Thomas Dambo, a Danish artist traveled to the Culebra in Puerto Rico with friends from Denmark, to make a project for local street art festival. With the support of the locals, from broken pallets, they created a troll sitting on the rocks of the shore with a huge rock in his hand, protecting the island and its people from bad energies. They named the troll “Hector el Protector”. In 2017 Hurricane Maria hit Culebra with a huge force, and destroyed a lot of the island’s housing and infrastructure and “Hector el Protector” disappeared into the ocean. After the hurricane settled, and electricity was back on the island a broad variety of people started writing the artist to tell him what “Hector el Protector” had meant to them. They wrote how they missed the sculpture, and that it had become a strong symbol to their community, and they wish to have him return. A couple of people even said that they believed that the sculpture was actually protecting the island spiritually, and was the reason that Culebra had zero casualties during the hurricane. Hector is being rebuilt and you can help…you can read more about Hector the Protector and his artists here….

Hector el Protector, A work in progress.


Brian is still working on boat projects and Moon is still getting some of the attention that she needs. Other than that we are just hanging out and enjoying it while we can. We’ve already started talking about when we will have to return to work and we know that it will be here before too long. Until then we are going to keep our feet wet and enjoy our time playing tourist!



This bench really rocks!

Enjoying my Valentines Day gift…a new hammock!

Enjoying the view while I swing in my new hammock.


Take care until next time,

Jennifer and Brian

One Response to Tide Pools, Palm Fronds and Octopus, Oh My!

  1. Claudia J Robinson

    Loved the tide pools, glad you brought the camera. Snorkeling pics turned out great. Everything was so colorful. We had so much wind here last week, there were white caps on a local farm pond. Gusts up to 60mph, and of course really cold.

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