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It’s That Time Again!

Posted by on April 19, 2019

Hello again. We’ve been busy bees as most of our friends and family already know. We had our final days in Culebra and have put Moon away for the summer season.


Combing towns beach in Culebra one more time while waiting for the ferry to arrive.

Last view of “Hector the Protector” as we board the ferry and leave Culebra, PR

Bye, Bye beautiful Culebra


It’s always a bit sad leaving Moon behind and checking into the real world…the one of work and responsibility. But it is a necessity and so we are back in our home town of PCB. We soaked in as much of the beauty in Culebra as we could before we left. Of course we had to spend a day beach-combing our “glass” beach and visiting the tide pools close to Dakity Reef where we were moored. We can never get enough of the amazing water and views there!


Coconut palm sprouting

Alien skull we came across on the beach. Just lying there among the coral!

Relaxing at the tide pool


This summer season we are storing Moon differently than the last three years. In the past we had stored Moon in Saint Kitts at Saint Kitts Marine Works, but this year Moon will spend her summer in a mangrove bay in Culebra, PR. I know some of you are probably thinking that we are crazy just leaving her anchored in the water but it is a safe and protected spot. In fact it is just outside of where the cruisers bring their boats if a hurricane approaches the area. We’ve left her in Culebra before and then it was in the main harbor so we are confident this time that she is in a secure place until we come back. Either way it is always strange just leaving her anchored out.


Heading into the bay where we are going to anchor Moon for the season. Just have to get past all these boats and tuck in close to the mangroves.

Moon’s summer home will be just past that white ball, tucked in all by herself.


Brian of course set us up for success and Moon should not be going anywhere. Check out our anchor system that he put in place….

Three anchors: Our 45lb Rocna anchor, (which by the way is the normal anchor that we use and trust so much that we call it “The Sleeper” meaning that we put it down, set it and no worries), then we also set our two FX 37 Fortress anchors. The method was two anchors in front of the boat leading to a center point with a swivel and then back to another Fortress anchored in the opposite direction just in case of wind change. Two forward facing and one rear facing. In tropical storms or hurricanes the wind completely changes direction, so that is what the third anchor is for, just in case. All of our ground tackle is tied together with US rated shackles, chain and swivels. Then we have the anchor rode tied to 6 different cleats just in case of any chaffing or if a cleat was to become loose or let go. Some would say that it is a bit of overkill but we call it insurance at least as much as we can. We plan on finding her (Moon) right where we left her!



The spot that we choose was also important. We tucked into a small hole in the shallows with three sides surrounded by mangroves. This is about the best that we could do without tucking into the mangroves themselves. It would be inconsiderate and not permitted for us to go all of the way into the mangroves unless there is actually a storm approaching. They are a protected area. All this being said we are just a few hours away by plane should a storm approach while we are away. That is also another reason that we choose Culebra this year, location, location, location! Moon also has her own phone on board and we can text her anytime and she will give us her GPS location and there is a grid set that if she should go out of it she will text us so that’s another thing that we have to make us feel better that she is doing OK on her own. Of course we have friends watching her too just to make sure that she is staying afloat. So pretty sure that she is set up for success while we are away.


Moon stripped down for the season. Windsock will be the last thing to come down.

Brian climbs the mast to see how we look in the spot that we picked out.

Saying good bye as we leave Moon in her cove…



On our way back to PCB we spent a night in Old San Juan. Love this place so full of history and things to do! We even found a beach with sea glass and chaney!


Beach Old San Juan where we found sea glass

Just happened that my shirt matched the umbrellas on Fortaleza Street in Old San Juan!


Anyhow we are back to the grind in PCB. I can’t say that I have the worst job, I still get to be on the water and you could sort of say that my co-workers are dolphins. I also have to work with tourists though too so it is a fair trade off…lol! We will try to post here and there through out the summer with what is going on but it will be sporadic, not much down time but that is what we are here for….to work our butts off so that we can enjoy our time on Moon. Till next time take care all…


Our last sunset before we leave Moon for the season


Jennifer and Brian


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    Have fun in PCB!

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