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And the Rockets Red Glare – The Space Coast

Posted by on August 17, 2019

Mission accomplished! We got to see a couple of rocket launches from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station while we were visiting Brian’s dad. We were able to view them from Charlie’s front yard. The first launch was the Falcon 9 rocket. It launched the Amos 17 communications satellite an advanced communications satellite owned by Spacecom, an Israeli company. It was pretty cool! The launch was in the early evening and it was cloudy but we still got to see it as it shot off towards space.





The second launch was even more spectacular! The rocket launched at 6:13 AM and the sky was still dark and clear. The viewing was amazing! It was a United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas V rocket delivering a highly advanced communications satellite into space for the U.S. Air Force. Perched atop the rocket was the Air Force’s fifth Advanced Extremely High Frequency spacecraft, a secure military communications satellite that will provide jam-proof communications — including real-time video — between U.S. national leadership and deployed military forces. Pretty cool stuff shooting into the sky above us!



View from the front yard of Brian’s Dads house of the Atlas V rocket carrying the AEHF-5 military satellite for the U.S. Air Force being launched.



Brian’s dad had just gotten a pontoon boat that needed a bit of fixing up so Brian of course was happy to help out. Brian was in his natural element working on a pontoon boat just like at home. We had fun taking it for test rides!




Of course we had to take a test ride on the Banana River after Brian got the engine running smoothly!

We even saw dolphins!



Then of course we had to check out the beach. It was the same and a lot different than the beaches of PCB. The sand was much darker and hard packed. It was a pretty calm day so we did not see the waves that this coast is know for. Brian of course had to take another adventure on his bike and rode 36 miles down the beach from Melborne to Cocoa Beach and then ending up in Meritt Island at Brian’s dads house. It was a wonder that he did not crash with all the girls running around in their tiny surf bikinis!




Such a pretty path to the beach!

In the sky you can see one of the planes from Patrick Air Force Base.



All in all we had nice visit with Charlie, Diana and of course my new walking buddy Freddy. Diana is a great cook and we always enjoy the delicious food that she makes for us! Sadly again it was time for us to leave. Well, I guess that they would let us move in with them but that might be asking too much, lol! Next stop and story for us will be in Ft. Myers and Cape Coral, FL where it will be our last stop before heading to Puerto Rico and back to our Moon.

Until next time…


Jennifer and Brian S/V Moon



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    Looks like you had a great trip! Have fun!!

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