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Lots To Share!

Posted by on September 4, 2019

Wow…so much has happened since we last posted. We made our last stops to see family before we left the main land US, spent two awesome nights in Old San Juan, PR and went through a Cat 1 on the boat in Culebra, PR!

I guess we will start our story with our family and end up near the eye of a hurricane. If you read our last post you saw that we were in the Space Coast watching rockets shoot off into the sky. From there we hopped back on the road bound for Ft. Myers and Cape Coral to see more of our family.

It was a nice ride. We took the back roads off of the beaten track to see some new ground. Its always neat driving through small towns that we’ve never seen before. Before we knew it we were at our destination.

Yummy Eggplant Parm!

Someone’s showing off trying to get a girl!

Aleesa and Ryan entertaining Marley…all smiles!


We always love visiting with family! One night we enjoyed a great dinner at one of our favorite places for yummy eggplant parmesan and for another our brother-in-law Emerson had one of his famous BBQ’s for Brian. Mostly though we just hung out enjoying everyones company. It was so nice to see my dad, my little brother and his family. Visiting with all of Brian’s family is always fun too. Brian’s mom has the prettiest flowers in her back yard! I can’t believe how big our niece Aleesa has gotten and little Marley too! The time really flew while we were there and sadly before we knew it, it was time to leave. It seems like the times that we spend together are never long enough!

Next stop for us was the airport where we would fly over the deep blue sea to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

I love the old blue cobblestone bricks of Old San Juan!

Today’s edition of “Where’s Waldo”…can you spot the pink flamingo in this picture?

Can you see it now?

The rooftop of our hotel had big bathtubs for the guests to enjoy!


We love Old San Juan! I know you’ve probably heard this before, but we do! There is so much to do and see here. We got lucky and there were not any cruise ships in port so the city was not crowded.

I found this old horseshoe on the beach and wanted to take it home. I was out-voted because it was heavy and rusty. Who knows how long the sea has held this treasure? Anyhow, I thought it was pretty cool.



We ate at one of our favorite spots and explored the beach looking for sea glass and chaney. It was nice to finally relax after being on the move for the past three weeks. After catching up on our R&R it was time for us to get back to Moon. We headed to the ferry dock for our ride to Culebra. We got lucky and the ferry was running on schedule. This is not always the case with it being public transportation. Sometimes it does not run at all even when it is scheduled. So far so good!

We finally arrived on the beautiful island of Culebra. We reserved a room for the first night so that we could find a ride to Moon anchored way out in the mangroves and give ourselves a day to get things together. When we leave her alone for months at a time we have to clear out cobwebs and such before we can move back aboard. Sometimes I wonder if the critters think that we have let them a new home cause we find all kinds of them setting up camp!



All was good aboard when got back however there another issue brewing….a storm in the Caribbean Sea…Dorian! By now everyone has heard of Dorian. But she was just getting started here when we got back. Our second day on board we weathered her out as she became a Cat 1 Hurricane right on top of us! I know that most of you think that a Cat 1 is no big deal, sure when you are in a house that is true. Try being on a sailboat…you are much more exposed and it is a bigger deal!

Dorian as she approaches us.



We had been keeping our eye on the weather knowing that it was coming our way. It looked like it was going to be a tropical storm and pass way to the south of us. The locals did not seem that worried so that was a good sign, right? When we woke up the second day on Moon we saw that lots of boats had migrated to the mangroves to tie off for safety. Hmm, time to check the weather again. The storm had moved more NE and strengthened more than forecasted and now we were looking at a direct hit. OK, time to batten down the hatches! We got lucky it was going to come during the day so at least in my opinion it would seem less scary. As the day went on the winds strengthened and the rain really came down. We were in a great spot and Brian did an excellent job with our bottom gear. If you read back through past post you can see what he put down before we left for the season and that is what we sat on for Dorian. We kept watch on deck as the storm passed. The wind came from the WNW and this was a bit of a surprise to everyone. Mostly storms pass here ESE. The boats anchored around us bounced up and down. At times the wind and rain was blowing so hard that we couldn’t see anything. Thankfully the storm only lasted a few hours then just some squalls here and there. We got lucky and Dorian moved on.

Hauling up the anchor gear that has been down for the last 4 months.

Brian running the halyards, main and jib sheets back up the mast.

Brian cleaning the bottom of Moon



Seems that all of the boats in Culebra were safe. We saw one boat by us break free and run into a couple of others but I don’t think that there was any damage. We later found out that one person left their sailboat on the unprotected side of the island exposed to the open sea. His boat broke free and washed up on the beach. He was lucky though because his boat washed up right where there was barge with a crane on it and he was able to work with the barge captain to get his boat off…what luck!

Moon sitting pretty at Dakity Reef

Our neighbors at Dakity Reef.

Pretty brain coral

We see this ray just about every time we snorkel around the boat.



Well, things are getting back to the norm here. We are moored off of Dakity Reef at one of our favorite spots. We are working on normal maintenance which seems never ending. Don’t feel sorry for us though because when the day ends we jump into the crystal clear pool surrounding our boat with happy little fishes swimming all around us.

Wow…that was a lot! Take care for now all.

Jennifer and Brian


6 Responses to Lots To Share!

  1. Claudia J Robinson

    Fabulous pictures as usual! Love the underwater sealife. While watching reports on Dorian, I thought thank goodness Brian and Jen aren’t there yet when they showed Culebra right in the middle of it. I was hoping Moon was safely anchored, etc. Wow, so glad you are okay! Love the flamingo! Enjoy!


    You two live an amazing life! Keep up the fun!!!!!

  3. Jen

    Oh hallellujah!…that you guys and the Moon are ok! Must be so scary going though a hurricane- yikes! Hats off to you guys! I love, Love, LOVE the pictures of the reef around you…how far away is Calert from San Juan? I wanna go swim there! LOL And what a cool find- old horseshoe! I love beach combing and shelling, so I would’ve had a COW to find some hung like that…hahahaha! Love this blog and reading about all your cool adventures! Miss you guys! Hope we see you in PR in a couple of weeks 🙂

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