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Never Ending Storms, Work and Solar Oven Baked Bread!

Posted by on September 23, 2019

Last we left Brian was working on binnacle repairs which I thought were close to being completed. Boy, was I wrong! Not to say that it took forever (I think that the entire project was completed in four days) but, I thought that once he shaped the base that it would be smooth sailing with the repairs. Little did I know that removing the binnacle base, helm cable and all that is associated with that was going to be a bit of a pain in the arse! Do you like my pirate talk? Well, there was a bit of that and some other things communicated on the boat as we got the repair completed…lol! Anyhow, as always Brian did an excellent job and our binnacle is as good as new.

Taking apart the binnacle

What our helms cable looked like when we got the binnacle removed. Ugly but greased up nicely…just what you want to see!

Measuring before installing

Binnacle base ready to be bolted to the cockpit floor

Steering/helm cable installed in new binnacle base

Binnacle base completed and reassembled, just needs to be cleaned up.

Next was dinghy engine repairs. Brian had to replace the valve cover, carburetor, throttle cable and prop.

Parts we ordered to repair the dinghy engine

Brian has the dinghy engine apart and is making repairs

Motor on the dinghy is up and running again!

Meanwhile, I have been learning how to use our new solar oven. I can not express how happy I am to have it! I can now finally bake things and not heat up the boat at all! Very big factor since it has been so hot here lately. The All American Sun Oven is the one that we chose and we love it! And as far as solar oven temps go this one is top notch! It gets temps of 300 easily on a sunny day. It might take a bit longer to bake something than a normal house oven but not that much. I have had fun experimenting.

My first veggie/bean burgers baking in the solar oven

Zucchini cornbread casserole baked in of course the solar oven!

Solar oven baked potatoes

Zucchini casserole and oriental cabbage salad.

Taco Tuesday, well not sure if it was Tuesday but it was tacos vegetarian style with re-fried beans and jack fruit all cooked in solar oven.

Bread cooked in or solar oven!

Turned out great!

More bread baked in solar oven!

Our neighbor John has a solar oven too and he was the inspiration for us to finally get one. He has been amazing in helping us get started. He’s even shared recipes and some of his bread making supplies. Thank you John!

Our friend John sailing by. John is the one that inspired us to finally get a solar oven. He also was nice enough to share some yummy ingredients and a recipe for us to be able to make a successful loaf of bread. Thank you John!

As always once our dinghy engine was up and running again we took some time to explore the underwater world around us…this time we snorkeled at Punta Soldado Beach which is a short dinghy ride from our mooring at Dakity. It’s a nice beach and generally not very crowded. The reefs here are pretty but not as much color as some of the others but it does have some reds and greens that I don’t see everywhere.

As I am writing this we are once again anchored in the bay by the mangroves. Just moved the boat here this morning for protection. Tropical Storm Karen is heading our way, expected to arrive by tomorrow sometime. Hopefully she will not gain strength. They say she is not supposed to but, I have a hard time believing until it actually happens!

Never ending storms out there!

Storm/squall line blowing through Dakity

Let me in!!

Another land crab and the number if you want to rent a Jeep in Culebra…lol!

I love the artwork on this store…beautiful!

Well, that’s all from us for now. Time for us to batten down the hatches and get ready. Take care all.

The water is so clear and shallow where we are moored at Dakity. This picture was taken from the deck of Moon looking down!

Another beautiful sunset, anchored in Ensenada Harbor looking towards town in Culebra.

Full moon rising. We are anchored in Ensenada Honda harbor Culebra looking out towards entrance and Dakity reef.

Jennifer and Brian


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