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Tropical Storm Karen

Posted by on September 26, 2019

Karen has come and gone and thankfully was not that big of a deal. We had winds of 35 and gusts up to around 50. There were winds and storms through out the day but the biggest part of the storm blew through around 1am Wednesday morning, not much sleep that night. Storms in my opinion are more daunting at night when you can’t see anything. It was close to a new moon (25% waning crescent) and it was pitch black too!

Chichi’s party island that is usually moored by us at Dakity Reef is being brought into the mangroves for safe keeping during TS Karen

Osprey that was hanging out in the mangroves with us

It was so crazy, we were watching the radar and Karen was a bit of a puzzler. They said that the eye was just south of Puerto Rico but the radar was showing us something totally different and strange. It looked as though she had more than one eye!

As the night went on and we kept up with the updates we found out that it was true. The NCH said that she had multiple eye wall mesovortices. Maybe it was just me but I had never even heard this word before and had to look it up…good reading here on Wikipedia:

Brian on the other hand already knew what that was and it confirmed what we saw on the radar.

Clouds starting to roll in through out the afternoon

It was so crazy watching the storm. It seemed that it was jumping around. In the evening as we were down below watching it on radar our boat did a 180 which we thought was strange…that meant that the storm was changing direction! Karen was all over the place. We later found out that the center passed right through Culebra and Vieques. Thankfully she was a small storm and it seems that everyone did just fine.

Pic is a bit blurry but we are right above the small island (Vieques) that is in the white spot to the right of Puerto Rico

We hauled our anchors and moved out of the mangroves and are now back on a mooring at Dakity Reef. Brian is working on sewing projects, I have things baking away in our solar oven and things are back to normal.

Until next time, take care everyone!

Jennifer and Brian



3 Responses to Tropical Storm Karen

  1. Michael Cummings

    Glad to hear all is well in PR. We are sailing in the Mediterranean aboard the Celebrity Edge. Next stop – Monaco. (Villefranche, France)

  2. Regina

    So glad you guys made it through and it wasn’t a very serious storm. But it’s scary on land I can imagine on the boat it feels more scary especially at night.
    Love you guys,:)

    • admin

      Hello there friend…glad that you are keeping up with us! Love and miss you!

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