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Sunshine Makes It All Happen!

Posted by on October 17, 2019

Those of you who know us know that usually you will find us hiding from the sun as much as possible, but we make our boat do the exact opposite. We are all about solar energy. It is amazing what the sun can do! Because of the sun we can have power…lots of power especially since we bought our new solar panels last year in Antigua. And now that we have a solar oven we are unstoppable…uh, unless it is a cloudy day but we will deal with that when it happens…lol! So far that has not been too much of an issue and we always have our wind generator too.

Brian putting the water maker together…look at those handsome toes!

Our water maker in all it’s glory! Still needs to be mounted.

First few gallons of water from our water maker with their test results for salt content marked on them. Goal is to have them under 300.

We’ve been harnessing the sun to work for us. Because we have so much power we were able to finally install a water maker. Yes, we now have a water maker…pure luxury! Brian has had some of the parts to build one for a while now but he has finally built it and we are water making fools! Now I don’t have to decide whether I want to swim and get my hair wet because I will have to wash it, I can just jump right in! And if I have some laundry that I want to wash until the next time that we go to the laundry mat, I can wash it! I know that this might sound ridiculous to some of you reading this but water is an issue when you have to work to have it. No pipes running to our boat from the water company. The best thing yet is that Brian no longer has to lug all of our water jugs to shore to fill them and then haul them back to the boat. This saves time, money and backaches!

Repairing small section of rot from a leak in the bunk. More sanding and fiber-glassing ahead.

A small crack in the wall being repaired.

Fiber-glassed and ready to be sanded and painted.

Brian working on repairs to the cabin top.

Repair on it’s way to being finished. The rot removed, the hole filled, fiberglass has been applied, next sanding and painting.

Underside of the cabin top filled in with some foam where Brian is making the repair.

Boat chores are never complete though. As as we always say there is lots to do here. We had a small bit of rot in one of our bunks where water had leaked in and another spot along the forward companionway hatch. Brian has been working on repairs to them and they are almost complete. First accessing the damage, scraping out the rotted area, applying product to dry it out, then sanding, fiberglassing, then more sanding and then finally painting to finish. Lots of dirty work!

Cutting the foam for new bunk.


Completed the top cushion.

Brian working on a sewing project for our friends Les and Patty. Good thing that we have lots of deck space for this project!

Brian also took on a project for our friends Less and Patty and helped them by making a new bunk for their V berth from scratch.This was quite a project and Brian of course did an awesome job!

New panels sewn into the bimini top…crystal clear!

Look at how clear the new bimini glass is! The middle section is open but to the left it is closed and still crystal clear!

As always we try to find fun where and when we can. Recently it was our friend Les’s Birthday and we had a great time with him and his lady friend Patty at Zoni Beach. It’s a beach that is on the north east side of Culebra and it is a bit from town so it was nice of them to invite us along in Patty’s car. We had so much fun that day! Happy 69th Birthday Les!

Les, Patty, Brian and I posing for Les’s Birthday picture…Less says, “69 and feeling fine!”

This is a view from the top of a hill as we approach Zoni Beach. The island in the background is Culebrita.

Zoni Beach, looking towards the west.

Zoni Beach looking east. Culebrita island in the distance.

I am still experimenting with the solar oven and am always looking through my cookbooks or browsing the internet for new recipes. It’s been fun and rewarding learning how to use it. Sometimes things cook quickly and sometimes they take a little longer depending on how strong the sun is. Mostly been using our propane stove just to make coffee in the morning. That’s awesome too because it is really hot here!

The local store Milka’s gave us a fabric reusable bag…we must be locals now!

Tofu in a can! Surprisingly it is very firm and tasty! Brian won’t eat it but I will!

Tofu all fried up in it’s yumminess!

Nachos in the solar oven at 300 degrees!

Solar baked nachos!

OK, cheated a little bit. The garlic bread was made on my stove top but the lasagna is straight out of the solar oven.

Stuffed peppers made in solar oven…they were so delish!

Solar oven brownies…yum!!!

On the days that we go to town and have to anchor in the harbor we swim at a little beach near the ferry dock to cool off. If we are on a mooring ball at Dakity Reef which is most days, after our work is done we open up the floating bar. Just happens that one of our kayaks is perfect for this. We stock it up with a few cold beverages, turn on our blue tooth speaker and swim under the shade of the deck.

Taking some time to paddle.

Passing by Hector the Protector as we go to swim at Datiles Beach by the ferry dock.

Yup, another iguana just chilling out.

When we anchor near town in Ensenada Honda Bay we take the dinghy to Datiles beach by the ferry dock to swim.

A rainbow to start our day!

Out kayaking and I found a life ring and throw cushion. Great find!

The floating bar is open! We use the kayak as our floating bar and turn up the bluetooth speaker and create our own entertainment while moored at Dakity.

Nice and shady under the boat.

As you can see we’ve been busy seems that the list of chores is never ending…just like you guys on shore…see boat life is not that different. Just different challenges! Take care for now all. I have to go and get my apple bread out of the solar oven. It smells like it is cooked perfectly!

The end to another beautiful day.

Our friend John sailing his dinghy by during the full moon rising.

Jennifer and Brian SV/Moon

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