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Scraping, Sanding, Sewing, Scrubbing, Painting, Cooking and Sweating!

Posted by on October 29, 2019

Hello all. Sorry for the long delay in getting something posted. We recently switched our server and had some hiccups in getting our site up and running. Even our computer guru Brian was stumped with some of the back end stuff that he had to do to make everything work smoothly again. Looks like we are up and running and ready to share our adventures or as of now lack of adventures.

Frittata and potatoes in the solar oven for breakfast. The oven is just over 300F at 10:30 in the morning!
Stuffed eggplant ready to go in the solar oven. Forgot to get a pic after it cooked though.
Forchetta bread fresh out of solar oven!

So, what have we been up too? Pretty much the same as always as our title suggests. We’ve mostly been working on the boat. So much that I’ve been neglecting to take pictures like I should of the work being completed to share with you. Everything is starting to blend together as one never ending long day. Ever seen the movie Groundhog Day? It’s sort of like that for us right now!

Everyone brings their fun toys to Dakity Reef on the weekends!
So cool, that board is electric!
These two planes landed by us one Saturday afternoon.
Brian dreaming of his next adventure, now he just has to figure out how to get one of those planes!
Taking off!

It’s pretty quiet here otherwise. The town is slowly preparing for the tourist season to start as it seems that the other islands to the east are too. We see fleets of charter boats being sent that way almost daily. They are being transported to the popular areas of the Caribbean, getting ready for the masses escaping the cooler weather. Sure wish that we would get some of that here…the cooler weather that is. It is still very hot!

Took a ride on our friend Les’s boat to town…thought it was funny that he steered the whole way there with his toes!

As always after the chores are done for the day we swim. On the weekends the locals come over from the main island of PR and the anchorage livens up a bit with music, laughter and the fun of all of their toys buzzing around. It makes for good people watching. Sometimes they quiet down early and sometimes they party all night long. I used to find it a bit annoying but a friend of ours on a boat nearby named John put it into perspective for us. He calls it “paying the rent”. The way that he explains it is that because there is no charge to stay on the mooring balls here that when the locals come over and party loudly all night long it is like paying the rent. You just deal with it and before you know it we have the place to ourselves again. I like that. It made sense to us and now it does not bother us as much.

Haircut day for me…thanks Les!

Well that’s all for now. I will try to take more pics and maybe we will do something that is more fun to share. We need to go snorkeling soon and look for the kraken!

Take care,

Jennifer and Brian


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