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The Rock of Byron

Posted by on November 2, 2019

I’m sure that you have all heard of Plymouth Rock, the rock of Gibraltar or how about rock-n-roll? But,I’ll bet that you’ve never heard of Byron’s Rock!

Rocks are an often-overlooked part of the landscape after all, they don’t move or blossom into pretty flowers. I’ve always got my eyes peeled at all mother nature has to offer and apparently I am not the only one.

Certain stones started out as dumb common boulders, like all the rest. But one day they got a lucky break, and now they’re genuine rock stars. Here’s one that got lucky enough to hop on a flight to the Caribbean with us!

Now don’t tell Brian because I was not supposed to pack it along but how could I resist? A friend of ours Bryon, gifted it to us when we were visiting family in Floral City, FL.

He said that he was drift diving in Boca Grand and as he was looking he saw nothing but a pure sand bottom all around until he came across this one rock. It spoke to him…well, not really…hmm, I think. But anyhow, he was compelled to pick the rock up because it made him think of us and our journeys.

He gave us the rock right before we left and I set expectations with him that I was not sure that it would make the cut in my luggage and by the way what would customs think of some strange rock in there if they found it?

Anyhow, I tucked it in my bag to be thought nevermore until recently I was digging through my stuff and low and behold there was Byron’s Rock!

If you look at the left hand side of the rock it has a smile!

Well, it made it Bryon! It is now famous on the internet and all! Now that it has had it’s moment of fame it shall become one with the sea again and make some new Caribbean friends here at Dakity Reef, Culebra Puerto Rico. Who knows maybe it will join a rock band!

Thanks for the smiles Byron, rock on!

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