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Same Old, Same Old Thing

Posted by on November 16, 2019

Last we left you we were scraping, sanding, sewing, scrubbing, painting, cooking and sweating. Well…you might not believe this but not much has changed. We are perpetually stuck in the same mode. There is a goal in sight though. Not sure who already knows but Rachel and her boyfriend Drew are coming to visit. We are so excited! They don’t arrive for another month but we are planning on being finished with all of our hardcore stuff by then and then it will be vacation mode for us. We can’t wait!

We’ve needed new carpet for a while. We finally got some but it had to be customized to fit our floors. Here’s Brian sewing the final touches, trim around the borders.
Customized rugs looking good….much better in person than this pic!
Sanding the binnacle getting ready to paint.
Binnacle all painted and looking pretty!
I am scraping the old paint from counters and sides. Bought a faux granite paint to apply. Updates and pics to follow on how it turns out.

We’ve been working our butts off getting Moon ready. We are not doing all of this work because they are coming but it does create a deadline for us. This is a good thing though otherwise we would just keep on keeping on with all of our work. I think that we could push on Moon 24/7 and still have something else that would need to be done. She’s an old girl and needs constant keep up. I’m not quite there yet myself but I still know how she feels!

So it begins, Brian is chipping and pulling up the old deck tops. Checking for any damage and replying new fiberglass and topcoat. BIG project!

The main project being worked on right now is the decks. Brian has already pulled up the starboard side and now he’s moved port, pulling up the old deck, looking for rot or any other issues, laying new fiberglass and paint. We’ve been deciding on what deck coating to go with. So far sand, kiwi grip, EBA foam have topped the list of what we’ve been thinking of applying. Anyhow it’s a big, time consuming and expensive project!

Bread in solar oven…over 300!
Bread fresh out of the solar oven. Little bit of air bubbles but it was still tasty! I think that we ate half of it right away with butter while it was still warm…pure luxury! You can see the solar oven in the background still baking something for dinner.
Banana-Peach nut bread…of course baked in the solar oven!
Enchiladas getting ready to go in solar oven. We were so hungry when they came out I forgot to get an after picture!

There has not been much time for play but I did go to the beach to get some coconuts so that I could use the husks as mulch for my herb garden. I called it visiting natures “Home Depot”.

Natures Home Depot for mulch!
Love the colors of the water in this cove!
Every beach we go to has a pile of baby conchs that were harvested to soon. (too small) We see locals walking the reefs here at low tide taking all that that they can. We have also seen less and less conchs everywhere that we’ve traveled. Sad that this happens.
The only other living being that I saw on my trip to Natures Home Depot.
My trusty transport.
Coconut husks becoming mulch.

We’ve been ordering boat necessities on Amazon and are getting our final orders in. Thats a good thing because soon we will be moving on to St. Thomas where Rachel and Drew are flying in. They arrive mid December and will be with us through the New Year. We plan on sailing through the British Virgin Island’s, the Virgin Island’s and then exploring the mainland of Puerto Rico. It is going to be amazing! It will be Drew’s first time so it will be fun seeing everything through a new perspective!

Dark clouds and rain heading our way. We spend the days watching some amazing clouds go by.
Pretty rainbow in the falling rain approaching us.
Sun setting behind the hills.
The day before the full moon…but beautiful never less…moon is rising from behind the hills.
Wish that my camera took better moon pictures but this is the full moon rising…it was BIG and beautiful!

OK, I better get back to work…my counters won’t paint themselves, although I wish they would…ha!

Take care all.

Jennifer and Brian


2 Responses to Same Old, Same Old Thing

  1. Claudia Robinson

    Great pictures as usual! How exciting Rachel and Drew are coming for the holidays! Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!

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