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US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico! Christmas On Moon 2019

Posted by on January 13, 2020

As promised it’s time to share with you all of the fun that we had this Christmas and New Years.

Santa comes to Brewers Bay!

As I was going through all of the pictures I realized that we have lot to share! Thank you Rachel and Drew for taking and sharing most of what I will be posting. It was nice to step away from the camera and really enjoy the places that we’ve been. Instead of jamming all of the fun that we have had together in one post I’m going to make three separate posts. One for each territory. Hope you all enjoy!

With that being said we start our adventures in St. Thomas USVI.

Brian and I saw a deer swimming across Brewers Bay!
No one on the beach even noticed him swimming by!

Last we left you were anchored in one of our happy spots…Brewers Bay, St. Thomas, heaven on earth! It was the perfect place to wait for Rachel and Drew to arrive. Just so happens that we were out and about on the day that their plane touched down with our friend Bob doing some last minute shopping and laundry. Bob was happy to run us by the airport to pick them up. Thanks again Bob!!

Rachel and Drew’s plan landing in St. Thomas. They have arrived!

We all headed to Brewers Bay to settle down for the night and make our plans for the next few weeks. Yup, they got to have an extended vacation of around three weeks with us. We had lots planned out and had hoped to see as much as we could.

Brewers Bay. Can you see the big rocks and cave near the top of the hill? Last time we were here Brian and Rachel climbed way up there and apparently I was going this time too!

We started out the next morning hiking up to the cave above the bay. High in the hills above Brewers Bay is a cave that can be seen from both the bay and beach. Last time Rachel visited she and Brian made the climb and I stayed on the boat, but this time they were not letting me out of it.

I came across some fun history on the cave. Check it out with the link below:

This is where we start our hike…across the street from the Estate Brewers Bay, located near the University and Brewers Bay. It is the ruins of a sugar factory, later adapted as a residence, and of an animal-powered mill. Shhh.. don’t tell anyone but you can find some old pottery along the beach by it too!

The path starts across the main road from the ruins of the old Brewers Bay Sugar Factory. It is a rocky gut and a bit of a steep climb up. It is marked with spray paint to keep you going in the right direction. I would not say that it is a difficult hike, but it is definitely a workout!

As we were climbing up I was sure that my heart was going to beat out of my chest! We passed a couple of girls hiking their way back down, “You have lots more to go until you reach the top” one of them cheerfully said. Well, great I thought. I had figured that we were getting pretty close. I wondered if I would make it to the top, but I carried on. Even though I was a bit behind everyone else I was determined.

Well, we all made it and once we reached the top the views were amazing and we even had a bit of rain to cool us off.

Time to take some pics!

If you look way down in the bay on the left side you just might be able to spot Moon anchored.

We thought that the rain was great until it activated the bees in the trees leaving both Rachel and Brian with stings. We did not even realize that there were bees until we started looking and they were all over the place! Seems that they build their hives on the tips of the trees branches . We had never seen that before and avoided them as much as we could on the way down. The rain also made for an interesting decent. We did a bit of slip and sliding in the fresh mud. Rachel found a cool vine to swing on and could not help but to play Jane and swing around a bit!

When we finally reached the bottom we were rewarded with the amazing bay to swim and cool off in. Satisfied with our adventure we got ourselves together and hit the food trucks for some beer and grub. Great first day!

Sunset Brewers Bay, St. Thomas

Next day we were off to the big city of Charlotte Amalie. Charlotte Amalie is the capitol and the largest city of the USVI. The harbor is very busy full of cruise ships, mega yachts, tour boats, ferry boats and even sea planes!

Sunrise in Charlotte Amalie Harbor.

We went ashore walked the streets admiring all of the architecture, history and shopping that it had to offer. Fun place to visit but we had so much more to see. Next stop for us will be the BVI’s. Hold on to your seats and we will get more of our story posted soon.

This yacht was leaving the harbor the same time as we were…we gave him plenty of berth!
Passing by some of the ruins on Hassel Island as we leave Charlotte Amalie Harbor.

For now take care all,

Jennifer and Brian with Crew Rachel and Drew


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