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The BVI’s Continued….Christmas On Moon 2019

Posted by on January 19, 2020

The BVI’s Continued….

As you could tell from our last post we were having a blast in the BVI’s! Next stop for us after we left the Baths in Virgin Gorda was the Norman Island Caves.

Just off the east end of St. John is Norman Island (named for a pirate). It is said that the island was the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel “Treasure Island”. Norman Island has a documented history of pirate booty being hidden and found! Many still actively hunt out treasure on Norman Island, acting on the rumors that Spanish Galleon Nuestra señora de Guadalupe left silver dollars behind. In fact a silver chest was discovered as recently as 1910. Pretty cool, huh? The treasure for us was to snorkel around this amazing site with all of the beauty that it had to offer. Not as good as doubloons but we would need a lot more time to work that angle! If you want to read a little about the islands history check these pages out:

The Caves are always a favorite of ours to snorkel. The only way to get here is by boat. The same as the Baths, the national parks provide day use moorings. We decided to arrive early in hopes to get a ball that was close to the caves. It’s a bit daunting because the balls seem so close to the rock walls but there is plenty of room. We got lucky, tied up and jumped in. It was a bit scary at first because you can’t see the bottom, but just like Dory…if you just keep swimming, just keep swimming it shallows out and the snorkeling is awesome! The main attraction of course is to snorkel in and around the caves. We did not bring flashlights but if we had we could have explored the darkness further, maybe we will remember next time and get serious about finding some treasure! After we had a great snorkel we all hopped back on the boat and sailed for our next adventure. Jost Van Dyke Island, BVI.

Named for an early Dutch settler and former pirate, Jost Van Dyke is just four miles by three and with fewer than 300 inhabitants. It has been home to Arawak Indians, Caribs, Dutch, Africans and the British. We were visiting for the history? No, not this time. We were visiting to go to the famous Foxy’s Bar in Great Bay and to Soggy Dollar Bar in White Bay. Party time! Well, ended up that we had to make our own party while we were there. Not much going on, I guess to early in the season. Or, I could also say that maybe we just ended too early. As we were laying our heads down for the night it sounded like the party was just starting. It was a combination of tech music and bingo numbers being shouted. We all laughed and were sorry that we missed out on that fun!

Sunset Great Bay, Jost Van Dyke, BVI

We did get to become part of Foxy’s atmosphere though by hanging one of Moon’s shirts high up on one of their rafters and the food was really good!

We made a stop at White Bay Beach the next day to check out the Soggy Dollar Bar. Yup, a bar that is named after wet money! There’s no dock, so the usual way in is to swim. Of course, your dollars get wet – hence the name: Soggy Dollar Bar! Brian and I sat this one out and stayed on the boat. Rachel and Drew paddled the kayaks to shore to check it out. They claim to be the birthplace of the rum-soaked painkiller cocktail. I think that we had enough rum soaking by this point but Rachel and Drew did try some painkiller flavored ice cream that they said was awesome.

This bay is absolutely beautiful! I have to admit and it’s probably obvious that sometimes I alter my pictures to make them look better, but not in White Bay…completely unfiltered! This Bay stands on it’s own and no filters are necessary, the water is actually that bright blue!

We hung out for a bit and as the bay started to get crowded we hauled our anchor and headed towards St. Thomas for the night. Even though Rachel and Drew still had a lots of vacation days ahead, we had lots more that we wanted to explore! We planned on heading towards Culebrita, Puerto Rico and Culebra, Puerto Rico (Also known as the Spanish Virgin Islands) the next day for more adventures.

Wow, shared lots there and if you would believe it we still have more coming…See you as soon as I can get through more photos…take care all!

Jennifer and Brian and Crew Rachel and Drew


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