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Culebra, Puerto Rico…January 2020

Posted by on February 7, 2020

And so another year begins. We are back to doing what we usually do on our island in paradise. We had so much fun when Rachel and Drew were here that now everything seems so boring. It was too fun playing tourist!

Brian sewing the sun guard on Chris’s sail.
Raising the sail to check out the work.
Folding sail up for delivery.

Brian has been working on a sewing project for our friend Chris. He is sewing a sun guard for Chris’s rolling furling head sail. Now he’s just waiting on some material to arrive so that he can finish it up. The word is out on the island that Brian can sew sails and canvas and there is now no shortage of work waiting for him. Lucky guy, huh?

On my way to my beach spot.
I spotted a manatee coming up for air!
Water is so clear that you can see the starfish on the bottom.

We are in the process of upgrading to lithium iron phosphate batteries and Brian has been busy learning all about them and installing them on the boat. So far so good and hopefully we will post about that project here soon.

I can’t kayak right to the beach where I look for sea glass because the sea is too rough. I have to park on the backside of the rocks and walk to get there.
That’s all dead coral that has washed ashore. Not much fun to walk on because it is uneven and loose. It’s normal for the area though and can be found all around the islands beaches here.
This rather large mooring ball was washed ashore and it looks like ti was perfectly perched up on these rocks!
This stretch is where we find the sea glass.

I’ve just been doing regular household chores as usual and baking things up in the solar oven. Nothing new, beans and rice with cornbread for dinner tonight. All baked with the sun. Sometimes I kayak to a nearby beach where I can find sea glass. It’s the beach by the tide pools that we have shared with you before so you might recognize some of the pictures. It’s kinda my happy spot. Been working on some sea glass creations. Now I just need to find a glue gun, then we can share them with you.

The rocks and formations here are so cool. I need to learn more about geology!
It amazes me what beauty can grow in this harsh salty environment!

As you can see lots of exciting stuff going on here, right! Anyhow, hope all of you are doing good and this new year will bring all of us new adventures…you never know what lies ahead!

Take care for now,

Jennifer and Brian


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