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Culebra, Puerto Rico… February Fun 2020

Posted by on February 25, 2020

Hi there. Been awhile since we’ve made a post. We could make the excuse that we have been snowed or iced in and unable to leave the boat, but you all know that is not true! Yes, it has been beautiful here and we have been taking advantage of all of it!

We’ve been spending time with our Culebra friends, having beach cook outs the old fashioned way …. find wood, dig a hole and start a fire and also spending some time on the water.

Chris and Ricky manning the fire on the beach. Cooking us some yummy chili, even had vegetarian chili for a couple of us!
Sancho hoping to get some leftovers.
Beach fun
And then … Capt Dave threw a party for the gang…thanks David, we had a blast!

We were invited on our friend Chris’s boat Dottie II for a day sail. Dottie II is a ex-racing boat, a Pearson 33 and she sails like a dream. It’s been a while since we have sailed on a mono-hull, (a boat with only one hull for my non-sailing friends, we have three!). It was awesome, so different than sailing on Moon. Chris was at the helm and Brian and Ricky were grinding away at the wenches getting all the speed that they could out of her. Of course as soon as we saw any other boat underway it was a race to see who could sail the fastest! Wind was around 12-15 knots making for some decent speeds. I had to remember to secure my beverage when underway so that it would not spill when we were healed over! We stopped for a bit in nearby Almodover Bay and picked up a mooring ball where Ricky jumped in and speared some fish for dinner including a lion fish! We had a blast, thanks Chris for an awesome day aboard Dottie II!

Chris at the helm of Dottie II.
No boat hook, no problem…just use your spear gun!
Knobby hills behind Almodover Bay.
Beautiful bay to anchor in!
Ricky speared a lion fish!

The next day it was our turn to take out the gang. In all we ended up with eight of us on Moon. The winds though were light, about 5-10 knots. Disappointing because we wanted to show off what Moon could do. Brian did not want to turn the motor on, he wanted to sail! We were doing OK, and we would have gotten there eventually, but I had to encourage him to motor sail so that we would go faster than 3 knots…that’s really slow for a sail boat, especially us!

Left to right. Capt David, Bob and Brian.
Everyone chilling…this seemed to be the spot to hang.
Brian says: “It’s over there!”
Captain Kathy at the helm.
Oh No!!! Not Captain Dave at the helm too!!
Love the knobby hills in Almodover Bay!
Not much wind so we raised the spinnaker on the way back. Thanks Kathy for taking the pics for us!

We again picked up a mooring ball in Almodover Bay and enjoyed the crystal clear waters. The gang was determined to find a conch that was big enough to keep. The bay was full of them but they were all too small. It was fun, a few would swim and collect conchs…is this one big enough? How about this one? How ‘bout now? Unfortunately for us, but fortunately for the conchs we did not find any keepers. Don’t feel bad for our crew though we had quite a lunch spread on board and hopefully no one left hungry! Another amazing day on the water! Great time and crew!

Most of the crew…thanks Bob for taking the pics!

Brian is off today looking at a sewing project on a boat. Word has gotten out of his skills and he has lots lined up to do from sewing shade sails, sun covers for rolling jibs, bimini tops, trampolines and even engine repairs! As always no matter where we go he is a wanted man, in a good way though, LOL!

Moon back home moored at Dakity Reef…time to take a break!

OK, enough for now. Take care all and stay warm we are sending lots of sunshine your way and spring will be here before you know it!

Jennifer and Brian


2 Responses to Culebra, Puerto Rico… February Fun 2020

  1. Claudia Robinson

    Looked like so much fun!
    I saw Robin’s two days ago, most snow is gone, my tulips are 3″ high, Spring is coming to Indiana!

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