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Progress Of Our Quarantine

Posted by on March 14, 2020

Hello all. Just wanted to let you know that Brian and I have decided in the light of everything that is going on to quarantine ourselves on our boat for two weeks. This should be sufficient time for most of the yuckies to make its way though this area.

It’s been a week so far and we thought that we would share with you our progress…

Our quarantine site at Dakity Reef

Day One – Brian installs new y-valve for water maker. I surf fb for latest news. We drink a six pack of beer, eat a small meal and are mindful of the amount of tp we use.

Day Two – Brian fiber glasses and paints bottom of dinghy. I surf fb for latest panic news. We drink three six packs of beer, have a good sized dinner, eat all of our potato chips and are not as cautious of the amount of tp we use.

Day Three – Brian completes some small repairs around the boat. I surf fb again for the latest numbers and for what is selling off of the shelf. We use around a half of a roll of tp and start to eat all of our other snack supplies including drinking a whole case of beer.

Day Four – I am still surfing fb for the real news. After scrolling for hours we come to the conclusion that if the end of the world is coming we should no longer ration our tp supplies and should drink the rest of our beer and start on our supply of rum!

Day Five – We wake up in a cloudy haze. I no longer consult fb. We do however decide once again that if the world is ending we should finish our rum and pantry rations. After all in these apocalyptic times we wouldn’t want to have someone board the boat and take them from us!

Day Six – We roll over in the morning wondering what truck came through the bunk and ran us over. We stumble to the galley only to find that our supplies are somehow running low. I once again consult fb for the latest news, after all it is the most reliable. It shows zombies in the streets and mothers stealing milk out of the mouths of babes. We breath a sigh of relief, all is normal!

Day Seven – We come to the realization that our two weeks worth or rations barely made it 6 days for some reason. We decide that we have to brave the world and make a trip to town. We gear up in our masks, gloves and bodysuits and off we go…wish us luck and stay tuned for updates… 🙂

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